carnet de notes 255

carnet de notes 255

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 25/08/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages


carnet d'architecture

left, winning design for new perth stadium wraps facade in bronze by by a team including cox architecture, hks architects, arup, and hassell studio

center, emre arolat architects yalikavak palmarina mugla turkey

right, architecture and design firm studio505, have recently completed the lotus building in wujin, china

santiago calatrava‘s ‘innovation, science & technology building’ for florida polytechnic university is set to open its doors to students, five years after the spanish architect was chosen to masterplan the school’s expanded campus

work is underway in the western chinese city of dali at the site of the ‘yang liping performing arts center’. designed by studio pei-zhu


carnet d'hotels et restaurants

the park hotel tokyo offers guest stay in a completely one-of-kind suite, transformed from a standard room into a hand-painted art experience. the hotel has invited renowned japanese artists working in a diverse range of disciplines to paint on the walls and ceilings of the bed and bathrooms, adorning the spaces with their original works

this room by artist nanami ishihara

arkham decorates como theater restaurant with virtual geometries

carnet de interiors

left, japanese designers masakazu shirane and saya miyazaki immerse visitors to ‘wink’ in a human-scale kaleidoscope, reflecting them within a maze of geometrically shaped mirrors

right, for a fresh look tile in blocks to create your own masterpiece using a selection of colours to form your pattern

left, maison traditionnelle à la médina de rabat par unesco patrimoine résidentiel menaçant ruine

Tayyibi Architecture Maroc

right, buzludzha, bulgaria soviet ghosts

carnet de design

acid studio weaves together lightweight cetka chair

chair tarta by roberto paoli for slide

milan-based design studio daevas has developed a coffee table made from old wine container (damigiana) and reinforced concrete with persian pattern

eric standley’s laser-cut paper windows influenced by geometry originating from gothic and islamic architecture

from top left, clockwise

the leaning torre di pisa, a russian orthodox church, the harvard memorial hall and a feudal-era japanese castle


carnet de lumières

claudia garay has designed a cordless table light called the mush lamp

margje teeuwen has collaborated with erwin zwiers to create proplamp, a lamp made from a biodegradable non-woven material that you can ‘crush’ to tailor-make your own design,

carnet de livres

non ci capisco niente, arte contemporanea, istruzioni per l'uso

di francesco poli, editore electa

carnet de exhibitions

after its first realization in the square of vienna’s museumsquartier in 2011, the ‘flederhaus’ has been rebuilt in flugfeld aspern, a developing district in the outskirts of the city. designed by austrian architecture office heri&salli

as part of a monumental exhibition presented by the the power station of art in shanghai, chinese artist cai guo-­qiang has set sail to ‘the ninth wave’, a fishing boat from the artist’s hometown of quanzhou carrying 99 fabricated animals

carnet de mode

americans have blue jeans, the french have breton stripes

carnet de superyachts

vasily klyukin has conceived six completely unique yacht concepts for the bold and adventurous luxury traveler


carnet d'expos

interior store twentytwentyone will host a selling exhibition of furniture and objects from robin and lucienne day’s home entitled ‘at home with the days’ during london design festival,

a faenza, mano e terracotta, a cura di maria christina hamel, dal 4 al 7 settembre in occasione della biennale mostra mercato dedicata alla ceramica, argilla italia 2014

from left: nuala goodman, massimo caiazzo, diego dutto, alessandro guerriero

carnet d'art

syrian artist tammam azzam and his personal gustav klimt's "the kiss" on war-torn building in syria

the image of "american gothic, 1930" by grant wood is seen on the side of the nasdaq building during the "art everywhere us: a very very big art show," on August 4, 2014 in new york

carnet de events

14 structures play with balance for hello wood 2014 in rural hungary

carnet de doléances

robin williams, lauren bacall

the last carnet

ludo colorizes the caribbean's tropical urban landscape


carnet de notes 254

carnet de notes 254

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 04/08/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

left, la sacra di san michele, torino

right, il mont saint-michel e il nuovo ponte pedonale

designed by dietmar feichtinger architecte

carnet d'architecture

london’s canary wharf crossrail station has moved closer to completion after the finalization of the project’s latticed timber canopy. designed by foster partners

in polonia un esempio di complementarietà fra rispetto della natura e design, tecnologia e tradizione compositiva, azzardo linguistico e rispetto per l’ambiente, grazie all’utilizzo delle tecnologie fakro

progetto di jakub potoczek,

the kazakhstan national pantheon by ocra studio, in collaboration with bicuadro architects and studio 3 1, will be built within a large natural environment surrounding by undeveloped land 17 km south of astana

nine kilometers outside the turkish city of kayseri, bahadir kul architects has designed an ice rink conceived as a social meeting hub, encouraging a more healthy and active lifestyle. façades feature amorphous apertures, containing colored glazing that adds a sense of vibrancy and dynamism to the scheme

nbj architects have designed a helicopter base for the helicopter group of civil security of nîmes-garons in nîmes, france

carnet de hotels, restaurants and café

patrick jouin and sanjit manku confirm their vision of luxury via the redesign of fontevraud l’hôtel**** and fontevraud le restaurant situated in the heart of the loire valley in france. the historical fontevraud abbey dates back to the middle age period when monks occupied it

creative design agency substance has furnished a french restaurant in hong kong with works of street art from renowned designers: installations by invader, jr and mr brainwash are accompanied by hangings from banksy, damien hirst and daniel arsham

san fransisco-based rapt studio has designed the celebrity-influenced workspace for entertainment news company tmz in los angeles

carnet de design

philipp schenk-mischke and matthias klas teamed up to design a thesis project they call the past is never dead where they look into the challenge of design within today’s context. thinking outside the box can create a new perspective and new thoughts, which ultimately equal a new awareness and expanded design ideas

sgabelli and chair by vitamin design

left, gerla chair by lucidipevere for very wood,

right, libreria supergiù by marco ferreri for morelato,

left, fionda chair by mattiazzi

right, unam chair by sebastian herkner for very wood,

bamboo concentric chairs by drii design

(from 19 taiwanese designers to exhibit works at maison et objet 2014)

tomaso buzzi alla venini, isola di s. giorgio maggiore, venezia

left, domsai by matteo cibic for bosa,

right, titus III, hanging vase by jaime hayon for paola c,

felippe moraes makes large geometric drawings using pendular movement

following this philosophy, moraes presents ‘order’ at baró galeria in são paulo, a collection of mathematical drawings that have been created using sand and paint,

carnet de lumières

left, perspectives by gionata gatto for the maxxi, museo nazionale delle arti del xxi secolo,

right, pick up, lampada da soffitto by roberto giacomucci for marchetti illuminazione

carnet de installations

la collaborazione tra il museo d’orsay di parigi e edra continua con le sedie nel blu dipinto di blu disegnate da jacopo foggini,

carnet de magasins

les hommes new flagship store in milan designed by piuarch

carnet de photos

manuel cosentino, behind a little house

carnet de mode

la guayabera

(john wayne, gary cooper, ernest hemingway)

carnet du ballet

studio job viktor & rolf set the stage for dutch national ballet

carnet d'expos

on a quiet street in liverpool, passers-by a derelict building in the toxteth district have been amazed by an unusual sight, installed within an otherwise abandoned site. artist duo walter hugo & zoniel have placed a massive, glowing water tank filled with live, luminous jellyfish

carnet d'art

in occasione della mostra di richard prince alla kunsthaus di bregenz, marco ceroli ha pensato di tagliare tanti pezzi di legno per farne macchinine e ruote che i bambini dagli 8 ai 12 anni hanno poi colorato a volontà

carnet de festival

stradivari festival 2014, cremona incanta, 14/9-12/10

from left, l'auditorium, salvatore accardo, victoria mullova

carnet de tecnologie

the world's largest solar-powered boat, "ms turanor planetsolar" sails through the corinth canal near the town of corinth on july 28, 2014. the boat arrived to greece as part of a joint archaeological project focused on underwater exploration off one of europe's oldest human occupation sites, the franchthi cave in the argolid, southeast peloponnese

the last carnet

left, alessandro busana adds cup to umbrella to contain water drips

right, h-concept has designed the ‘unbrella’ which works in reverse, so that when it is closed it drains the water downwards so that you’re less likely to get yourself even wetter