carnet de notes 138

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carnet de notes 138

online weekly magazine 19/03/2012

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carnet de vo yages

reims, france, cathédrale notre-dame

carnet d’architecture
the round tower, siddington, gloucestershire, england
the conversion of a victorian folly, ph edmund sumner
project houston morris
carnet de street furniture
urban communication prostheses
if public space has lost significance as a meeting place for conversation, dqe-scholarship holder herrwolke’s tartan carpets invite people to linger, talk and play on streets and plazas

carnet de land art

a path in the forest by tetsuo kondo

carnet d’hotels

the resort bufi, molfetta (bari), puglia region, italy, ph antonio rasulo
project studio veneziano+team, gianni veneziano, luciana de virgilio

carnet de livres

by amelia kay photography

top row, from left
mauro casadio farolfi, roberta pivano, sadhus of arunchala, ;
marco meccarelli, antonella flamminii, storia della fotografia in cina, novalogos, ;
beatriz milhazes, snow in the tropics, ;
silvia gambi, luigi salvioli, sfashion, ;
bottom row, from left
romana petri, ovunque io sia, collana beat; josé donoso, lucertola senza coda;
riccardo de palo, il ritratto di venere; josé rodrigues dos santos, il settimo sigillo,
cavallo di ferro editore,

carnet de restaurants et bar
lounge bar motocaffé, andria (barletta, andria, trani), region puglia, italy
project vincenzo bafunno

carnet de musées
museo pablo neruda, his former home, isla negra, chile

carnet de festival
international istanbul tulip festival, istanbul, turkey, from april 7

carnet de lumières

project seung-yong-song with pendants

carnet de design

dis(order) furniture by sanjin halilovic

carnet de couleurs at home

right, manhattan, paints for walls by metropolis

carnet de photos

carnet de tapis

elements rugs earth&sky by konstanthia manthou for cc-tapis

down, gary hume, the indifferent owl, white cube gallery

carnet d’expos

queen elizabeth II by cecil beaton, victoria an albert museum, until april 22

the last carnet
left, pongua falls, vietnam

right, bridge, yellow mountains, china


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carnet de notes 137

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carnet de notes 137

online weekly magazine 12/03/2012

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carnet de voyages

carnet d’architecture
the new extension of the staedel museum, frankfurt am main, germany
project schneider and schumacher

villa tugendhat, brno, repubblica ceca
project mies van der rohe, 1928

the proscenium playhouse, performing arts center, taipei, taiwan
project (in progress) rem koolhaas, oma architects

carnet d’interiors
the monastery, offices, oslo, norway, ph ivan brodey
project arild eriksen, joakim skajaa (eriksen skajaa architects)

left, karim rashid interior

right, wallpaper, carta da parati, by domestic , montreal, can

casa do conto, house of tales, porto portugal, ph fernando guerra
project pedra lìquida

carnet d’installations et vitrines

issey miyake’s wow window, ginza boutique, tokyo, japan

arnold goron, windows for isabel marant stores

architects hwkn have won this year’s moma/p.s.1 young architects program competition and will install a giant spiky structure that cleans the air in the courtyard of the p.s.1 contemporary art centre, new york

penelope (the name comes from homer’s odyssey)
installation by tatiana blass, chapel of morumbi, sao paulo, brazil

inside the chapel, a loom sits on the altar. one side has a long red carpet that leads to the door. on the other side of the loom, the chaotic strings of tangled red yarn continue through the holes of the chapel walls to the covered yard outside. the story of penelope goes again

carnet d’hotels

hotel antumalal, near the lake villarricca and the city of pucòn, chile
ph jonathan de villiers

art hotel miramare, cagliari, sardinia

grand hotel villa cora, firenze, florence, tuscany, italy

left, residenza dolce vita, ronco di ghiffa (verbania), lago maggiore, italy
center, villa della pergola, alassio (savona), italy
interior design ettore mocchetti, landscape paolo pejrone

right, castello del nero, val di pesa, chiantishire, italy

carnet de livres

books made from trees
woodpaper notebooks come in five tree versions and feature textured bark covers that have a wooden texture you can feel. the pages have the grain and knots of that particular tree species
the notebooks are made from fsc-certified wood and 30% recycled paper pulp. choose from oriental white oak, pine, ginkgo, platanus or white birch

from left, l’architettura della città di aldo rossi, edizioni quodlibet, ; architecture book series entitled inspiration and process in architecture, published by mosleskine, ; deborah schneiderman, inside prefab, the ready-made interior, princeton architectural press,;; ; giuseppe molteni e roberta motta, testi margherita pincioni, vivere con i libri, libri illustrati mondadori,; alex johnson, bookshelf-librerie d’autore, l’ippocampo edizioni,

from left, elizabeth haynes, nell’angolo più buio e john brandon, dark florida,, ;
rex stout, orchidee nere e le inchieste di nero wolfe,

carnet de foires

clockwise from top left: 2880 by anders serrander and hampus rendmar
; gaia workspace by david bruer, vanessa bui, alexander littorin, johan netzler and filip sundblad for efg; minimal workspace by fredrik paulsen and deskstore
at stockholm design week

carnet de magazins

boutique beige by nendo, japan

carnet de chaussures
top left, and right, camper,

down left, converse/marimekko ,

carnet de body ornaments

riccardo dalisi, gioielli sostenibili, triennale design museum, milano

reflexiòn, jewels in gold and silver, luis tomasello, joint project chus burés
ascaso gallery, miami, florida, usa, until end of april

bracelet torus by claesson koivisto rune for dfts factory
made through 3d manufacturing and selective laser sintering (sls)

carnet de design

left, forms by eric jourdan at galerie gosserez, paris, france
center, endy series by studio ve
right, bamby chair by noé duchaufour-lawrance for marcel by

left and center, bambi table by caroline olsson, ph linn vandii
right, chair blocks by eric stehmann

left,  free port by martì guixé for bd barcelona ,

right, cabaret by kenneth cobonpue

deinde collection by elena galli giallini for morishige

the ordinary family by kai-lai chan, details in the inserts
at judy straten gallery, holst, netherlands

right, deskshell by kawamura-ganjavian

carnet de photos

emil otto hoppé
sala azca de la fundaciòn mapfre, madrid

eugène atget, documents pour artistes, until april 9
the robert and joyce menschel photography gallery, moma , new york

renato d’agostin, the beautyful cliché – venezia

carnet d’art

d’après giorgio, un progetto a cura di luca lo pinto, until 27 gennaio 2013
interventi di diversi artisti italiani e stranieri invitati a dialogare con le opere,
gli oggetti e l’architettura della casa-museo de chirico
fondazione giorgio e isa de chirico, roma

left, richard long; right, daniel buren
arcadia in celle, la fattoria di celle celebra il 30° anniversario, 31/3-10/6
fattoria di celle, santomato (pt), italy

left, katharina gnosse, they had taken things along to eat together,
ph art evans, johann koenig, berlin
center, foulard d’artista by kenny random
right, mandala suite by rafa jenn

carnet de lumières

left, earl light by llot lloy, a giant wooden bead necklace
right, fiss family by rui alves of my own super studio

carnet de restaurants

esthetic restaurant la beauté, tokyo, japan
the evolution of organic cuisine, beyond healthy, beauty in the deal

the last carnet
cereal couturebb

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carnet de notes 136

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carnet de notes 136

online weekly magazine 05/03/2012

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carnet green
carnet de voyages

the everglades, florida, usa

left, restaurant palmenhaus, burggarten
right, kunst haus wien museum hundertwasser
carnet d’architecture
from top
el bosque de la esperanza, gymnasium, favela de cazucà, bogotà, colombia
project giancarlo mazzanti, ph jorge gamboa
conference center green solution house, island of bornholm, danemark
project 3xn,
gymnasium at the school dinarte martiz, natal, brasile
project herzog & de meuron
left, a yurta in the italian region of puglie, project bryan mcglynn
courtesy of
right, sifang art museum, nanjing, china, project steven holl, ph shu he

sky garden house, sentosa island, singapore, project guz architects

carnet de jardins et de fleurs
herbs and wood gardens, project stefano baccari

montreal topiary garden, montreal, canada , montreal, can
orchidee, orchids

left, villaggio della primavera flover, flover garden center, bussolengo, italy
right, festa della primavera nei domini borromeo sul lago maggiore
isola madre, isola bella e rocca di angera, from march 23

carnet d’installations

el cielo arriba, en un jardìn de la recoleta, buenos aires, argentina
project michele molinari

carnet d’hotels

the tree hotel, in the village of harads, in the northern part of sweden
project martin videgard and bolle tham with marten& gustav cyrén

kolarbyn eco-lodge, near the lake of skarsjon, sweden, ph marcus jonson

tubo hotel, tepotzlàn, sierra del tepozteco, méxico
project t3arc, alfredo raymuno y cano briceno

carnet de livres

top, the green book with child and kite
down, from left, novella carpenter, farm city, l’educazione di una contadina urbana, ; ; amor towle, la buona società, ; arno geiger, il vecchio re nel suo esilio, ;;;;;; amitav gosh, il fiume dell’oppio,

carnet de théâtre

la resistibile ascesa di arturo ui, by bertold brecht
regia claudio longhi, starring umberto orsini
teatro elfo puccini, milano, from 6 to 18 march

carnet de parfums

pop heart, design massimo sansavini for enrico coveri

carnet de mode

flower power
from left, moschino; marni; john richmond; givenchy
carnet de body ornaments
rings by cesar cueva and cinnamon for metalab

carnet de design

left, vases monofiore, ivv,
center, flowers, koziol,
right, spoon by zak!,

left from top
glass bell, livellara,
cups, portmeirion,

piatto mariefleur, villeroy & boch,
right, from top
mug, maxwell & williams,
vase, livellara,

left and center, ciotole zak!,
right, fork and spoon by excelsa,

right, lampur, atipico,

carnet de photos

peter bialobrzerski, neon paradise, m97 gallery, shanghai

carnet d’art

top, florid reveries, pencil drawings by aurel schmidt

down, gary hume, the indifferent owl, white cube gallery

carnet d’expos

top, david hockney, ipad paintings with app brushes
lavori realizzati con l’ipad usando l’applicazione brushes
royal academy, london, from january 21 to april 9
left, gary hume at pinchuk art center, kiev, ukraine, until april 1
right, small pear tree in blossom, 1888, vincent van gogh
van gogh museum amsterdam, holland

my room by eliana lorena

at made in japan, l’estetica del fare, a cura di patrizia rappazzo
triennale di milano, until april 1
in the inserts, from left
imperturbabile necessario by sergio calatroni
breathing by ludmilla radchenko
i miei fiori by miyuki yajima

the last carnet
green waybb

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