carnet de notes 166

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carnet de notes 166

portrait by alvise silenzi 

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 15/10/2012
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)

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carnet de voyages

vienna, wien, ph mark jenkins,

vienna design week

top rang, from left: walking chair design gallery, maciej chmara

center rang, from left: slovakian design, polka studio for herend manufactory,
peter kempe for fuerstenberg porcelain manufactory

low rang, from left: daphna laurens for wittmann, martì guixé,
horse lamp by wolfgang list

carnet d’architecture

havvada island by studio dror, inanlar, turkey
upon the proposed removal of one billion cubic meters of soil to open a canal through istanbul, the construction
inanlar proposed to use this displaced earth to create a new land, an island which serves as a revolutionary
system of progressive living for the future located off the coast of istanbul.
‘havvada island’ is designed by new york-based practice
studio dror, a result of a series of conversations with experts
including the buckminster fuller institute, buro happold and shoji sadao

rock stadium by mz architects
lebanon and abu dhabi-based practice mz architects were approached to design ‘the rock stadium’, a sports facility at
the heart of al ain in the UAE. the designers worked with the site in order to achieve a visionary design that merges
architecture and landscape, blurring the boundaries of the built and the natural to create a space that allows the visitor
to interact with the desert alongside athletic activities.
sunken into the cooler depth of the desert sand, the exterior presents itself to the visitor as a series of sharply
inclined planes emerging from the ground

carnet d’hotels

riad alkaderi, marrakech, project luigi ferrario, ph max rommel


carnet de magasins

raw brera, project by paolo badesco/costantino affuso

carnet de design

4-drawer cabinet mactattoo

sofa from the isola collection by gumdesign
for giovannetti collezioni and sacerdote marmi

from left:
stripped lamp by floris wubben

modular antler nad horn coat rack by 5lab

painted bottle by usuals

voltaire desk by paco camùs

carnet de food design

ice moon by doshi levien for haagen dazs

carnet de lumières

my new flame, candela a led, by ingo maurer

componi by cini&nils

left, emptyful sculture by bill pechet with chris pekar and lumenpulse

ufo lille by ross lovegrove


carnet de livres et bibliotèques

miro silvera, libroterapia due, salani editore

book mountain + library quarter, spijkenisse, by mvrdv
the ‘book mountain + library quarter’ centrally located in the market square
of spijkenisse, the netherlands. a mountain of bookshelves is contained by a glass-enclosed structure and pyramidal roof
with an impressive total surface area of 9,300 square meters. corridors and platforms
bordering the form are accessed by a network of stairs to allow visitors to browse the tiers of shelves.
a continuous route of 480 meters culminates at the peak’s reading room
and cafe with panoramic views through the transparent roof. any possible damage caused to the books
by direct sunlight is offset by the expected 4 year lifespan of borrowed materials.

carnet d’art 

transformations by jaehyo lee
korean artist jaehyo lee creates sculptures and furniture pieces from metal and chopped wood. these elements
are bound together in such a way that
the often-times linear building components become curved semi-geometric works of art.

abandoned paintings by bence hajdu
hungarian new-media artist has re-imagined well-known paintings like the last supper
by erasing people and characters so that
only the artwork’s architecture remains. the work is an outcome of hajdu’s interest
in examining the pure drawn perspectives of the classic paintings,
revealing an unusual atmosphere only becoming palpable after removing the figures



carnet d’expos

giuseppe terragni, ciac, foligno

mo men at work, scene inanimate di lavori svolti
s.t. foto libreria galleria, roma, until november 3

sandro martini, l’arte della fuga, galleria blu, milano, until november 6

carnet de photos

microscopic photos of nature by rob kesseler
british photographer and professor rob kesseler captures the exotic microscopic detailing of various flora.
merging the worlds of art and science, kesseler’s depictions of the natural world were
initially inspired by medieval stylistic illustrations and dutch flower paintings

 carnet de tissus et tapis

left, abstract coaster needlepoint by cresus artisanat

right, topissimo collection by nani marquina, made in india

the last carnet

amo/oma, real fantasy for prada

lano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èhttp//h

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carnet de notes 163

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carnet de notes 163

portrait by alvise silenzi

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 24/09/2012
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carnet de voyages

rotterdam, holland, skyline of kop van zuid
from left, buildings (by): mecanoo, tha new york hotel, norman foster,
viera de siza, oma, renzo piano, erasmusbrug and the theatre
carnet d’architecture
left, oct shenzen club house by richard meier architects, ph roland halbe
the oct shenzhen clubhouse marks new york-based practice richard meier architects first finished project in shenzhen, china. standing on an island in oct harbor lake, the center’s two structures offer guests and members a restaurant, dining suites, multi-purpose areas, and an exhibition gallery amongst recreational facilities and a fitness center
right, wuchi grand theatre by pes-architects, jangsu, china
the wuxi grand theatre is located on a man-made peninsula of wu-li lake, south of wuxi centre city and is the most important new cultural building project of the tai-hu new city. the wuxi grand theatre due to its location and its architectural image is the newest landmark building in the wuxi area.

mini house 2.0 by jonas wagell
swedish architect jonas wagell began designing the concept of the mini house several years ago as a weekend retreat or a small guesthouse. the design was simple and similar to a backyard shed. the concept has snowballed, and now he’s joined forces with sommarnojen and they’ve created mini house 2.o
right, tree bird house apartment by nendo
one side of the elevated structure feature 78 nest spaces for birds, while the other has an opening for one person to enter and peer into the birds’ nests from inside the tree house

endesa pavilion by adrià goula, barcelona, spain
the endesa pavilion is a highly efficient shelter which is built to meet very specific energetic and comfort needs. essentially a wooden box, modules on the exterior walls fold out at different distances to create triangular protruding awnings whose exact angle and length are precisely calculated by the position of the sun, the need for shade and the spatial requirement of the interior. each section contains photovoltaic cells on the top, and block out the sun over the window located underneath or on the downward-facing side. the inside of the forms create pockets for people or storage, effectively increasing the livable area on the same size footprint

carnet de interiors

casa dova, nizza monferrato (asti), italy, simone boffi project manager, alessandro marchelli principal architect

“an austere corridor turns accompanying the entry in casa dova a path sensory, built on the basis of provocation of latent impressions, which exist in all of us. stirring up, in a setting almost sterile, muffled, disturbing, absolutely took irregular shapes, a whirlwind of memories, thoughts, gestures, perhaps forgotten but always present. playing, taking almost around the individual, with the light that enlightens, but not as points of reference. molding, with innovative materials, technologically perfect and perfectly integrated, images of old nizza”

the studio des ursulines, paris, project h2o architectes
it became the first cinema for art house film in france. today, this theater continues it’s tradition by catering to the younger parisian public by providing a locale to discover cinema in it’s many facettes. the small theater offers selective programming as well as the opportunity to meet those who make films.
the initiative for the renovation of the cinema’s lobby follows the tradition of innovation and evolution that have been a part of this establishment’s history. the existing space, although small, must allow for greeting and welcoming the public composed of both youngsters and adults, selling tickets and hosting events

carnet d’hotels et restaurants
the jewel inn, the crown, amersham, england
a timber-framed, 16th century property with 19th-century additions, the crown was the second dhillon group property to have been re-worked by ilse crawford and owners, tej and sarina dhillon
bistro japonais kinoya, montreal, canada, by jean de lessard
les Irasshaïmase! fusent sur la rue saint-denis depuis l’ouverture récente de kinoya, un izakaya, la version japonaise du bar à tapas. alliant avec flair tradition et modernité, ce petit bijou de la cuisine japonaise méritait un écrin au design inédit. conçu par jean de lessard, chargée du projet anne-sophie gauclin
carnet de design
table gradien mashrabiya by misher’traxler for carwan gallery

tumbleweed by édition compagnie
the tumbleweed project, in reference to the rolling bushes of the north-american desert, is conceived as a way of dramatizing the growth of indoor plants.
the creation of a 3-dimensional volume from the folds of a plane surface forms an ideal support for the foliage of developing plants. the structure also has a life of its own as a suspended clouds


future concept keyboard

carnet de lumières
left, the anemone collection by olivia d’aboville boxes light by josep lluìs xuclà

center and right, wooden light bulb by ryosuke fukusada

it merges traditional craftsmanship with a modern led device to create what appears to be a solid piece of wood shaped like a light bulb but which actually radiates light. the inside of the wood is chipped out until light can shine through

carnet de montres

left, nòn là clockcks by studio klass for diamantini & domeniconi
nòn là is a ceramic table clock with conical shape, inspired by the famous straw hat – nón lá in vietnamese – and usually used by asian people to protect themselves from sun and rain,

right, felt for leff by sebastian herkner
carnet de livres (bookmarks)
zipmark by peleg design
tel aviv-base peleg design studio has developed zipmark, a bookmark made in the shape of a zipper the thought process for the creation is influenced by the re-interpretation of opening up a textile bag

carnet d’art et land art
samurai by sculptor nina winters

mirror & mud brick spiral installation by elín hansdóttir

jardin de la connaissance by rodney latourelle
the garden of decaying books in quebec created in 2010: the books are now sprouting enormous orange mushrooms, and this year the designers introduced moss

carnet d’expos
nel bosco della baba jaga, fiabe dalla russia, sarmede 2012

i bambini e la guerra, fotografie di raffaele ciriello
vecchio ospedale soave, codogno (lodi), italy, until october 15
carnet de photos
lewis hine, fotograferen voor verandering
nederlands fotomuseum, rotterdam, holland, until january 6, 2013

sally mann, upon reflection, autoportraits

antoni + alison, chocolate box

the last carnet
lano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èwow!w

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carnet de notes 156

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carnet de notes 156

portrait by silvio pasotti
carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 23/07/2012  

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carnet de voyages

the spirit of copenhagen


salisburgo, salzburg

from top left, clockwise
the temple of poseidon at cape sounion, the acropolis of athens,
orchards on the island of naxos and the so-called homer tomb at ios

carnet d’architecture

spa house by metropolis design
it is located on a mountainside overlooking hout bay in cape town, south africa

edificio de departamentos, lomas de san isidro, méxico
project julio amexcua, francisco pardo
fachada principal metálica perforada con sistema plegadizo para controlar las
vistas generando privacidad y un efecto de diferenciación con un solo elemento

edificio petatglas, cuernavaca morelos, méxico
by tapia berna, magdalena ramos bazan, carlos solorzano, gerardo recoder

left, housing and offices in sète, france, by colboc franzen & associés

center and right, columbia university medical center, new york
project diller scofidio + renfro

cultural civic center , palencia, spain. project exit architects
madrid-based practice exit architects have converted a 19th century prison
creating a new meeting place for the people of the city.
the building’s internal pavilions host activities within a hybrid atmosphere
of old and new components. ph fernando guerra

fallen star houses by do-ho suh


carnet d’hotels et restaurants

villa casillo, project francesco mancini

hotel barcelò, hamburg, germanyhh

from left, clockwise

romantik hotel relais mirabella iseo (bs),;
mezzatorre resort&spa, ischia (na), ;
la suite hotel&spa, procida,;
poecylia resort, carloforte (ci),;
therasia resort, vulcano, isole eolie,

st regis bora bora

shimao wonderland intercontinental, songjang, china
project atkins

evolution bar by sebastian barlica, bucharest, romania

carnet de design

rocking horse by hesus

left, fusion tables by matthew robinson

center, luup table by david trubridge

right, oak furniture from portuguese brand matrioskas

brick biotope by fabrikaat
the brick has a dual function, as a brick and as a home for hous sparrows,
meaning that brids habitats can be built in to urban spaces,
rather than replaced by them

left, curl table by constanze schweda
low table inspired by kirigami, which is a variation of origami

center, rayuela stool, by alvaro catalàn de ocòn

right, cassettone sedici, storage by roberto and stefano truzzolillo

left, design weapons by evan dublin and brian persico ;

center, sofa by dima loginoff for artex ,

right, x-plus side table by shi xiaoxi for the creator me ,

carnet de lumières

left, diamond lamps,  by sebastian scherer

center, karat light, aluminium and acrylic glass, by anne boenisch


right, lamp from the bundles collection by giorgio biscaro
the material used is a special cotton fiber-board, usually applied for insulation
in electronic appliances.
when wet the composition of the textile becomes easily bendable
with a behavior similar to leather, easy to model

left, behive suspension by werner aisslinger
right, maki suspension lamp by nendo, design oki sato

from left, bulb box,chandelier throne and embarakya
by al-hamad design

carnet de tapis and wallcoverings 

left, concentric by gandìa blasco

center and right, wallcovering by chae young kim wall art

carnet d’art

intricate string installations and geometric drawings by sebastien preschoux




carnet d’expos

from top left, clockwise

giorgio de chirico, il labirinto dei sogni e delle idee, aosta, centro saint-bénin
until sept 30,

casamatta, sebastiàn matta, triennale design museun, milano, until sept 2

irene kung (and ferdinando scianna), certosa di capri, until sept 10

maria cristina carlini, villa recalcati, varese, until aug 26

carnet de landscapes

lego bridge by megx (martin heuwold), wuppertal, germany

carnet de livres et ebooks


teepee for books and a jaguar like a bookstore

new york modern architectures, a ebook by massimo brini
con cristina fiorentini and brian ros

from left
chan ho kei, duplice delitto a hong kong, ;
julianna biggott, memento, i sopravvissuti, ;
riccardo de palo, il ritratto di venere; eduardo halfon, l’angelo letterario
( )

 carnet de photos

self portraits by darragh casey, shelving the body

riflessi di un punto di vista, elena cambria, spazio originale, milano

cubes for albers and lewitt, jessica eaton

birds-eye view images by katryn dorfmann at galleri andersson/sandstrom

carnet de body ornaments

birds on rock brooches, designed by jean schlumberger fo tiffany in 1956
still on production

the last carnet

hole in this toothbrush directs water from the tap upwards
like a drinking fountain for easy rinsing

body painting by choo-san
milano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èèè

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