carnet de notes 256

carnet de notes 256

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 01/09/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet d'architecture

turkish design studio autoban have designed the new terminal at azerbaijan’s heydar aliyev international airport

left, patrick dougherty, an artist known for the gorgeous structures of bent and twisted willow saplings in his “stickwork” series, created a chapel that looks like something spun from a romantic fairytale. dougherty took a resource that is often discarded in australia, where willow limbs and roots take over like weeds, and turned it into a domed, byzantine cupola-inspired structure that is playful and mystical enough for a quiet moment of prayer and reflection

right, structural work has completed on a house for essex, the holiday home designed by british artist grayson perry and london architecture firm fat for alain de botton's living architecture project

left, situated at the foot of mount daisen in the japanese city of yonago, y m design office has completed a residence that protects its occupants from the large amount of precipitation that occurs throughout the year

right, massimo nordari‘s ‘casa bertelli’ is a building situated on a terraced steep slope nestled within the trees and plants of the mountainous italian alps

the sharifi-ha house, designed by nextoffice, is nothing short of magnificent and you’re about to see why! Unlike almost every single house out there, this one has the ability to be open or closed off, introverted or extroverted. depending on the seasons or the homeowners’ needs, rotating volumes can be turned to change up the interior and the exterior

atop a sloping hill surrounded by the natural landscape of japan, ryo yamada has constructed ‘air garden’, a piece of art meant to symbolize a passage

carnet d'hotels et restaurants

hotel tierra chiloé, ilha grande de chiloé

dutch docklands dreams up star and snowflake-shaped floating hotels

paul fraillon imagines champagne bar in paris along the river seine

josefine/roxy club by fred mafra, savassi, brazil

carnet de interiors

mohammad domiri documents the intricacy of iranian architecture

carnet de design

dutch lab reveals architectural steampunk cold drip coffee machine

left, daybed by la palma

right, daybed by nicola gallizia for gebruder thonet vienna

left, leonardo rossano of true design together with debora mansur created a bench called dna

right, textile designer mika barr, of studio mikabarr, and design studio producks have united again to create another unique piece of furniture featuring their signature printed fabric,

the karim rashid by heys supernova set of luggage.

carnet de urban design

situated in heart of baltimore, spanish artist collective mmmm… creates a 14 foot tall permanent public art project and bus stop that includes three large sculptures forming the letters bus

carnet de livres

carnet de lumières

carnet de mode

the elaborately carved soles of saigon socialite are the brainchild of lanvy nguyen, born in vietnam and raised in california

carnet de body ornaments

 a 19th-century diamond, tiger’s eye and ruby spider brooch, its legs set with rose-cut diamonds. its companion is a victorian enameled brooch comprised of a tiger’s eye thorax with rose-cut diamond wings and ruby-set eyes. both are mounted in silver and gold


carnet d'art

bruna esposito, panni sporhi, inconveniente, fl gallery, milano, 3/10-14/11

left, village underground lisboa is the city’s newest creative workspace-meets-cultural venue, an open-air complex consisting of a tetris-like stacking of 16 shipping containers transformed into office spaces and positioned in a massive open courtyard in the lisbon carris museum,

right, os gemeos takes their ongoing ‘giants’ project to canada, transforming six industrial silos with their bold mural painting for the vancouver biennale. sited on granville island, the brazilian brotherly duo are renewing the industrial landmark, which is home of the ocean cement manufacturing and distribution plant, into an enormous public art work that spans 360-degrees of the 23-meter (75 foot) tall cylindrical forms

carnet de events

karlsson & björk stack shipping containers for swedish music festival,

carnet de installations

thousands of ceramic poppies have been planted around the tower of london for the centenary marking the start of the first world war

the last carnet

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