carnet de notes 435

sunbeam jackie, daybed

carnet de notes 435

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo


atene, capitale mondiale del libro 2018,

treni di lusso in spagna: el-andalus, transcantabrico, espresso di la robla.,


when bohlin cywinski jackson were designing their project, the jackson residence in wyoming, they decided to create a cantilevered section of the home that would be used as an office. ph edward a.ridell, nic leboux

villa m in berlin grunevald by graft. ph tobias hein

mexico city's controversial airport project could be a preservation site for a collection of modernist murals. centro scop was shuttered after a series of devastating earthquakes. a new exhibition proposes rehousing its historically significant murals. ph courtesy of pablo lópez luz/ archivo diseño y arquitectura


rotterdam-based studiospass’ solution for the living room of the cambridge innovation center (cic) office in rotterdam is an abstract yet functional sculptural garden. ph pablo lópez luz/ archivo diseño y arquitectura

shanghai-based practice minax architects finds a new approach to traditional chinese teahouse design with their wooden space creating a meaningful optical illusion. using 999 wooden sticks attached to the chipboard walls and pointing at an identical center

hotel, restaurants and bar

from top left, clockwise

oma's fondazione prada torre restaurant,

the interior of this restaurant in london's pimlico features a palette of materials and colours chosen by local studio sella concept to evoke the warm    sunshine and relaxed lifestyle of the mediterranean   

hiraki, yakitori bar, valencia, spain by masquespacio

kanpai bar, milano by vudafieri-saverino partners

infinity nide elevates the traditional character of the typical sidewalk diner with a contemporary approach at ‘hi, miss rong’, a hot pot snack diner in guangzhou, china. the interior features white concrete and colored electroplated stainless steel.


danese showroom, milano, design ron gilad

the installation “jewels after jewels after jewels” by michael anastassiades for the launch of arrangements at the flos showroom in milan,


bright potato papillon by diego martinez pereira

from top left, clockwise

defying gravity lights by hiroto yoshizoe,; crystal twist by studio floris wubben,;  le luminière, alabastro, ottone, ferro e rame,; lampadario by hanna annonen,; lenses lamps focus by yuji okitsu,; wall lamps by kunikazu hamanishi of hamanishi design,


 left, luciana di virgilio e gianni veneziano, vaso walking men per i lari

right, japanese studio nendo and specialist metal company wakazono have machined a 15-kilogram vase from a 100-kilogram block of aluminium in an intricate process that took seven months

left,  glass vases by alexa lixfeld

right, liam reeves's glass vases at vessel gallery

acquerelli su ceramica ricreati dalle più avanzate tecnologie digitali per la collezione di piastrelle shades di gordon guillaumier per ceramiche piemme, 

piastrelle rilievi by zaven-enrica cavarzan & marco zavagno per ceramiche cedit,

miart 2018

left, nasan tur, as hard as you can, deweer gallery, belgium

center, seni camara, tre metri sotto terra, ca' di fra' arte contemporanea

right, federico de leonardis, galleria michela rizzo


lino tagliapietra, ali in vetro, presso il suo studio a murano


coleotteri in ceramica, les coléoctères di maurizio minera at la cucitoria di sonja tagliavini, milano,

sisyu, satori, la percezione dello spirito, at fondazione matalon

margherita levo rosenberg, schegge impazzite, atelier luse, ufofabrik contemporary art gallery


charles march, duca di richmond, 90 fotografie in mostra

zhuang hui, a shadowless place, lianzhou foto, musée de la photographie de lianzhou


riken yamamoto and field shop’s winning project for the taoyuan museum of art in taiwan comprises two buildings with functional green inclined roofs connected with a corridor raised above the ground

peggy guggenheim's great-grandson creates tulum's treehouse version of the museum. ik lab, a new contemporary art gallery in mexico, promises to transcend the traditional confines of the art experience

et caetera

françois chambard's innovative line of interconnected furniture called patch. each piece of furniture visually draws the eye closer but what you don’t see at first glance is that each piece is outfitted with small batteries turning it into its own mini power station. with all the pieces connected, including a battery packed solar panel case/bench, it turns into a microgrid that can distribute enough solar energy to power a micro apartment. these connected pieces are able to produce motion, light, and sound one can interact with


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