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“Guerra e Pace”, l’ultimo Turbofilm di Alterazioni Video in anteprima a Bologna

Il gruppo di videoartisti presenta Guerra e Pace, l’ultimo film prodotto in Russia. E un’installazione, dal titolo Forza Uova, è al centro di un party

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Nuova Guinea | Lontano da tutto, alla scoperta di Papua e Irian Jaya

Tibet, attraverso le valli nepalesi e la catena himalayana.


Bernard Tschumi Architects has completed the Exploratorium museum in China, which has giant industrial chimney-shaped exhibition spaces protruding from its perforated copper coloured exterior. Due to open in Autumn of this year, the 33,000 square meter museum is located in Tianjin, and is designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects to showcase the port city's industrial past.

The project was completed in collaboration with the Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute, as part of its masterplan for a new cultural centre in the Binhai district. "We designed the Exploratorium to relate to the rich industrial history of the area, the site of high-volume manufacturing and research," explained the Bernard Tschumi Architects. The building in the city's Binhai Cultural Center, will contain galleries and spaces for cultural events and exhibitions along with office space restaurants and shops. All of the Exploratorium's facilities are positioned in and around the giant cone structures, which protrude out from its walls and above the roofline.

Project Estudio Carme Pinós, Plaza Gardunya Nº 9, Barcelona, Spain, ph Duccio Malagamba


Creative studio FAHR 021.3 have designed ‘LOOP’, a sculptural structure that was developed for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC) in Portugal.


The new holocaust museum 'House of Fates' housed in what was the former 'Jozsefvarosi' railway station is pictured in Budapest on January 21, 2019. As Hungarian Jews prepare to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day Sunday, the community finds itself riven by a bitter dispute over the long-delayed opening of a Holocaust museum in Budapest.

The "House of Fates" complex, fronted with two 15-metre-high towers of stacked cattle wagons connected by a giant floodlit metal bridge in the shape of the Jewish Star of David, dominates a boulevard on the run-down fringe of the city centre.

Architect Amale Andraos and her firm WORKac have been selected to design BeMA, the new Beirut Museum of Art in Lebanon. Centrally located in the heart of Beirut, the project will be positioned on a site that once marked the dividing line in the Lebanese civil war. BeMA: Beirut Museum of Art. Image Courtesy of WORKac

The museum’s permanent collection will include modern and contemporary artworks from Lebanon, the Lebanese diaspora and the wider region. The new project will feature 70 balconies arrayed as a vertical promenade that blends indoor and outdoor spaces to create an open museum for the city.

hotels, restaurants, bars

concrete created the architectural design for the postillion hotel amsterdam. a place for hotel visitors, local businesses and residents alike. with 252 rooms in a 65-meter tower, the hotel programme has been expanded with a wide range of additional public functions.
 as the final piece of the kauwgomballenfabriek transformation, the programme and spatial design of the building are in line with the current developments in the area. the overamstel neighbourhood and kauwgomballenfabriek are being transformed from an industrial area toward a mixed urban lively neighbourhood.

The first Restaurant & Bar Design Talk of 2019 sees Alex Claridge (Owner, Nocturnal Animals) and Tony Matters (Founder, Faber) showcase Birmingham’s Nocturnal Animals, an 80’s-infused love child of the mastermind behind The Wilderness….


Lobster by Martin Thübeck, one of the 25 Ung Svensk Form Winners 2019

Butt by Established & Sons launches in three new colourways

Butt is a vibrant, versatile stool that can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to its non-fading UV-stable plastic, originally developed for marine use.

Font by Swedish designer Matti Klenell is a sofa system fo Offecct that has been developed for the new interior of Nationalmuseum, Sweden’s leading museum for art and design. Font is modern furniture for public interiors that will carry a part of the museum’s history with it as it reaches out to the international market.

Font consists of one straight and one curved section, which together can be joined in numerous permutations, and a smaller table can also be attached wherever it is needed. Font is a sofa system that can grow into different public spaces far beyond the museum’s walls, and it also marks the first commercial collaboration between Klenell and Offecct.

British designer Lara Bohinc looked to the geometric forms of planetary orbits when creating this table collection, designed to express "the simplicity of Bauhaus design". The "celestially-inspired" Orbit tea table and coffee table feature steel frames and geometric copper surfaces that have been patinated to achieve a blue-green-hued verdigris finish. The Orbit tea table features two semi-circular surfaces separated by a U-shaped curve, intended to store magazines. Gunseli Yalcinkaya

SWIRL – a mysterious new material that resembles 3D marbled paper yet has the weight of stone. The innovative process involves recycling the powdered residue from the marble industry, mixed with pigment and resin to create blocks of material that can then be sawn, sliced and turned on a lathe. Substantial in weight, smooth in texture and bold in pattern, SWIRL will inject a fresh pop sensibility into any setting


Tavolo in malachite e bronzi dorati, Henry-Charles Auguste 1807_ph Alessandro Moggi

Artigianato e Palazzo. Memorie di Russia a Firenze


magic carpets bangkok, project miguel chevalier, bangkok illumination at iconsiam river park, bangkok, thailand

a thousand patterns turn, move from right to left, form a rippling wave. patterns come alive, mix together and generate new and surprising compositions, creating ceaselessly replenished universes. people are invited to explore and walk on these kaleidoscopic interactive carpets, while the fluid universe reacts to the movements of visitors.

London-based lighting studio Luum, have designed their latest product. Aurora features a formed aluminum body and Japanese 3D tube-bending technology. When designing Aurora, Luum set themselves the challenge of drawing with light, emulating the streak of light captured in a long exposure photograph or the trail of a bright light in motion.

L’illuminazione “sospesa” di Shake Design. Con Lampada Cage, Shake Design propone un design contemporaneo dove le finiture e le texture materiche sono al centro del progetto.


La Fondazione MAST presenta nella mostra Thomas Struth, Nature & Politics, una selezione di grandi immagini a colori del fotografo tedesco realizzate a partire dal 2007 nei siti industriali e di ricerca scientifica di tutto il mondo che rappresentano l’avanguardia, la sperimentazione e l’innovazione nelle attività umane.

Artista tra i più noti e affermati della scena internazionale, Thomas Struth, nelle 25 fotografie di grande formato esposte nella PhotoGallery del MAST, accompagna il visitatore alla scoperta di luoghi solitamente inaccessibili al pubblico, mostrandoci uno spaccato del mondo sconosciuto che sta dietro all'innovazione tecnologica.

from top left, clockwis

nari ward, nikhil chopra, giovanni ozzola, ilya&emilia kabakov

galleria continua san gimignano

the show runs by ben steele, modern west fine art

venia dimitrakopoulou, futuro primordiale. logos

Gallery della Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

jan kalab solo show, magma gallery

showrooms and shops

Above: Previous window scheme we designed for Harvey Nichols. The next display is coming very soon…


Resilient di Marco Gualazzini

Kishin Shinoyama: Silk Road – Louis Vuitton Editions


Timorous Beasties' wallpaper series features totemic patterns

Glaswegian design studio Timorous Beasties has created a "dramatic and vibrant" wallpaper collection featuring damask-inspired, totemic patterns. Called Totem Damask, the extravagant wallpaper range consists of highly-patterned vertical "totems" made of floral damask imagery that would not look amiss on the walls of a stately manor house.


Lisson Gallery looks forward to exhibiting at Paramount Studios for the very first edition of Frieze Los Angeles. A highlight of the booth is Hugh Hayden’s Crown of Thorns (red/oak) (2019), a meditation on the institutional and internalised trauma of modern football.


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michelangelo antonioni, blow up, 1966

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Piacenza, Piazza dei Cavalli

Parma, Il Teatro Farnese, Complesso Monumenatale della Pilotta


Costruito tra il 2016 e il 2018 CampZero è stato progettato con l'intenzione di riunire in un unico luogo design e innovazione, tradizione e sostenibilità mantenendo un'intrinseca armonia con il paesaggio circostante. Il progetto architettonico di Campzero è stato curato, per quanto riguarda la struttura esterna dallo Studio Bladidea

UK architects have attacked the government's new Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission, which has been set up to improve the design quality of homes and places.

promoted as an answer to the affordable housing crisis and a desirable alternative to traditional homes and mortgage, the tiny house movement continues gaining momentum. project by joshua woodsman

more than half of americans would consider living in a home that’s less than 600 square feet, according to a survey done by the national association of home builders. and among millennials, interest increases to 63%. from world renowned architects like bjarke ingels, to more obscure communities of online gamers, the current trend is a welcomed challenge and a source of inspiration for anyone keen to try their hand at compact living.


Ba Hoe installation Dutch Design Week 2018

Supporting partners: BIG impact (Biovate wallpaper) and FLOCK Techniek (3D objects inspired by skate obstacles cut from left-over foam and flocked with colours matching the wallpaper),


KVDK architects' lisse art museum sits on top of a historic dike in the netherlands. the food & consumption art museum is located amidst the keukenhof cultural park, one of the largest flower gardens in europe.

Belgium's Africa Museum reopened after a five-year restoration to repackage its looted treasures with a critical view of the country's brutal colonial past.

A view from the gallery Rituals and Ceremonies © RMCA, Tervuren, photo Jo Van de Vijver.

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa—or Zeitz MOCAA for short—recently received first place in ArchDaily's Refurbishment in Architecture awards, with its striking design transforming a formerly derelict industrial building into an iconic landmark in South Africa’s oldest working harbor. Developed by the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and designed by Heatherwick Studio, the mixed-use project is now “the world’s largest museum dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora.”,

hotels, restaurants, bars

Didier Fiuza Faustino unveiled XYZ, his very first lounge, bar and restaurant for Zebrastraat conference center in Ghent (Belgium) “The XYZ Lounge is an intersection, a space where paths meet. It is the central point for exchanges between the visitors of the conference center of Zebrastraat in Ghent. It questions the contemporary notions of conviviality and physicality. During a time where social, sexual, and gender identities are upturned and questioned, how may one provide a space which is both neutral and sensual, a space free from social markers, without tailoring to a singular identity?” summarizes Didier Faustino.


‘Sprint’ collection by Studio Klass / Marco Maturo & Alessio Roscini for Cantarutti,

left, le librerie QB, realizzate in Pietra di Vicenza dal Laboratorio del Marmo by Grassi Pietre

right, Olivier Vadrot presents “Orchestre”, a series of 26 outdoor seatings inspired by the history of writing for the University of Aix-en-Provence


the dining table Café 6116 by Ruben van Megen


Los Angeles-based artist and actor Joseph Lee paints thickly layered portraits that mask the details and expressions of his subjects’ faces.

Colorful Cut Paper Art by Los Angeles-Based Artist Huntz Liu


Apre al pubblico ICA Milano – Istituto Contemporaneo per le Arti, spazio no profit per la città nel segno dell’inclusione, dedicato alle arti e alla cultura contemporanea, alla ricerca e alla sperimentazione.

ICA Milano – Istituto Contemporaneo per le Arti nasce dalla passione, dalla volontà di scoperta e condivisione di cinque persone con un grande sogno: la costituzione di un ecosistema ideale per le arti e la cultura contemporanee, in cui gli artisti possano trovare uno spazio libero d’azione in grado di mettere in scena le principali urgenze della ricerca attuale. Il tutto nell’ambito di un dinamismo continuo con il territorio e nel segno dell’apertura al grande pubblico. Mostre, editoria d’arte, ceramica, cinema, performance, musica, letteratura, attività seminariali di divulgazione, formazione, educazione e molto altro ancora costruiranno un percorso improntato su interdisciplinarità e transmedialità.

La Casa del Cinema di Trieste, in occasione della mostra STARS. Ritratti fotografici di Terry O’Neill, in corso fino al 17 febbraio al Magazzino delle Idee di Trieste, presenta un ciclo di appuntamenti realizzati per ERPAC (Ente Regionale Patrimonio Culturale del Friuli Venezia Giulia) organizzatore della mostra, in cui il cinema si unisce alla musica e all’immagine di alcune delle grandi celebrities protagoniste dei ritratti fotografici in mostra.,

Binario 49, il primo caffè letterario e “incubatore di economia solidale” (Ies) a Reggio Emilia. Oltre a una ricca agenda di eventi culturali, al Binario 49 si svilupperanno azioni e progetti di economia solidale per promuovere inclusione, coesione e innovazione sociale.

 Una mostra in prima nazionale, il 9 febbraio, a Binario 49, del grande fotografo brasiliano Sebastião Salgado, inedita per l’Italia. Si chiamerà Africa ed è stata regalata dall’artista innamorato del progetto dei tre giovani reggiani, Claudio Melioli, Alessandro Patroncini e Khadija Lamami, che hanno scommesso sull’apertura di un caffè letterario in via Turri, nel cuore del quartiere più multetnico e problematico della città.


 igloos di mario merz, pirelli hangar bicocca

Mario Merz, figura chiave dell’Arte Povera, indaga e rappresenta i processi di trasformazione della natura e della vita umana: in particolare gli igloo, visivamente riconducibili alle primordiali abitazioni, diventano per l’artista l’archetipo dei luoghi abitati e del mondo, oltre che metafora delle diverse relazioni tra interno ed esterno, tra spazio fisico e spazio concettuale, tra individualità e collettività.

Installazioni e collage definiscono La Sbandata, l’omaggio di Marcello Maloberti alla storia dell’arte. Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano

showrooms and shops

after designing camper’s store in milan, kengo kuma has completed the renovation of a second retail space for the spanish shoe company, this time in barcelona. facing the plaza catalonia, camper paseo de gracia incorporates a revolutionary catalan method of construction which uses vaulted ceramic plates as the form-work of floor slabs.,

luisa via roma, progetto d'interni sara ricciardi, ph marina desinova

Milanese palazzos inform Valextra's Miami store

Orange-hued marble and pebble-dashed stone provide the setting for displays of leather handbags, clutches and purses in this boutique in Miami, which was designed by American studio ArandaLasch.

Thick cuts of the multi-coloured stone are supported by metal mesh to create podiums for displaying individual handbags. Miniatures of these structures featuring slender marble tops and shorter bases have been erected on a pink-painted wall to showcase more leather goods.,

A new concept store of Versace just came out at Bal Harbour, the luxury shopping place in Miami, as the first store since launched collaboration between Versace and Gwenael Nicolas/Curiosity.‎,


Candida Hoefer's In Mexico photographs capture 600 years of architecture

From decorative Baroque churches to shadowy nooks, Mexico's architectural history is presented in this image set by German photographer Candida Hoefer, which will be exhibited in Sean Kelly's New York gallery.


Sabine Timm on Instagram. The self-described “artist, creator, beach-trash collector, flea-market lover and photographer” shares a wide variety of work inspired by everyday and found objects. One series in particular is a clever cast of characters formed from sandwich bread.


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china develops artificial sun that can reach 100 million degrees celsius that's about seven times hotter than the core of the real one

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israele, gerusalemme, il muro del pianto e la moschea,

castelli d'irlanda: le tenute storiche più belle dell'isola, come il castello di Trim, il Blarney Castle o ancora il castello di Belfast


munich based architecture practice, opposite office, has proposed an ambitious scheme to transform london‘s buckingham palace into affordable housing.

the idea is inspired by the UK’s current housing crisis and the so-called ‘generation rent’ who are struggling to afford london’s exorbitant house prices. the concept therefore suggests turning the queen’s residence, comprising of 775 rooms and 79 bathrooms, into housing for the masses.

Hundreds of chateaux have been abandoned at the Burj Al Babas luxury housing development in central Turkey after its developer filed for bankruptcy, as shown in this drone footage.

Approximately halfway between Turkey's largest city Istanbul and its capital Ankara, the Burj Al Babas development will contain 732 identical mini chateaux when, or if, it completes. Begun in 2014, the hundreds of houses have been left in various states of completion since the dramatic collapse of the Turkish economy led to developer Sarot Group to file for bankruptcy in November.


STAND, 2018, by antony gormley
installation view, philadelphia museum of art © antony gormley
image by joseph hu, 2019 / courtesy the artist and sean kelly gallery

the postures of each figure were initially developed through the influence of such words as lull, daze, prop, and ponder. while each word served as a catalyst for formation during his creative process, gormley regards each figure as a sculptural rorschach test, inviting the viewer to generate their own translation. the works therefore have no meaning until there is a projected recognition from the viewer. the human likeness, or memetic factor of each figure is abstracted by the materiality and architectural language of the work. the installation will be on view from january 24th through june 16th, 2019 at the philadelphia museum of art, which is currently undergoing a transformative renovation by frank gehry,

GAD architecture presents their proposal for the new istanbul technical university library for the maslak campus of istanbul university. the project aims to create a center for knowledge and become a landmark within the campus. the proposed design is characterized by the expansive structural system that has been developed to provide an organizational rationale for the shelving of books, as well as the structure of the building.


Casa Museo Moravia, Musei Civici, Roma

Al numero 1 di Lungotevere della Vittoria – naturalmente siamo a Roma – c’è un appartamento sorprendente. È la casa – ci ha vissuto dal 1963 fino al 1990, anno della sua morte – di Alberto Moravia, ed è un vero e proprio cosmo di sovrapposizioni emotive, ricordi, oggetti, opere d’arte e, ovviamente, libri. Tanti libri, tantissimi. È come una tana, in cui si mescolano i registri, il privato con la vita pubblica, le passioni con il quotidiano, con affiancamenti arditi, apparentemente distopici ma che invece ribadiscono la complessità di un uomo e di un intellettuale.

mccullough mulvin architects completes the museum renovation of st mary’s hall, formerly st mary’s church, in kilkenny, ireland.

founded in the thirteenth century as the parish church of the city, then used as a parish and masonic hall since the mid-20th century, it was purchased by kilkenny borough council in 2010 with assistance from kilkenny county council and the department of environment, heritage and local government. the cruciform 13th century stone structure, with a later tower at its western end, sits in a substantial walled graveyard that had recently been opened to the public as a garden and contains many important tombs and monuments from the middle ages to the 20th century.

In this file photo taken on December 4, 2018 a view of the fully restored 1939 Iconic building facade at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures' future home one Wilshire and Fairfax is seen during the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences unveiling ceremony, in Los Angeles, California.

Nearly a century after the idea was first floated, a museum dedicated to the magic of cinema is finally set to open in Los Angeles, with the first temporary exhibition devoted to Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, slated to open by the end of 2019, will be devoted to the past, present and future of film, offering visitors a look behind the screen and into how movies are made

hotels, restaurants, bars

Ceramiche Keope è protagonista con le sue collezioni del ristorante giapponese Sushi Green di Como. Il progetto è firmato dall’architetto Elisabetta Puviani. ph Luciano Busani

In the heart of Rome, halfway between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, is a new restaurant and cocktail bar designed by Collidaniealarchitetto. Liòn is part of a historical building from the Rationalist era: the bold lines and the saturated colours in maximalist style, contrast with the austerity of the Palazzo that encompassed it, to give back to the city fragments of the Dolce Vita. In spite of its position, Liòn does not cater to tourists: soft lights and mirrored surfaces envelope a sophisticated restaurant, whose pleasant terrace overlooks Largo della Sapienza.


In 1968, Cedit–Ceramiche d’Italia asked brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni to design “ceramic objects for small-scale production,” with the request to keep both the height and width of each to less than 25-30 cm. The pair came back with the Lapis vase in three sizes that was unlike anything they’d seen before. The irregular shape results in a three-dimensional sculpture whose silhouette changes from every viewpoint.

To mark not only the 50th anniversary of the design but Achille Castiglioni’s 100th birthday, Cedit has brought Lapis back to life with “accurately reproduced” vases in the three original sizes but with an updated choice of colors.

Founded by Orion Janeczek, a graphic designer and stylist from Portland, Oregon, New Material's first collection is called Brutalism for Lovers — i.e. thick slabs made cuddly in the form of footed trays and planters, tubetop vases, and a dinnerware set that are all sorts of chunky, cute, and slightly absurd.

A Maison & Objet, le nuove collezioni di vasi Bottega d’Arte dalle forme iconiche offrono le loro superfici tondeggianti alle nuove sperimentazioni materiche di Coralla Maiuri.

 Sicis partecipa  per la seconda volta a Casa Decor, la mostra di interior design che si svolge ogni anno a Madrid. A interpretare il mondo Sicis è quest’anno Miriam Alía, eclettica designer spagnola dallo stile trasgressivo nelle cui realizzazioni il colore e la luce sono elementi predominanti.,

il motivo floreale è protagonista delle nuove collezini 2019 di Bisazza. Quest’anno "fioriscono" nuovi decori, in un trionfo di fiordalisi, papaveri, rose, viole pensée e piccoli fiori di campo.


Lo storico sipario del Teatro Massimo Giuseppe Sciuti ritorna al posto in cui l’avevano voluto il suo creatore, il pittore Giuseppe Sciuti, e gli architetti del Teatro Giovan Battista e Ernesto Basile. Il restauro è stato reso possibile dalla partnership del Teatro Massimo con Volotea, che ha finanziato i lavori di restauro autorizzati dalla Soprintendenza per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali di Palermo

Njideka Akunyili Crosby, “Home: As You See Me” (2017) (© Njideka Akunyili Crosby; Courtesy the artist, Victoria Miro, and David Zwirner),


Moni Ovadia in Il Violinista sul Tetto, Teatro Nuovo, Milano

Il Violinista sul tetto" (Fiddler on the Roof) è uno dei capolavori assoluti del teatro musicale americano. Il suo carattere di intensa e profonda umanità unitamente alle radici culturali della storia e delle musiche hanno fatto di questo spettacolo un evento tra i più rivoluzionari nel panorama teatrale degli anni sessanta, contribuendo ad aprire insieme a West Side Story una nuova era per il musical di Broadway.


from top left, clockwise

riccardo bucci; marisa chiodo; francesca moscheni; andrea mariani

you know that feeling when you’re blowing up a balloon and you feel like its about to burst? the anticipation of what is about to happen and the anxious suspense. photographer daniel forero has captured that feeling, although this time no-one is actually blowing the balloons up. instead, they are precariously placed among other objects clearly chosen for their threatening characteristics.

in the photo series titled ‘air‘, heavy pieces of marble and stone are specifically positioned to pressure the inflatables. the images seemingly capturing the balloon moments before it bursts. how forero does it isn’t clear. perhaps the balloons are photoshopped? more likely they are filled with cement and made to look as though they are on the verge of popping.


 Paolo Grassi

Paolo Grassi. Senza un pazzo come me, immodestamente un poeta dell’organizzazione… è il titolo della mostra a cura di Fabio Francione, promossa da Comune di Milano – Cultura e Fondazione Paolo Grassi, dedicata al grande uomo di cultura, nel centenario della nascita (1919–2019).

l'esposizione è suddivisa in in cinque sezioni più un Prologo Familiare che si snoda come un percorso attraverso foto, documenti, ritratti di Paolo Grassi e di alcuni capitoli della sua vita privata. La prima sezione – Costruzione di un progetto. Paolo Grassi prima di Paolo Grassi (1936 – 1946) – comprende una selezione di libri, lettere, riviste, articoli, locandine, provenienti da archivi pubblici e privati più una sezione con quadri e disegni della cerchia di artisti che contribuirono alle riviste: CorrentePalcoscenicoGUF Forlivesi. La seconda sezione si divide in due parti dedicate alla fondazione e al lavoro al Piccolo Teatro. La prima, che riguarda gli anni tra il 1947 e il 1967, è dedicata al rapporto con Giorgio Strehler e Nina Vinchi e comprende gli spettacoli degli esordi con autori-simbolo come Goldoni, Brecht, Bertolazzi, Pirandello oltre alla definizione dei rapporti con il pubblico e la politica. La seconda parte, dal titolo Un teatro fuori le mura. La direzione solitaria (1968 – 1972), si riferisce agli anni in cui Strehler aveva lasciato il Piccolo oltre a una considerazione storica di quell'epoca di passaggio e grandi trasformazioni.

Max Papeschi e Max Ferrigno, Pyongyang Rhapsody
The Summit of Love, Palermo, ZAC – Cantieri Culturali della Zisa e
Fondazione Jobs,

A passeggio con Buster Keaton. Fausta Squatriti a Milano

Galleria Bianconi, Milano %u2012 fino al 22 febbraio 2019. “La passeggiata di Buster Keaton”, serie pittorica dipinta alla metà degli Anni Sessanta da Fausta Squatriti, è esposta alla galleria Bianconi di Milano, nell’omonima mostra curata da Martina Corgnati. Insieme a un libro d’artista %u2012 “Tatane”, 1966, ispirato ad Alfred Jarry %u2012 e a una serie di maschere

Asger Jorn, Per Kirkeby, Tal R, Victoria Miro Mayfair


iris van herpen


Nella scia dei nuovi protagonisti del turismo spaziale, la startup tecnologica spaziale Orion Span di Houston, ha annunciato i piani della sua stazione Aurora, che dovrebbe essere completata nel 2021, e accogliere i primi ospiti l’anno dopo: quattro clienti ogni volta con due membri dell’equipaggio a bordo, per un inedito soggiorno di 12 giorni. Promette un'autentica esperienza d’astronauta, in assenza di gravità, a 320 km dalla Terra, con un giro del pianeta ogni 90 minuti, e la possibilità di godersi ben 16 albe e tramonti al giorno..



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new hampshire


alejandro aravena is an acclaimed chilean architect who was awarded the pritzker prize in 2016. in 2001 aravena formed elemental, a studio that focuses on projects of public interest and social impact.

Russian architect Svetozar Andreev has released a new vision for the stone Azure Window arch of the Maltese Islands. The iconic landmark collapsed after a storm in 2017, and Andreev proposes a new mirrored metal arch to take its place. Dubbed the Heart of Malta, the design was created as a polygonal form with the same size and proportions as the original limestone arch. Inside, a new exhibition space will include five floors connected by a central spiral.

The Taipei Performing Arts Center, a theatre complex with three auditoriums that plug into an corrugated glass cube designed by OMA, is nearing completion in the capital of Taiwan.

Henning Larsen has completed The Wave, a residential project on the Vejle Fjord in Denmark, according to the original vision of the practice's late founder.


migliore servetto has completed the plans for blue line park, a redevelopment project that spans along five km of an abandoned railway in a waterfront area of busan. with construction set to begin in 2019, the themed park offers visitors of different ages and interests a diverse range of activities, transforming the site into a sort of filter between the bay and the surrounding urban fabric. acting as the place where the city is reconciled with the natural landscape, the project employs targeted use of technology and sound design, as well as a new and fascinating cultural hub for events, concerts, and collective activities.


Un po’ museo, un po’ laboratorio. È Muzeum Susch, nuovo spazio espositivo che ha aperto al pubblico il 2 gennaio 2019. Ideato e fondato da Gra%u017Cyna Kulczyk (Pozna%u0144, 1950) imprenditrice e collezionista di origini polacche, il museo sorge a Susch, una remota località delle Alpi svizzere collocata sull’antica via di pellegrinaggio che da Roma portava a Santiago de Compostela.

hotels, restaurants, bars

caffè fernanda by rgastudio is part of a larger project to redesign the pinacoteca di brera and its collection in milan. it is named after fernanda wittgens, the gallery’s visionary director, who was responsible for its reopening in 1950. located in the former main entrance, the café is conceived as part and parcel of the museum tour. the project is designed to have chromatic and material coherence with the gallery’s new layout, and its reinterpretation of the space’s 1950s architecture

project tonella sancal


dall'alto, ogni fila dall'alto in basso

1# fila: Moneta,; smeg,; mai uguali,; guzzini,

2# fila: knindustrie,; tescoma,; Schonhuber,; reisenstel,; arti & mestieri,

3# fila: ballarini,; alessi;; dr.vranjes,; tognana,


left, exhibition "Inspired" new and recent work by Bibi Smit
in Gallery Bonnard, Nuenen, Netherlands

right, blue monday

Working under the name Atelier van Lieshout, Joep van Lieshout rose to fame quickly with functional sculptures that raise questions about the society at large and nature of art. Joep's way of working is evident in his designs for Moooi.,

Block is a lounge armchair inspired by the Brutalist architectural movement. Two massive blocks of walnut which are the structure and the armrests, give the armchair its singular silhouette. 
This geometric identity is balanced by the lightness and comfort of the seat upholstered in a Bouclette fabric or a luxurious sheepskin.

lee jung-hoon cuts a virtual form of wormhole out of his furniture

a wormhole is a phenomenon created in spacetime of the universe linking black hole and white hole. the idea of wormhole originated from the worm-eaten hole in an apple has brought the humankind the insatiable curiosity and mystery which have appeared in science fiction and served the scientific theory as well. we see the organic features in worm hole symbolizing the birth and life which are represented by the bellybutton of a mammal or the stalk end of the fruit. korean designer lee jung hoon’s work is intended to apply the beauty of moderate curve contained in the unknown dent image of the wormhole and unconventional aesthetic value of distorted space to furniture design — the collection comprises chairs, drawers, and plates.

Dent Wood Bar by Bla Station


Figure. Collana diretta e curata da Mauro Marzo. 

Brevi saggi di carattere monografico su architetti e artisti del passato e del presente. Gli autori sono architetti impegnati nel progetto e nell’insegnamento del progetto. I saggi intrecciano corrispondenze tra architetti e artisti lontani nello spazio e nel tempo, narrano quelle “affinità di spirito in relazione alle forme” su cui Henri Focillon ha scritto pagine memorabili.

Più di 30 sono le nazioni coinvolte in questa edizione 2019, per un totale di oltre 230 prodotti pubblicati. Dagli accessori per la cucina alle sedute, dai complementi di arredo al lightning: Design For spazia al massimo nella selezione dei prodotti, per garantire ai suoi fruitori una vasta possibilità di scelta.


new york based studio workstead introduced new finishes to the orbit collection. utilizing a series of reflectors, the sconce and table lamp are modern interpretation of early amercan candle form


in alto, profumi wally,

qui sopra, da sinistra, tonatto profumi,; fuoco di dr.vranjes,; diana vreeland the empress,


Don McCullin is one of Britain's most prolific photographers, with a career that has taken him across the globe.

His upcoming exhibition will include many of his iconic war images from Vietnam, Northern Ireland and Syria, as well as work he did at home in England. These include scenes of poverty and working class life in London’s East End and the industrial north, as well as landscapes of Somerset, where he lives.

Il 2019 inizia per Maurizio Marcato con un nuovo prestigioso riconoscimento: il concorso TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) ha premiato il fotografo con il Gold Award nella categoria “Advertising/Product”. L’immagine vincitrice, intitolata “Design in the Nature”, appartiene alla campagna promozionale realizzata per Euro3Plast,


Jack Dunnett's paintings highlight a world which is not detached from our own


Anestetico Antifascista. Daniele Franzella a Palermo, raccontato da Aldo Premoli

Casa del Mutilato, Palermo fino al 15 febbraio 2019. Daniele Franzella anima il secondo capitolo de “Il sospetto”, il progetto espositivo ideato da Sergio Alessandro e Helga Marsala nella città siciliana.

Niemeyer Center & Contemporanea present the retrospective show in Spain of Iranian photographer Shadi Ghadirian. This exhibition entitled ‘Como todos los días” (Like Everyday), is curated by Mario Martin Pareja, and includes more than fifty photographs which explores all the Ghadirian’s series since 1998.


NIKE unveils 'grass sneaker' with turfed green uppers



A compimento di una lunga serie di studi dedicati ai temi cardine della ricerca artistica Ernesto Morales presenta presso la galleria Area35 art gallery di Milano la mostra Studies of Clouds incentrata su un approfondimento sui temi della trasformazione e della metamorfosi.



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