carnet de notes 135

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carnet de notes 135

online weekly magazine 27/02/2012

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carnet de voyages
marocco, morocco, مغربي
carnet d’architecture
stadtmuseun rapperswil-jona, switzerland , ph d.marc wehrli
extension and renovation by :mlzd

fink house, sydney, australia, project ian moore architects

carnet de urban design

top, project by ntd arkitektoak

center, share chairs, project thomas bernstrand
down, manuscript, giant pages made from curved steel sheets
beijing, china, project paul cocksedge studio

carnet d’installations

mobile lamp by nathalie dewez
mudam, musée d’art contemporain du luxembourg (project i.m.pei)

carnet d’hotels

the harrington, the one bedroom hotel, brighton, england

chateau monfort, milano, design sofia gioia vedani

carnet de livres

grand larousse, sculptured books by guy laramée, ph guy lartamée

from top left, clockwise
flavio caroli, storia della fisiognomica, ; roberta cordani, passeggiate milanesi, ; cantine secolo XXI,; aggie mackenzie, kim woodburn, la bibbia del pulito,; luca montersino, piccola pasticceria salata,;
federica de luca, i luoghi di cavour, ;

carnet de design
left, shadow by andreas frienholt, shadowed chair, sedia con il disegno dell’ombra
center, how to transform an ikea table in a gold rococò one, by joel sandelius
right, table cl collection by arca, erick demeyer and steven leprizé

left and center, cl collection by arca, erick demeyer and steven leprizé

right, inf collection by studio 248’s, designed by purim kraiya, bangkok

left, valerie chairs by giopato & coombes design office for miniforms

center, snappy tables by dean robinson
right, bench, wool on fence by emilie dissing wiehe

carnet de lumières
the rewash lamp project by tò martins
made from salvaged washing-machine parts on a photographer’s tripod, adjustable-height bases in a range of finishes, topped with a selection of lampshades decked out in a rainbow of colors, materials and textures. ph nuno cerveira

carnet de photos
oliviero toscani, houses at oppdal, north of oslo, norway

vittorio giannella, gaudì style home of willy garcìa and luisa herrero
playa negra, costarica

james casebere, landscape with houses, dutchess county, new york

carnet de tissus et tapis
soft fold cabane by marie dessuant and margaux keller
at next cabane exhibition, fabrica group show, mudam, luxembourg
musée d’art contemporain du luxembourg , until june 10

rings by david trubridge, traces collection for hemptech

j&v700 by jannelli & volpi

left, love et hate, broderies posées sur les bras du fauteuil mitch. hand-embroidered, brodée à la main, inspirée par le film la nuit du chasseur de charles laughton. projet hélène barrier avec caroline bourgois et joo moo . .
center/right, traces de mémoire, de foret et d’arbres, by cc-tapis
lane organiche dell’himalaya non tinte e seta

carnet d’art

costanza algranti e lucia sanmarco pennetier, galleria antonia jannone milano

floaty, mechanical advantage and cold comfort quilt by ted larsen

carnet d’expos

left/center, tony cragg, museo villa ciani, lugano, switzerland, until august 12
right, ingredients of reality, the dismantling of new york city, by lan tuazon
storefront for art and architecture, new york, until april 7

left, l’ultima carovana, un viaggio fotografico lungo la via della seta
mercati di traiano, museo dei fori imperiali, roma, until march 11
right, goudemalion, jean-paul goude, une rétrospective
les arts décoratifs, paris, until march 18

left, left, livio tessandori, va. otto luogo dell’arte, firenze, from march 6 to april 6

center, mimmo paladino | dedicato a cesare pavese, until march 3
a + a | centro espositivo sloveno, venezia
right, bizarre, colorquake, flamboyant, personalities, allure
diana vreeland after diana vreeland, palazzo fortuny, venezia (10/3 to 26/6)
curated by maria luisa frisa and judith clark

sonia delaunay, atelier simultané, 1923-1934, gouache su carta
fondazione marconi arte moderna e contemporanea, until march 31

the last carnet
blind passengers, stars of the history on board
by julian appelius and karen olze, muse.creativ industries

http:// bb

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carnet de notes 134

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carnet de notes 134

online weekly magazine 20/02/2012

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carnet de voyages
the colours of iceland, i colori dell’islanda
carnet d’architecture
1.000 door building by choi jeong-hwa

estações de teleférico, rio de janeiro, brazil
project jorge mario jàuregui

left, origami theatre by gang architects
right, villa in singapore by park+associates, ph edward hendricks

carnet d’interieurs

apartment in paris by studio uda, andrea marcante with adelaide testa

bri e ra, pannelli di rivestimento/separazione in lamiera di alluminio e acciaio
cladding /separation panels of aluminum and steel sheet
design stefano pirovano for bysteel 

carnet d’installations

left, campana brothers at maison&objet, paris

right, rivestimi by peter bottazzi and denise bonapace, pitti immagine, florence

carnet d’hotels

saffire eco lodge, near hobarth in tasmania’s freycinet national park
new zealand, ph derek henderson

knai bang chatt, kepp on the southern east coastline of cambodia
three villas built in the 70s by protégés of vann molyvann, a pupil of le corbusier

the raas hote, jodhpur, indiathe raas hotel, jodhpur, india

carnet de restaurants et bar

left, ketel one bar by christopher jenner, london, ph michael franke
right, gastrobar mòn by sanserif creatius, valencia, spain /

carnet de design
piastrelle by dm domenico mori

left, stools by atipico,
center top, enoki, side tables by philipp mainzler for e15
center down and right, sticks, cabinet system by gerard de hoop

left, from top
vase serie gli opalini by carlo moretti,
morosina rossa by mori,
mini stacked by julien de smedt,

omino express by bialetti,
right, from top
solomon bucket by italesse,
bag by giannini,
handy shopper by maxwell & williams,

carnet de lumières
left, pendant lamps by inga sempé for wastberg ,

right, thumb togo lamps by kotta designs (cohen&quaglia)

carnet de tissus et tapis
christian boltansky, store room 1989, used clothing

armchairs by bokja

cozy shelter by lambert kamps

fabrics by dedar

rugs by barbara frua de angeli, fabric by mimma gini (for the chair)
diffusione alberto levi, milano

left, new braid kilims by donna wilson, scp 2012 collection uk
right, canvas collection by charlotte lancelot with gandia blasco’s gan division ,

left, texture, printed leather by marine leather
right, create by jean nouvel for bolon

printed and laser cut wood and fabric by chloe scadding

the last carnet
vision couture by nick knight

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carnet de notes 133

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carnet de notes 133

online weekly magazine 13/02/2012

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carnet d’hiver

glovers, gloves for lovers, guanti per amanti
carnet de voyages

qortoq, greenland, groenlandia

perito moreno, patagonia argentina
carnet d’architecture
kpmg, the new copenhagen headquarters, project by 3xn

scudi per il vento, nella regione di winnipeg, canada
skating shelters in the canadian prairies, project patkau architects

carnet d’hotels

the fairmont banff springs hotel, alberta, canada

carnet de restaurants et bar

café kafka, barcelona, spain
carnet de design
left, battista tray by antonella de luca for mr. less & mrs. more
center, table with lamp by fien muller and hannes van severen

left, gradation air vases by torafu architects for ligne roset ,

right, vase by eva milinkovic of tsunami glasswork

breeze, a small collection of a clothes rail, a stool and a lamp
styled like components of a bycicle, project by seoul designers hawasoo

carnet de lumières
table lamps by nendo

foldy lamp family by ia kutateladze

left, funnel lamp and right, virtus 1p65. by buzzi & buzzi

carnet de musées
the new design museum, london, project by john pawson, image alex morris

carnet d’anniversaires
100-year anniversary: danish design icon finn juhl rediscovered

carnet d’art

marina aliverti, shining, home gallery da nicla bravi, chesa salis, bever

carnet d’expos

ugo marano solo show, galleria otto luogo dell’arte, firenze, febr/march 2012
from top, clockwise
la sedia del pensiero, 1986, ph ballo & ballo; tavolo da giardino; tavolo tondo

carnet de photos
sexy snow by pierluigi orler

carnet de mode

vivienne westwood, autumn/winter collection 2012/13

the last carnet
bon voyage!

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carnet de notes 132

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carnet de notes 132

online weekly magazine 06/02/2012
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carnet de voyages
fano, regione marche, l’arco d’augusto, le mura romane, la città antica

left,il duomo
right, il teatro della fortuna (la traviata march 20-22, andrea bocelli jun 6)

il carnevale, 5-12-19 febbraio
carnet d’architecture
the first one to be built in haiti
project vijai govindarajan, professor of international business
and director and founder of tuck’s center for global leadership
carnet d’hotels

berghotel mattlihues, oberjoch, algovia bavarese, germany
rigorosamente ecologico, al cento per cento
carnet de design
pharmacy’s new branding cures/the design lab
the swedish pharmacy chain vardapoteket uses vivid jewel colors and cartoonish illustrations of the human body to create a lively look for the various bags, promotional signage, information leaflets, and wallpaper at its 24 stores
carnet de foires
macef, milano

left, tavolini chele by atipico
right, tavolone minimal by essent’ial

taitù by emilio bergamin

left, hybrid composition bt ctrlzak ,
center, from top
passeggiata archeologica, vitamina by richard ginori
right, from top
shanghai by fade,
cani di henriette by desart,

from tp left, clockwise

bicchieri by mori,

cordonetto collection by missoni home

sprinkle by maxwell & williams
vasi in legno, wood vases by fade,
pentole e contenitori by wald
pentole chef line by barazzoni,

here and top right, go-go glasses and organica rubbles by italesse

the three vases on top, beauty, segreti and vintage, by egizia

from top left, clockwise
popheart, ken scott by desart,

bicchieri fresnel by italesse,

rullo per bucare la pasta by tescoma,

vassoio by zak!,

pentola scolapasta, silit group wmf,

new wave café by villeroy & boch,

knife grand gourmet by makio hasuike for wmf

left, padella by ballarini,

center, left, from top
padella by ballarini,
padella by bialetti aeternum,
wok by ballarini,

center, right
premium kit rame by alluflon,
right, from top
i coperchi morbidi by knindustrie,
multicook combinata by lagostina,
tegame rame servintavola,

from top left, clockwise

vasi nautilus by richard ginori,

anfore by la porcellana bianca,
biscottiera by wald,

brocca by ivv,
vase by carlo moretti,
vase biancaneve by ivv,

carnet de musées
mude, museo per la moda e il design, lisbona, portugal
museu do design e da moda, lisboa

carnet de showroom
left, vhernier de vecchi, project gumdesign, stand at maison & objet

right, boutique arcade, paris

carnet d’art

left, esther ferrer, en cuatro movimientos, until april 22
es baluard museu d’art modern i contemporani de palma, spain

right, botox cloud, installation, galerie zirkumflex, berlino, germany

carnet d’expos
patrick caulfield (london 1936 – 2005), some poems of jules laforgue
galerie boisserée, koeln/cologne, germany, february 16 to 21,

i giganti dell’avanguardia: mirò, calder e le collezioni guggenheim
vercelli, arca, ex chiesa di san marco, 3 marzo-10 giugno

giorgio morandi, museo d’arte di lugano, svizzera, 10 marzo-1° luglio

carnet de photos
jay mark johnson, el anarquista y el automòvil, galerie deschler, berlin

the last carnet
because of the 2010 flooding in parts of sindh, pakistan, millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters, where they stayed long building their webs
un albero rivestito dalle ragnatele di milioni di ragni che vi si erano rifugiati per salvarsi dalle acque dell’inondazione

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