carnet de notes 527

carnet de notes 527

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Cuhk explores the structural limits of bamboo with Toroo pavilion in taiwan.  Toroo demonstrates how bamboo can enable unique and versatile architectural solutions rooted in local culture and sustainable development

oma's galleria in gwanggyo with opal stone-like façade is realized in korea

'soviet asia' by conte and perego depicts the modernist architecture of the USSR


studio ardete fills shop's interiors with a flowing wooden ribbon in india


sedute nina by sergio perrero for promemoria

tato, riedizione dei vasi inca di corrado corradi dell'acqua

magis, container

alu chair by muller van severen

left, Stitched Leaves by Susanna Bauer

right, ceramica di michelangelo consani

A colourful cashmere sofa by American designer Misha Kahn at New York gallery Friedman Benda


Garb-age è il progetto di Murmure e i sacchi della spazzatura, simbolo della crisi climatica. Murmure è il nome dietro il quale si celano i nomi di Paul Ressencourt e Simon Roché

Ligama, l’artista che trasforma i ruderi, di Elena Cattaneo

È nel delicato rapporto tra reale e artificiale che Ligama esprime il suo linguaggio artistico. Uncommissioned Landscape Manipulation è un progetto di azione pittorica grazie a cui ha modificato parte del paesaggio rurale siciliano,


left, lamp in collaboration between Nir Meiri Studio and Aqua Creations,

center, lampada rivoli by sammode

right, couro, a leaf converted into a light sculpture by ceci ferrero for let's pause


Architect Jaimie Shorten will install six singing shark sculptures in a London canal after winning this year's Antepavilion competition organised by the Architecture Foundation.Titled SHARKS!, the pavilion will consist of six model sharks containing audio equipment. Positioned to look like they are leaping from the murky Regents Canal, the sharks will sing and give lectures on architecture and urbanism

body ornaments

collier bulgari, foto michele gastl,


Boris Becker: Bunker, Bremen Hardenbergstraße, 1987

Rania Matar: An Image and Her Woman

Coppi Barbieri – Early Works 1992-1997

food and wine

noodles by jamie oliver


engineers use 3D printing hack to turn scuba masks into ventilators


carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 06/04/2020
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carnet de notes 526

Empty chairs at a McDonalds, Meent, Rotterdam. Ph Loes van Duijvendijk

carnet de notes 526

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940, @paolorinaldi,


mosque, dhaka, bangladesh, architect shatotto, ph mike kelley, will scott

Casa Ojalá è entrata in fase di prototipazione: una piccola abitazione di 27 mq con più di 1.000 soluzioni interne. progetto Beatrice Bonzanigo e Ryan Nesbitt

Kfar Shemaryahu Educational Complex, Sarit Shani Hay, Israel, Big-Bjarke Ingels Group


vietnamese practice mia design studio has created an oasis of tropical tranquility within the naman retreat in da nang, vietnam. internally and externally, the pure spa has been immersed in draping plants, hanging gardens and green walls. the draped plants establish a connection between nature and interior


Nina Moeller Designs ha creato una nuova versione della seduta Curve Bench, pensata per l’outdoor e realizzata interamente nel resistente Solid Surface Hi-Macs®. ph,

Architect Martin Massé has designed Orsetto 02, a rounded stone coffee table for the New York gallery Studio Twenty Seven,

Jin Kuramoto’s Maki easy chair for Offecct. The form is based on minimalism and rationalism, a design culture that is common for Japan and Scandinavia,

Established & Sons's Limited Edition collections at Nomad St Moritz,

the Barcelona studio AOO’s new Chair 8, whose first iteration became red, blue, and yellow only after a client saw, and fell in love with, the default rendering colors in the 3-D program used to design it. After making that beta version last summer, studio founder Marc Morro decided to put the chromatic fate of the chair in outside hands once again for an exhibition at Alzueta Gallery in Barcelona — inviting Spanish artist Claudia Valsells to envision new color schemes for it based on her works,

poltrona/letto minuetto di plinio il giovane

Bell Low and High Tables by Sebastian Herkner for ClassiCon,

La famiglia di tavolini Motif di Frag è firmata da Andrea Mancuso del design duo Analogia Project,



lampada Fienile di Daniel Rybakken per Luceplan

lampade gumdesign for martinelli luce

Drum, design Marc Sadler per Olev,


bas timmer's sheltersuit offers a portable, durable shelter for the homeless, @bas.timmer Instagram stories

craig green reinterprets puffer as padded samurai armor for moncler

left, Watch runway footage of Harikrishnan's inflatable menswear collection

right, Travel Wool Jacket con interno inflatable by Renzo Uno61


Don McCullin: The Stillness of Life

gaz blanco, renovation project of ex kursaal threatre's area, montecatini terme, by aldo rossi

jorg dietrich, from the serie germany street fronts

James Welling, Morgan Great Wall,

left, walter rolla, nei giardini di villa hambury, ventimiglia

right, peyman hooshmandzadeh, his excellency the cock

david altrath captures the lively artworks of stockholm's underground metro stations

tessuti, carte e tappeti

WallPepper Group, ‘narrazioni a parete’ per valorizzare l’interior contemporaneo

tassotti, fantasie di carta

tappeto della collezione Roquebrune di Michela Alquati e Sebastian Corso per Carpet Edition, ph Omar Sartor

tessuto my fair lady by rubelli

carta da parati istinti puma, design gumdesign


giant dachshund 'moves to brooklyn' in this absurdly out-of-proportion photo series mitch boyer has realized the book 'vivian the dog moves to brooklyn', sharing the story of a giant dog who moves to the city

vivian the dog moves to brooklyn


carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 30/03/2020
(travel, viaggi, architettura, interni, design, hotels, ristoranti, bar, luce, arte, mostre, foto, fashion, installazioni, musei, teatro)
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carnet de notes 525

London based design firm Ilex Studio, has created these glass vases that allows you to watch an Avocado plant or an Oak tree grow from a single seed

carnet de notes 525

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940, @paolorinaldi,


 Vittorio Gregotti, Gregotti Associati International, Teatro dego Arcimboldi

Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet, Le Chenit / Switzerland / 2020, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Al n. 1 di Old Bond Street, Londra, Fope inaugura il suo nuovo monomarca, firmato da ASA studio albanese


Kazakhstan's built environment is defined by a complex history. As a constitutional republic with a diverse cultural heritage, the country's architecture includes contrasting traditions, from integrating buildings with the landscape to standing out from it. Today, a mix of futuristic towers and monuments speak to a legacy of atypical design, and a series of modern projects showcase how architects are working to build a new narrative for the country

hotels, restaurants and bars

Kondan Retreat Resort, Architects PMA madhushala, Pune, India, ph Hemant Patil

The Michelin-starred restaurant Per Me di Giulio Terrinoni has been renewed through a signature project: Rome-based studio Alvisi Kirimoto has restyled the venue in the heart of Rome

To enliven the environment, on the back wall, site-specific artwork by Junko Kirimoto captures attention from the street: a light source composed of a set of spherical elements folded and anchored in different points and between them, at a variable distance from the wall, create dynamism, in a three-dimensional game of lights and shadows, of full and empty spaces


slow tables con ripiano in marmo di zeus noto

The Belgian architect Bernard Dubois and Spanish leather goods designer Isaac Reina have collaborated on a line of formally elegant furnishings for Maniera,

labirinti by studio zanellato/bortotto produced by the gallery, brussels,

ceste e borse intrecciate by rosanna contadini for neodesignstore/covo

console con sedute di g/laab

libreria in Pietra di Vicenza delLaboratorio del Marmo by Grassi Pietre


in alto, Works, Aldo Parisotto Massimo Formenton Architetti”, 
monografia edita da Electaarchitettura, per i 30 anni dello studio

qui sopra, biblioteca adelphi editore


Noho Table Lamps For Minimalist Lovers by Creativemary

lampade i snap by design r&s antonangeli

Sammode Studio: nuovi modelli per la collezione Sammode-Pierre Guariche


stevemccurry, monaco che cammina sul muro

Felice Beato – Kusakabe Kimbei and others, Japan, c. 1870-1880

Elias Chasiotis was visiting Qatar in late December 2019 when he captured a photo of an eclipse. The timing of the photograph turns the crimson star into curved horns emerging from the horizon

Zakaria Wakrim, Amarg, un paysage d'afrique du nord

claudio zucca, light paainting/viaggioneltempo, natura morta

tessuti e carte da parati

mineralia by gio tirotto for wall&decò

fornasetti reveals fourth whimsical wallpaper collection for cole & son

Dainellistudio | Nuova collezione Microcosmo per Londonart

design adam divino

ferruccio laviani  for londonart—on

The Art of Silk Threads, by Misha


lavori in casa/home works

left,  the arpilleras narrated the course of Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship through bold colors, broad stitching, and striking imagery, often incorporating fabrics from their disappeared children’s clothes

right, weekly Bubbling presents Santeri Mortti, who creates fantastic embroidery and wooden sculptures

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 23/03/2020
(travel, viaggi, architettura, interni, design, hotels, ristoranti, bar, luce, arte, mostre, foto, fashion, installazioni, musei, teatro)
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carnet de notes 524

carnet de notes 524

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940, @paolorinaldi,



buchara, uzbekistan


 University, Durham, United Kingdom, Architects: FaulknerBrowns Architects

naf architect & design encloses 'small pond' nursery school in tokyo with curved wood façade

Houses, Chongqing, China, Architects: Lew Joeson, ph E-Jay, Chong Wang,

villa comano – ticino, svizzera, attilio panzeri & partners sa, atelier d'architettura, ph giorgio marafioti

Kindergarten, Zhangzhou, China. Architects: Panda Office. ph  Gl Yang


Humanity spends more and more time inside, whether at work or at home – with studies showing that we now spend 87% of our lives indoors. Pleasant environments positively influence the mood and well-being of its occupants, just as poorly lit, uncomfortable places can make lives miserable. That is why the craft of interior design is so important, even if it is often considered minor by some professionals. When designing an interior, the architect has the power to alter important variables, be it artificial lighting, natural light, proportions, or materials – with all such elements influencing the experience that occupants will have in a space. written by eduardo souza


Suite à leur résidence en Juillet dernier à la Fondation Jan Michalski, Élise Fouin et Sandra de Vivies, auteur, ont pu installer en octobre dernier leur "Arbre à Fables" dans le Jura Suisse.  Un projet de Nature Writing qui allie Design et Littérature. Ce dispositif qui distribue des histoires courtes en milieu naturel a pris place au pied de la forêt du Mont Tendre, sur les sentiers de randonnées de la Fondation. Ce « distributeur » qui encercle les troncs d'arbre, est un objet poétique "low-tech", respectueux de la nature et de son territoire. Ces courtes prosopopées sont sérigraphiées sur des sangles d'épicéas dont les extrémités sont imprégnées de résine de sapin pigmentée en rouge

hotels, restaurants and bars

American interior designer Kelly Wearstler scoured vintage shops to source the eclectic furniture that decorates the living room-style lobby of this hotel in Santa Monica, California

Il primo NH Collection a Manhattan di NH Hotel Group si ispira all' "Epoca d'oro della pubblicità" americana di Madison

Lunawood interior products are elegant and pleasant to touch thanks to their rich tone and smooth and warm surface. It is highly suitable for paneling and flooring; creating a cozy atmosphere in any interior. The boards are light, easy to cut, shape and install. In addition to its attractive appearance, the thermal modification of wood eliminates the risk of harmful emissions such as formaldehyde


sedia-poltrona by estudio campana, campagna brothers

sedie band by patricia urquiola for kettal

poltroncina calypso by royal botania

small table and sitting in paper pulp by Mike Ruiz-Serra

outdoor alfi aluminum chair by jasper morrison fo emeco

roadie by massprodaction is a curved, lightweight and stackable sofa for outdoor environments. The product is partly inspired by welded steel crowd control barriers and aluminium lighting rigging, which can be seen being assembled by “roadies” at concert events. designed by Chris Martin

Fredrik Paulsen’s Design Bar at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 was inspired by the promenades of the French Riviera, bars on the Balearic Islands, casinos in Las Vegas and amusement parks such as Coney Island. Blå Station are proud to have contributed with Röhsska Bar, Röhsska Chair and Bit tables to create this place. ph Carl Kleiner


left, David QuammenSpillover, Gli Adelphi

right, Emmanuel Carrère, I Baffi, Adelphi

Franz Kafka, Il Processo e Aforismi di Zuerau, Adelphiright

La Storia degli Alberi, L'Ippocampo

left, Massimiliano Nuzzolo, La Verità dei Topi

right, Emanuele Figueras, Zoodorato, L'Ippocampo Ragazzi


left, Flatspot-16 Led Lamp by Tekna,

right, Gold Moon Chandelier, composizione di dischi irregolari rivestiti a mano da una  foglia color oro, che accolgono al loro interno riccioli di rame e minuscole gemme di luce. by Catellani & Smith

left, wall lamps by Tom Dixon.

right, lamps mini drums by Neir Meiri.

left, ChainDelier nasce da un gioco di parole tra la catena e il candeliere. Una grande catena dorata che si flette sotto il proprio peso, disegna una parabola perfetta e alimenta la maglia di luce nel punto inferiore 

right, Geometrie di luce con lampada IKU di Rossini Illuminazione


Dal 12 al 14 giugno 2020 alla Reggia di Colorno (PR) la 6° edizione del Festival dell Lentezza con 3 giorni di incontri, spettacoli contaminazioni. Il tema di quest’anno è “Beati gli ultimi”


La piscina è quella del Virgin Active Health Club di Manor Road, a nord di Londra. Si trova all’interno di una chiesa sconsacrata. Proprio dove un tempo c’erano i banchi dei fedeli, oggi si nuota in una grande vasca di 25 metri di lunghezza che occupa la navata centrale, tra le colonne e le capriate dell’edificio di culto in stile gotico vittoriano


carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 16/03/2020
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