carnet de notes 121

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carnet de notes 121

online weekly magazine 14/11/2011
carnet de notes 121 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 14.000 recipients/indirizzi
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carnet de  voy age

carnet d’architecture
the funky factoria joven, youth factory, is a skate park in merida, spain. energetic teens are biking, skating, climbing on and around the undulating curves and brightly-colored structures of the inviting and inventive complex, designed by madrid-based josé selgas and lucìa cano architects. their insipiration came from the forms and construction of chinese dragons, and specified inexpensive building materials, including lightweight polycarbonate. in addition to the outdoor features, the building houses a computer lab and a dance studio, as well as meeting rooms and spaces used for for street theater, video and electronic music, and even graffiti

spaceport america, the world’s first private space terminal, virgin galactic
in the new mexico desert, project by norman foster

left, urban intervention by sabina lang and daniel baumann
on a pedestrian bridge of the year 1960 in buenos aires, palermo chico
right, the contemporary art museum, housed in a former grain storage depot
rosario, argentina. frontage work by martin aguero

carnet de showroom
hydrosalud, valencia, spain, himacs surfaces, ph xavier mollà
project cuartopensante, rafa munoz cardòs y victor mollà tortosa,

dodo flagship store, milano, project paola navone,

carnet d’hotels
camera con serra bioclnaked retreatnaked retreats, china’s greenest treetop resort plus two boutique hotels
nested in the bamboo forest of moganshan, three hours from shanghai

carnet de restaurants et bar
a boutique fashion store and a tea-house in a run-down building, a café that seats its visitors in a semi-dilapidated terrace with four walls but no roof; a photography exhibition in a former factory sales office, left empty for so long that the doorman has made good use of the outdoor space to successfully grow grapes. in dashilar alley, 600 years old: a neighborhood roughly one square kilometer in size and consisting mainly of traditional siheyuan (courtyard) houses and low-rise buildings, it was Beijing’s most prosperous and cultivated quarter .

bread street kitchen, chef gordon ramsay, london
project by studio russell sage, ceramic tiles floor by ceramiche keope

carnet de design
from left
mensole/shelves henri,  in acciaio lucido, design bruno rainaldi
specchiera/mirror tab.u, in alluminio cromato, design bruno rainaldi
paravento/screen zebra, design maurizio galante
by opinion ciatti

matti klenell projects in glass, inspired by the kokeshi japanese wooden dolls

left, cuore/heart, set di caraffe pr acqua e vino
design osti, soffiatore massimo lunardon
right, escargot, decanter in cristallo by riedel glass

left, timeline, ciotola in ottone/brass bowl by luca nichetto for skultuna
ph beng o pettersson
center, bronze geode vase by david wiseman
to be presented by r 20th century at design miami/2011
right, padaung bench

left, etabli, vincent loiret, tools galerie, paris
right, entrata libera, milano
libreria uptown (lapo ciatti/opinion ciatti), paravento zebra (maurizio galante/opinion ciatti), mensole (bruno rainaldi/opinion ciatti), specchi (marco bertolini/opinion ciatti), letto nirvana (bruno rainaldi/mussi), poltrona boson (patrick norguet/artifort), tappeto (verner panton)

carnet de tapis

top left, two carpets by gandìa blasco,
right, stepevi, design by pudelskern,
down left, groupi by sirecom tappeti,
right, streamline-mercedes benz  by lanzavecchia+wai for nodus,

chung eun mo/nathalie du pasquier, 20 carpets, galleria post design , milano

carnet de mode
left, walter albini, 1968, ph alfa castaldi
right, dolce e gabbana, 2011, ph julian broad

carnet de photos
francois berthoud, galerie walter keller, zurich ,

marta giaccone, young couple in new york

organic, human flowers by cecelia webber
digital photography art composed of the nude human forms

india song by karen knorr

carnet d’expos

glen murcutt, architecture for place
anchitekturzentrun wien, vienna, until 13.02.2012

saul leiter, new york reflections
jewish hitorical museum, amsterdam, until 4 march 2012

carnet de lumières
left, mangrovia chandelier and bird cages by youngju oh for altraluce
right, copacabana queen chandelier by jaime hayon for metalarte

pfarré lighting design project for the small olympic hall in munich, germany

carnet de foires
from istanbul design week

carnet de land artllllland art
filari sinuosi di viti nella masseria amastuola, vicino a taranto, italy
project by fernando caruncho

carnet de livres
walkabout, giorgio gennari, illustrazioni giacomo mordacci

from top left, clockwise
susan vreeland, la vita moderna; julian fellowes, snob; francisco gonzales ledesma, mistero di strada;
miguel sousa tavares equatore; dalai lama, l’arte di essere pazienti (;
elizabeth waynes, nell’angolo più buio (; miranda miranda, il mare sospeso; rocco carbone, il padre americano (

the last carnet
twitter language maps
map of the languages spoken in europe

carnet de notes 120 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 14000 recipients/indirizzi
and posted to social networks:
facebook and twitter

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