carnet de notes 247

carnet de notes 247

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 23/06/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages


manaus, brazil

umea, svezia, capitale europea dell cultura 2014

carnet d'architecture

a rooftop swimming pool runs along the edge of this renovated penthouse in tel aviv by israeli architect pitsou kedem

malaysia pavilion tells seed story at expo milan 2015

project hijas katsuri associates

hilberinkbosch architecten have recently completed the restoration and extension of huize vreeburg, located in rosmalen, the netherlands.

the dalene cabin in rennesøy, norway, by tommie wilhelmsen

carnet de hotels et restaurants

ad amsterdam il room mate aitana è il nuovo hotel della catena fondata da kike sarasola


carnet de design

pesci tropicali by lineasette ceramiche

poltrona frau contract per il nuovo terminal passeggeri dell’aeroporto internazionale g.marconi di bologna

the picnic cutlery, a stainless steel knife, fork, spoon and metal bottle opener

ukrainian designer anna marinenko has drawn a symbolic and visual connection between noise and nature for ‘sound form wave’. while studying outdoor vistas, marinenko observed the aesthetic similarity between the oscillating heights of mountains, trees and skylines and the waveforms of music


carnet d'artisanat

precious wood japanese traditional craft

florence collection by scandola marmi

carnet de lumières

sister blister lamp by walking chair

luzinterruptus weaves labyrinth of plastic waste from 6000 illuminated bottles

carnet de interiors

williams street loft, chattanooga, tennessee, by nick messerlian

progetto di una suite di soligno, azienda di costruzioni specializzata in bioedilizia affiliata al gruppo rubner, in collaborazione con l'architetto martin gruber, gruber partner di bressanone

carnet de photos

ranch in lombardia, sakis lalas photo&film productions

portrait de marisa berenson by lorenzo capellini

palazzo ducale, genova, until september 21

carnet d'expos

abiti da lavoro, a cura di alessandro guerriero, at la triennale, milano

from top left, clockwise

mellajaarsma, nathalie du pasquier,vivienne westwood, alberto aspesi

klaus pichler: "shark at the museum of natural history vienna"

at anzenberger gallery, vienna

vespa, um ìcone italiano

museu da casa brasileira, san paolo, brasile

le voci della scienza, at museo della scienza e tecnologia, milano

installazioni di dotdotdot

carnet de la nuit

cuscino themo dual massage by fabricatore

the last carnet

la distrazione del fagiano

carnet de notes 246

carnet de notes 246

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 16/06/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

jr is presenting a solo exhibition at the museum frieder burda, in baden baden, germany – a retrospective of his career, with a special inside out photobooth installation

ladakh e grandi foreste dell'india himalayana


carnet d'architecture

left, bauhaus masterhouses by walter gropius restored in dessau

right, casa gropius, 1926

left, israel lopez balan imagines a monument to fear in mexico city, which operates as a large camera obscura that reproduces the surroundings of mexico city

right, located in minato-ku, tokyo, japan, the shirokane house was designed by mds on a small site, usual in this area where houses are built close together

with construction nearing completion, the ‘pathé foundation’ infills the interior of a city block in paris, and takes a curving form elevated from the ground. designed by renzo piano building workshop, the screened-glass volume has an unexpected urban presence. from the street it is masked by the surrounding structures, but rises above to reveal itself

the big team is awarded $335 million to increase resiliency in lower manhattan, protecting the city against future storm surges while providing social and environmental benefits to the local community

carnet de projects for

la biennale and 2015 world expo

from top left, clockwise

green projects by lava (laboratory for visionary architecture)

the uk pavilion takes on the theme by drawing attention to the world’s declining bee populations – crucial not only for honey production but also the fertilisation of many crops

latticed france pavilion for milan expo by x-tu architects

new zealand pavilion

carnet de installations

colorizing istanbul’s waterfront vista during the recent great festival of creativity, london-based designer paul cocksedge‘s ‘palette’ installation celebrates both britain and turkey, their historical connections, trade and culture

carnet de hotels et restaurants

the ‘mirage’ residence is located on a steep and rocky hillside on the greek island of tinos, and overlooks the aegean sea with expansive views. designed by kois associated architects, the house was intended to closely integrate with its surroundings. the single level living space is covered by a rimless pool

kengo kuma has revealed plans for the ‘yunnan hotel’ in southern china, a scheme that provides luxury accommodation for local, national and international guests

left, roy zsidai transforms ruin pub in budapest into spiler shanghai bistro

right, berghotel, pusteria, alto adige


carnet d'art

maya angelou, a conceit 1968 poem, give me your hand…


carnet de design

man-made contemporary prehistoric hand-axes by ami drach and dov ganchrow

left, pannello fotovoltaico flessibile

right, new york and amsterdam-based architect haiko cornelissen’s pic-nyc table brings the rural picnic into the urban residence with a grass table top

left, the painted plains collection by new york based design studio avo combine cowhides with bold geometric pattern

center, centrotavola by cristina pettenuzzo for bloom

right, chairs

left, chairs by atelier kaspar hamacher

right, tuareg floor lamps by ferruccio laviani for foscarini,


carnet de tissus

left, cuscino miglio; right, trapuntine

carnet de tapis

alexander mcqueen’s hummingbird rug for the rug company

carnet de lumières

left, summer light from zava

center, plumage by vanessa vivian for axo light

right, ‘pressed wood black’ collection by johannes hemann for industry gallery

carnet de interiors

stasi secret rooms – potsdam, prison cell, 2004 © daniel & geo fuchs

carnet de photos

left, angela prati, scaricatori cemento at pictura poesis

studio d'arte andromeda, trento,

right, portrait de chantier by fred chapotat

carnet d'expos

left, lavish anniversary exhibition at hermitage amsterdam

dining with the tsars. fragile beauty from the hermitage

6 september 2014 – 1 march 2015

right, what began as a friendship between gallery owner emmanuel perrotin and artist and musician pharrell williams has developed into a creative collaboration with the opening of ‘GIRL’. the exhibition, curated by pharrell, has been devised especially for perrotin’s new site, the historic salle de bal in paris

left, loredana galante, rosso milano at superstudio più,

right, silvia cavalli felci, adagio, ex chiesa della maddalena, bergamo

solomon nikritin – george grosz

political terror and social decadence in europe between the wars

state museum of contemporary art, thessaloniki, greece

the last carnet

he liangcai, a former farmer in china, has built a battery-powered suitcase scooter, which transports himself and his belongings simultaneously. the vehicle comprises a stripped-down electric scooter embedded into a suitcase, situated in such a way that the rider straddles the handbag and uses it as a seat, all the while being able to drive normally

carnet de notes 245

carnet de notes 245

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 09/06/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyage

pomerania region, capital gdansk: casciubia and malbork

faroe and lofoten islands

groenlandia and mongolia

carnet d'architecture

the metro station "fovám tér" in budapest, designed by the young architects spora architects. ph peter sägesser

dabura patterns commercial building full of triangles in japan
ph satoshi ikuma

rome-based architecture and design studio lad has visualized ‘villae minimae’ (small villas) situated in natural landscapes. the projects were conceived as appendices, detached from larger properties

carnet de hotels et restaurants

sono iniziati i lavori per la costruzione del waldhotel firmato matteo thun. una struttura ricettiva di lusso con 161 camere e quasi cinquemila metri quadri dedicati a servizi wellness e a prestazioni mediche, che sorgerà nella località turistica di bürgenstock, sulle pendici di una montagna con affaccio diretto sul lago di lucerna, in svizzera. la conclusione dei lavori è prevista per il 2015

la vecchia gru numero 13 nel porto di amsterdam stava per essere demolita. un imprenditore l'ha comprata per un euro. diventerà l'hotel crane, arredato da edward van vliet con jab anstoetz,

big partners bjarke ingels and jakob lange have collaborated with kilo founder lars larsen and creative director jonas hartz in completing ‘llama‘ a new dining establishment in the danish capital of copenhagen,

carnet de events

mario brunello trekking, ph daniele lira

i suoni delle dolomiti, 28 giugno-29 agosto



carnet de design

collezione aston by rodolfo dordoni for minotti,

left, the ‘alphabet‘ collection is composed by twelve wine and water glasses.
the pieces have been designed for the geymüllerschlössel’s dining room as part of the site specific installation ‘the stranger within’, commissioned by the mak museum in vienna

right, ‘still’ is a collection of tools in copper and engraved crystal that uses activated charcoal to purify and improve the taste of tap water

formafantasma for j.l.lobmeyr,

four seasons by qualy

left, filù by bernhardt-vella


center, penta by claesson koivisto rune


right, diva design arflex

left, low table opera by mario bellini for meritalia,


right, martino gamper for moroso,

from left,

pocket pouf by benazin iskender for tumar


soft balls by lorenzo damiani for tumar


balance by shiina-nardi design for tumar

infinite by jenny trieu

wilsonart, a leading manufacturer of decorative surfaces has named jenny trieu from the university of houston, as the winner of its 10th annual wilsonart challenges


carnet de tissus

left, lisa corti


right, likay emerald by srilim

carnet de lumières

light by korakot

light by anon pairot

‘lighting giants’ transforms the nocturnal landscape of the croatian town of pula, adapting pieces of industrial machinery into a public work of art. the local architectural lighting design studio skira has projected colorful beams of illumination onto the iconic shipyard cranes

illuminazione cisternone romano by studio lightingdesign

transformed into multiple forms and functions, by max gunawan


carnet de photos

duane michals, empty new york

sibylle bergemann, chaikh, dakar

left, laurent millet at the musée des beaux-arts angers


right, silvia ugolotti at b&b il richiamo del bosco di sala braganza (pr)

carnet d'expos

konstantin grcic – panorama

at vitra design museum, until 14/09

carnet d'art

american artist jess landau underscores the fragility of life with a series of portraits printed onto the delicate surface of an eggshell. using the liquid emulsion technique, landau transfers the nude images onto the interior of the shell, carefully positioning the bodies within the ellipsoid frame

carnet de body ornaments

left, gioielli elisabetta cipriani at design basel presenting rebecca horn,


center, jewels by misaki


right, gold brooche by nathalie jean

the last carnet

cano cristales. colombia

brazilian artist twins os gemeos have recently painted on an extraordinary scale, tagging the entire facade of a boeing 737, which will transport the brazilian national football team from city to city during the quickly approaching 2014 fifa world cup

carnet de notes 244

carnet de notes 244

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 02/06/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyage

buona fortuna documents italian chapels abandoned after the irpinia earthquake

‘buona fortuna’ is an ongoing project by jorge mañes rubio and gianluca tesauro, which began as a series of photographs taken in the summer of 2013 in salerno, italy, where several villages were destroyed after the irpinia’s earthquake in 1980. despite its ancient history, these sites have remained completely abandoned since evacuation and have fallen into total oblivion. these places have not only been deserted, but also been recently looted of their goods. many attempts to rebuild some of these villages have been made, but a lack of funding and corruption have proved fatal for these locations. the images document spaces that many have never seen before, symbolically reopening them to the public

oporto, portugal


carnet d'architecture

left, cleaa architects references mountain form in bozen’s waste to energy plant


right, la ‘cidade das artes‘ de rio de janeiro obra del arquitecto francés christian de portzamparc

left, wuxi wanda cultural city’s exhibition center resembles giant purple teapot.  located on the border of the yangtze river and taihu lake in china, the ‘wuxi wanda cultural city’ exhibition center has been designed to reference local customs


right, daniel libeskind twists vanke pavilion for expo milan 2015

vanke, china’s leading multinational real estate company, has revealed images of its pavilion for the expo milan 2015

living in a glass house might sound tempting, but let’s be honest – it’s not that practical. whether it’s too hot or too cold, there’s little to no privacy, and who is going to clean all of the fingerprints off the glass?! dRMM found a solution with the sliding house. located in suffolk, uk, the house sits on rural land and is composed of a main house, guest annex, and garage – but that’s not all. the fourth and largest element of the design is a 20-ton mobile roof and wall enclosure that slides across the site

the natural and the artificial
domaine de boisbuchet's workshops, 13june-15september

carnet de installations

left, itay ohaly etches onto black walls to reveal colored memories
images by itay ohaly and benny gam zo letova, holon design week 2014 / courtesy of itay ohaly

colored memories inhabits the room, completely concealed in a layer of black paint, mimicking the color etching and scratchboard art played with by kids


right, anya gallaccio assaults the senses with edible dark chocolate room

scottish artist anya gallaccio assaults the senses of visitors to edinburgh’s jupiter artland with ‘stroke’, an entire room covered in thick dark chocolate

carnet de hotels

left, destination design heads to bornes de aguiar, portugal to spend some time in the woods at pedras salgadas zpa & nature park. designed by luis rebelo de andrade, the retreat consists of 12 modular eco-houses, two tree houses, and one main house that seamlessly blend into the centuries-old park it’s located in


right, boeing 727 hotel suite jets out of the jungle in costa rica. cruising over the costa rican jungle’s lush landscape, the ‘phoenix’ suite at the costa verde hotel offers guests a private stay within a massive refurbished airliner

left, l'étoile du berger, lillaz, valle di cogne, val d'aosta


right, relais sant'uffizio, cioccaro di penango (asti), monferrato

carnet de events

left, cinema di-vino, cinema itinerante nelle cantine di dieci regioni italiane


right, l'ultimo weekend di luglio a trapani

ritorna “stragusto”, la festa del cibo da strada,


carnet de food

as both a bio-engineer and gastronomoic scientist, bernard lahousse is seen as one of the world’s foremost food innovators with his scientific expertise on the topic of experimental eating and how he designs with tastes

carnet de design

birdie di hiroshi kawano

left, adesivi nurali by evergreenorange


right, pierluigi veronese depicts 60 70 80′s ice cream treats in graphic series veronese

nasa has comprised a global seflie of the world, built using 36,422 individual photos from people across the world. on this year’s earth day, they asked people to post on social media and tag #globalselfie, with the goal of using each picture as a pixel in the creation of a mosaic image that would look like earth appeared from space on earth day. assembled after weeks of curating more than 50,000 submissions, nasa has revealed the finished product, comprising images from antarctica to yemen, greenland to guatemala, micronesia to the maldives, pakistan, and poland. the zoomable 3.2-gigapixel photo can be scanned and explored, to take a closer look at the vast selection of selfies

left, 105 curved wood rocker by wintercheck factory Factory


right, burn to kill, candleholder ceramic by hugo meert

1. Boskke Cube Planter  2. Greenbo Fiorina Planter Case  3. Greenbo XL Designer Rail Box Planter 4. Steel Life Matchstick Planter Stand 5. Modernica Case Study 3-Bowl Plant Stand 6. Joanthan Adler Okura Planter 7. Planterworx Home Element Planter 8. Blomus Greens Round Planter on Casters 9. Bullet Planter 10. Wallter Wall Planter


carnet de tissus

azulejos by le jacquard francais

carnet de lumières

exploding chair by simone micheli

a seat made from powder-coated iron with built-in led lighting.

lumio is a modern portable lamp that unfolds from a book and can be transformed into multiple forms and functions, by max gunawan

carnet de interiors

left, JW associates plants bamboo office interior in shanghai


right, jun murata composes tranquil ‘house for installation’ in japan. the ‘house for installation’ results from the renovation of an outmoded and dysfunctional residence in osaka, japan

carnet de photos

singapore-based photographer peter steinhauer documents the architecture within the urban landscape of hong kong from an uncommon perspective — when the monolithic structures are under construction

carnet d'expos

maditations on plates inspired by lord charlemont's casino

at casino marino, dublino, ireland, a cura di nuala goodman

from july 12th

girolamo ciulla. in prima fila i coccodrilli, quindi l’asino… e le dee

galleria antonia jannone, from june 9th

pirelli hangar bicocca presenta la mostra papagaio:

l’universo filmico di joão maria gusmão e pedro paiva

con la consueta leggerezza, l’ottimismo e la curiosità che animano il suo lavoro nathalie du pasquier esplora il mondo dei numeri: un libro d'artista  e 27 stampe inljet su carta cotone at assab one

carnet de showroom

de vecchi, mark & amber gallery, tunisi

concept ludovica roberto palomba

carnet de body ornaments

don’t cast me away is an explorative project by jewelry designer and goldsmith galit barak

carnet de shoes

sandali camper

the last carnet

new york-based artist shurong diao has used her hair to craft the entire alphabet of roman letter forms. with her own long locks as the typographic medium, diao has constructed the lowercase characters, twisting, twirling and stretching her hair into the various ascenders and descenders that make up the sans-serif typeface. her body interacts with each letter, overlapping hair and skin so that they form a visual relationship with each other

london-based artist tadas maksimovas has used his hair as the medium in a performance-cum-instrumental project, which saw his longs locks transformed into the fragile strings of a violin