carnet de notes 243

carnet de notes 243

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 26/05/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyage

japan on the beach

carnet d’architecture

9/11 memorial museum, new york by studio snohetta

daniel libeskind and artist edward burtynsky have won a competition to design a national holocaust monument for ottawa, canada

construction is set to get underway at 3XN‘s first project in mumbai, a mixed-use development, entitled ‘grove towers’

carnet de installations

carlo bernardini, il passo della luce installazione presso prato contemporanea, castello dell’imperatore, cassero medievale,

carnet de hotels

wimbeldon champion andy murray has embarked in the luxury hotel business lost in the scottish countryside. located near dunblane, the victorian mansion with fifteen bedrooms has been renovated

il nuovo waldorf astoria amsterdam, lungo il canale herengracht, riunisce sei residenze storiche del sei e settecento

oman’s alila jabal akhdar resort perched 2000 metres above sea-level

carnet de events

world music ai giardini di castel trauttmansdorff, merano


carnet de magasins

design store zeus prandina, kose e woodnotes, milano, corso san gottardo,,

vitra at la rinascente, design supermarket  -1floor, milan,

carnet de design

left, carpenter and right, movimento 4 fondente by mauro mori

left, greenchamp crafts sustainable bamboo balance bikes for children


right, architect giancarlo zema designed a collection of cardboard furniture pieces for a temporary exhibition-gallery

left, captain’s chair by fattorini rizzini partners


center, for design city luxembourg 2014, mudam shop proposes an exclusive design corner with brand new stool version of love me tender by didier faustino for super-ette,


right, low table by marco aspesi

left, sofa4manhattan by berto

design lera moiseeva, luca nichetto, joe graceffa,


right, johannes hemann adapts nepalese mold in 1000and1 lokta paper series

left, metal sculpture moebi by grace choy


right, sit and work by matali crasset for campeggi,

sgabello by peter marigold for kvadrat,


carnet de lumières

kvelden lamp at norwegian by nature, icff new york

by siren elise wilhelmsen

serene, chandelier blackbackground dahlia by windfall&lalique,

carnet de interiors

ravaioli silenzi studio for elle décor china

carnet de photos

left, james dean by dennis stock, 1955

center, grace kelly, cinema festival cannes

richt, the misfits by elliott erwitt, 1960

francesco bosso at mia fair milano 

maria mulas, ritratti e architetture at galleria francesco zanuso, milano


carnet d’expos

rossella gilli: terra, luce, architettura. il viaggio di un granello di sabbia

spazio thetis, arsenale novissimo, venezia, 07/6-07/9


left, chen zhen, galerie perrotin, paris,


right, fabrizio pozzoli, intrecci

at galleria gli eroici furori arte contemporanea, milano

barbara guazzone barolo, pollenzo’s bride, 2013

borgo neogotico di pollenzo, chiesa di san vittore martire

le camere oscure: figure e ambienti dell’mmaginario neogotico, cuneo

left, i colori del deserto, dipinti aborigeni contemporanei

at isarte,  milano, 23/05-05/06


right, mikhail roginsky. beyond the red door

at ca’ foscari esposizioni, venezia, 07/06-28/09

carnet de livres

left, eugenio bettinelli, la voce del maestro, achille castiglioni


right, pino cacucci, ferrovie secondarie, ph paolo righi

carnet de musées

rinasce villa del principe, genova

ritratto di andrea doria del bronzino e scultura di ria lussi

the last carnet

attenzione: drones

designer fernando barbella imagines what the signage of the not-so-far-away future might look like, implemented with warnings and disclaimers about what he visualizes will be ubiquitous technologies in our society


carnet de notes 242

carnet de notes 242

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 19/05/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyage

reims, notre dame, la cathédral

ph markus brunetti, museum fuer angewundte kunst, koeln

carnet d'architecture

autogrill villoresi ovest (1960) e autogrill villoresi est (2013)

lainate (milano)

curzon’s new flagship cinema by afroditi krassa

prow architects layers arena house to host events in singapore

‘the arena house’ designed by singapore-based studio prow architects fuses the typology of an event with a residential home

carnet de installations

c&c milano fabrics nestled in the atellani’s courtyard transformed into a garden of wonders by ferruccio laviani’s installations

carnet de hotels, restaurants and bars

anish kapoor approda al park hyatt milano

la pampa relais & taste a melizzano: una bio-country house con orti sinergici

oldfield knott architects have recently completed the matisse beach club in scarborough, a suburb of perth, australia

carnet de events

ferentino e le residenze d'arte. performance 21 giugno


carnet de magasins

vitra at la rinascente, design supermarket  -1floor, milan

carnet de design

left, russian designer yaroslav misonzhnikov designed a candle holder that was inspired by an unusual appliance that’s usually found in traditional Yakutian dwellings and can now be found displayed in the russian museum of ethnography in saint petersburg. odnosvechnik is a marble candle holder that adjusts so that you can move the candle higher or lower to keep the flame at the same level all night


center, lampada da tavolo pom pom by matteo cibic for calligaris code


right, sit and light by olive design, georgia

left, straw tools, sgabelli in paglia donuts by alessandra baldereschi


right, grove è una panca modulare in marmo caratterizzata e  sostenuta da paletti di legno iroko by enzo berti for kreoo

left, floralia by laura hart at vessel gallery, london


center, lastra slimtech a stampa digitale garlic by lea ceramiche


right, fiorlata by gherardo frassa for fiori di latta

left, low tables by nicola gisonda


right, torei family, side tables system by luca nichetto for cassina

left, ladle family by luca nichetto for arflex


right, zaha hadid sculpts manta-ray seating for sawaya & moroni


carnet de lumières

lamp ludovica by zanocchi & starke


carnet de wallpapers

left, metallic wallpaper by misha


right wallpaper by claesson, koivisto, rune for engblad & co by eco

carnet de photos

left, charle james (1906-1978) at the met


right, gordon parks store mobile, alabama, 1956

carnet d'art

the american west in bronze at the denver art museum


carnet d'expos

no name design, 19june to 14 september, triennale design museum

ollezione franco clivioclaudio poleschi arte contemporanea, lucca,

carnet de tissus

left, runner by marinac


right, floral living chivasso by jab

carnet de tapis

tappeti colombiani lavorati a maglia

carnet de body ornaments

unique by design: contemporary jewelry in the donna schneier collection

the metropolitan museum of art, new york

the last carnet

carnet de notes 241

carnet de notes 241

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 15/05/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyage

the brando, tetiaroa, french polynesia

arbatax park, tortolì-arbatax, sardegna

carnet d'architecture

glacier skywalk extends over canada’s jasper national park

casalgrande padana by massimiliano and doriana fuksas

french artist pierre delavie has transformed the grand palais in paris into an ‘urban lie’, distorting the architecture of the famed building with a visual illusion

left, kikuma watanabe inserts shinto shrine into small pocket of niigata city


right, project 3d by alex petunin

left, hong kong studio affect-t has come up with a proposed solution for the city's housing crisis – a series of bamboo micro homes that could be installed inside abandoned factory buildings.


right, gregory kloehn repurposes trash into vibrant houses for the homeless

caltech kohler develop mobile restroom as self-sufficient container

carnet de installations

dillon marsh places copper spheres in arid mining landscapes

carnet de hotels, restaurants and bars

the shangri-la hotel in qufu by ab concept

sandwiesenhof, un maso gallo rosso in alto adige by mark pichler

interior designers brinkworth have created a restaurant in central london that resembles a farm building, with rusty corrugated iron on the walls and salvaged lighting



carnet de jardins

giardini villa montericco pasolini

carnet de livres

left, haiku in bicicletta by pino pace, ph enrico martino


right, die frankfurter kuche, museum der ding und renate flagmeier

sottsass, electa-phaidon

carnet de design

a-round armchair by trussardi

left, collezione designer/faber by mingardo


right, lucas & lucas, reflection collecion 2014

vedovelle mimics the typical dark green public fountain found in milan

left, konstantin grcic produces his first design for artek


right, taking inspiration from african tribal art and patterns, designer davide g. aquini designed soninke, a buffet made with recycled wood

left, armani casa


right, antonio cittterio for flexform

left, ontwerpduo have designed a hanging chair named cageling.


right, milady by studioventotto

left, abstract anna molteni, formabuona, juan carlos alemàn


center, color fall by garth roberts for casamania


right, twelve by uto balmoral for d3co,


carnet de lumières

lamps rappa by claesson koivisto rune for wonderglas

jan plechac & henry wielgus have designed a collection of hand-blown glass lights named moulds, for manufacturer lasvit

left, creative lighting designers, heathfield & co has unveiled a range of bespoke light installations


right, the ‘lucky eye’, designed by aldo cibic and tommaso corà of cibicworkshop

carnet de wallpapers

left, hydrangea garden wallpaper by camilla meijer


right, silver vynil art déco wallaper by ata design

carnet de photos

john pfahl, rocky mountains mural, idaho falls

axel hutte, fantasmi e realtà, galleria di piazza san marco, venezia

carnet d'art

left, lucio fontana, concetto spaziale

right, sol lewitt, distorted cubes


carnet d'expos

claudio poleschi arte contemporanea, lucca

katharina grosse, untitled, staatsgalerie, stuttgart

the last carnet

carnet de notes 240

carnet de notes 240

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 12/05/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyage

athens from the sky

four seasons jet takes to the skies with a voyage around the globe

carnet d'architecture

the outdoor stage designed by chinese studio dl atelier gives the illusion of a full moon sitting over a mountain

palacio de cristal, madrid, by kimsaooja, vetreria vistosi

carnet de installations

set within the mountainous landscape of indio, california, american artist phillip k. smith III has situated ‘reflection field’ — his largest light installation

carnet de interiors

yamazaki kentaro envisions house in kashiwa as a container for living

carnet de urban design

the setting for boa mistura‘s latest project is la colonia de las américas on the outskirts of querétaro, méxico


carnet de hotels et bar

generator london by the designagency

visu bar stool by mika tolvanen at muuto

carnet de magasins

suit store, reykiavik, by haf-studio

carnet de design

left, ‘seams’ is a collection of five large ceramic centerpieces by UK design studio benjamin hubert for bitossi ceramiche


center, yingxi zhou folds facet bag series using origami shapes


right, vase by jun murakoshi design

left, lmapade ludovica by zanocchi&starke at indipendent hub and shop design hub


right, candela assemblabile in marmo by 4tuesday

left, vienna by emanuel gallina for colé


right, poetic lab cultivates a bamboo forest of furniture

left, sucabaruca by luca nichetto and lera moiseeva for mijolk

at rossana orlandi, milano,

Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva


right, vaso by andrea branzi for de vecchi at dilmos

left, sgabello impilabile by johanna dehio for construisine bauhaus dessau


right, grillo, barbecue portatile by formaction

mirko boceh, martin oberhauser, alain brideson

1. Kiwi Watering Can by Donato d’Urbino & Paolo lomazzi for Alessi  2. Pipe Dream Watering Can by Jerszy Seymour for Magis  3. Fleur Watering Can by Auerhahn  4. Aquastar Watering Can by Eva Solo  5. Spring Watering Can by Robert Bronwasser for Goods  6. Dumbo Watering Can by Rosenthal 7. Dual-Action Watering Can by Pascal Charmolu for Born In Sweden  8. Diva Watering Can by Eero Aarnio for Alessi 9. Camilla Watering Can by Koziol 10. Black Swan Watering Bucket by Streamline



carnet de cuisines et salles de bain

frame by massimo iosa ghini for snaidero

rui pereira ryosuke fukusada slice tile sashi bathroom collection

hidden, il lavabo nascosto by makro

carnet de photos

duane michals: a young proust, guillaume apollinaire, voltaire

august sander, kindes in der stadt, 1930

forces by daniel & geo fuchs at galerie clairefontaine

european and japanese helmets, john woodman higgins armory coll.

in auction at thomas del mar

carnet d'art

maria grazie rosin, merletti frattali

carnet d'expos

left, evelina schatz, fogli caduti

la biblioteca di prospero, a cura di evelina schatz, pogarsky e ponte, torino, origine dei miti

studio calore e colore, torino


right, oki izumi, stratificazioni, museo di santa giulia, brescia

the three works at left, la scultura in basilicata, matera

chiesa della madonna della virtù e san nicola dei greci, until oct. 18


right, nele waltert, della dissimulazione onesta at effearte, milano

until 12 settembre

the last carnet

101-year-old li xianying poses with a wax figure of britain's queen elizabeth II at madame tussauds in wuhan, china