carnet de notes 212

carnet de notes 212

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 11/11/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

s.maddalena e le odile

carnet d'architecture

left, tianzhoushan tea house  by archiplein


right, the garden bridge by thomas heatherwick

left, warsaw business garden hotel by studio fuksas


right, the cairn institute by woods bagot and rpa architects

townsville, australia

left, one thousand museum sale center by zaha hadid, miami, usa,


right, the mirvac tower by roger stirk harbour with lippman partnership,

carnet d'hotels et restaurants

berghotel, dolomiti di sesto

carnet de interiors

the daguan theater by as architecture-studio, shanghai, china

this is the house that jack built

carnet de installations

public toilet by sou fujimoto, ichihara-city, chiba, japan

left, rising moon pavilion by daydreamers design, hong kong


right, art installation by inaba, stavanger, norway

carnet de design

baycicle project

cardboard homeless shelter by fernando resendiz

left, laguna glass collection by cristina celestino of attico studio


right, tiles at lubna chowdhary, london


left, yanyuan armchair by minaxdo


right, nutctracker, schiaccianoci by normann copenhagen

left, corkigami chair by carlos ortega design


right, ivy chair by erico gondim

form tea set by tom dixon

carnet de (food) design

frozen flora teepees by visiondivision

edble burgers by thomas and quentin of fat & furious burger

carnet de tapis

margo selby bespoke rugs

carnet d'expos

barbara nati, unpredictable trees, the format balcony, until december 13

aldo mondino, milano, venezia, calcutta

galleria giovanni bonelli, galleria giuseppe pero, until february 1, 2014,

carnet de photos (1)

jeff wall, a donkey in blackpool, collection lothar schimmer, munich

carnet d'art

left, illy art collection by liu wei


right, jeppe hein: there are no ordinary moments

amos anderson art museum, helsinki, finland

carnet de lumières

lamp by michael anastassiades

desk lamp edi by tommaso bistacchi for valsecchi 1918

carnet de photos (2)

elliott erwitt, platinum prints, edwynn houk gallery, new york, to january 4

aglaia konrad, desert cities, espace pou l'image contemporain, vevey, ch

the last carnet

benedetto bufalino repurposes a police car as a chicken coop


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