carnet de notes 141

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carnet de notes 141

online weekly magazine 10/04/2012  

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carnet de f oires

milano design week, 16-22/04


c/o museo della scienza e della tecnica


left, armchair miami by francesco lucchese for swan

right, moschino for altreforme ,

from top left, clockwise
table tavo_lo by franz siccardi for salvatori stone innovation, ; table llt by dante o.benini e luca gonzo for fiam, ; table and chairs helsinky by desalto, ; tables by emilio nanni for billiani, ; candy tables by sylvain willenz for cappellini, ; table by ron gilad for molteni&c, table agile 2 by daniele basso for glocal design/mast 3.0 by lisar, table thor by alessandro dubini for i 4 mariani, ….

from top left, clockwise
sofa mantò by poltrona frau, ; dondolo by edward van vliet for paola lenti, divano/letto gò by morelato, ; vita sofa by mauro lipparini for bonaldo, ; sistema imbottiti river by bartoli design for segis, ; sofa by osko+deichmann for brunner, ; sofa jelly by adrenalina,; ,,, ; sofa by astoridepontiassociati for mussi italy,
rieteiland house, the home of dutch architect hans van heeswijk

from top left, clockwise
the park chair by neuland industrie design for b-line,; ;;; ; chairs first by pezzani home collection, ; chairs by lievore altherr molina for arper, ; chair by ferruccio laviani for ego, ; sedia neve by piero lissoni for porro, ; chair emi by pianca, ; chair in-pila by
favaretto & partners for estel, ; armchair by marco corti for nube,



driade, ph francesco bolis

left, armchair 56 h by fabio novembre
center, day bed rimini by fredrikson stallard
right, side table peanut by miki astori


driade, ph francesco bolis

left and center, armchairs borgos and sofa bedda by terry dwan
right, carrello di servizio trick by giuseppe chigiotti


chairs bloom-m by calligaris


from left
tapparelle by emmanuel gallina; aline by hagit pincovici;
table and chair tria by catharina lorenz and steffen kaz


left, beam table by luis alberto arrivillaga for mdf

right, table post design collection 2012 by alberto biagetti for memphis


left, haru collection by mikiya kobayashi for karimoku

center, misha, handmadewallpaper, special selection for molteni & c

right, sofa by luca nichetto for cassina


now on the ocean, design autoprodotto in marocco, c/o stephan janson


left, wooven floors bolon by missoni,

right, heart by jacopo foggini


left,  molteni & dada, hi-line 6 by ferruccio laviani,

center, ora ito for  scavolini,

right, mirò colors, aran

left, etna by rodolfo dordoni for rossana
right, hd 23 by massimo castagna for rossana

left, enrico coveri living for aster

center, pannello decorativo, omaggio a matisse, lineasette ceramiche

right, rubinetti jingle by ludovica+roberto palomba for zucchetti,1

lef, colori, alpes, decori by karim rashid

center, steel gamma colori, forni genesi

right, icon, by giuseppe bavuso for ernesto meda


left, towel box, deltacalor,

center, rivestimenti lapidei drappi di pietra by lithos design

right, design agatha ruiz de la prada for valli arredobagno

from left

le giare by claudio silvestrin for cielo,

design nendo for bisazza bagno,

minipool by kos, design ludovica+roberto palomba for zucchetti kos

vasca by devon & devon,

in the background

vasca hydroline by teuco, reddot award, design carlo colombo

in the inserts, from left

bagno touch by michele marcon e stefano brescacin for milldue

bagno nahua by angeletti ruzza design for teuco,

pouf washbasin by regia,

for metalab

the last carnet 

divani, divani, sofas, sofas…bb

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carnet de notes 140

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carnet de notes 140

online weekly magazine 02/04/2012  

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carnet de voyages


mongolia, a zonzo travel

carnet d’architecture

enzo ferrari museum by future system

bentini headquarters, faenza, italy, project studio piuarch
rieteiland house, the home of dutch architect hans van heeswijk

casa gaviòn, baja california sur, méxico, project by colectivo mx


carnet d’interiors

simone micheli home, florence, italy


centrum bankowosci, prywatnej pko banku polskiego, poland
project robert majkut

carnet d’hotels


au vieux panier hotel, marseille, marsiglia, francia
panic room, painted by tilt, a graffiti artisti ,


the corridors at the vincci bit hotel, barcelona, spain, artist matt w.moore


carnet d’installations 

tuft pula, by numen/for use

carnet de design  


moment by shinobu koizumi
moment side/coffee table is an hourglass-sand-shaped structure that’s actually made entirely of sand. though there is no glass, the form of the sand is still kept as though it were still there
moment è una non clessidra fatta della sabbia contenuta in una vera clessidra


wash me, tasses édités par serax, design hugo meert
once the mug has been used, any residue of coffee, tea, … generates the message wash me
ogni volta che vi si beve,  i residui di té e caffé generano la scritta wash me, lavami


cable collection by anthony hartley
the pieces are made from clean and simple mdf or ply template shapes, sprayed in hartley’s trademark strong color palette. the innovation comes in the joining of the templates, which uses multicolored cable ties to secure them, and which can be easily assembled without tools


flippo chair by paulo corceiro
flippo chair doubles as a table by utilizing a simple folding back. simply lay it down and you’ve got a side table with the perfect height next to another chair of its kind. built-in shelves under the seat allow for easy access to magazines, books or other objects


left, vaiven chair by quille cameron mac lean
the chair is made up of tons of small textile pieces inserted into slots cut in wood

center/right, folding screen and magazine rack, paravento e scala portaoggetti
by note design studio


left, baco sofa by sara ferrari for deco ,

center, chair from the fractal collection by nicole tomazi, at salone satellite
the series was designed after she studied fractal geometry,
where graphics reproduce natural forms

right, the too tight stool by avihai shurin
inspired by the story of cinderella, consists of a pillow pushed into a metal frame


inspiration chair by lapo germasi
un cubo in pvc che contiene palline in poliuretano a bassa densità
da modellare sottovuoto


gloss design, lucentezza vs opacità, by vincenzo de cotiis
una serie limitata di 150 vasi-oggetto, pezzi unici in resina tinta a mano in diverse dimensioni su cui s’innestano parti in metallo in ottone argentato riflettente e ottone in lega dall’aspetto invecchiato


left, vaso eclissi by carlo moretti

right, maria calderara at galleria suzy shammah, milano ,

carnet de livres

atomic ranch, midcentury interiors, by michelle gringeri-brown, ph jim brown

carnet de musées

alésia museum, project bernard tschumi architects
ph bernard tschumi, christian richters ,

xinjin zhi museum, xinjin , china, project by kengo kuma

carnet de photos

i volti dell’acqua, palazzo isimbardi, milano from 17 to 22 april

from top left, clockwise
alvise silenzi, sculture d’acqua,

michele gastl, calle 1,

andrea basile, 3 seconds to zero,

carla de bernardi, la formula dell’acqua,

foto ortaggi by ilian iliev

mario molins, catarsis, ulivo, els catellanos/abelda, huesca, spain
espace art gallery, bruxelles, until april 29

carnet de land art

giant beach art by andres amador

for metalab

carnet d’art 

works, mixed media, by jay shinn

arte contemporanea a villa pisani, bagnolo di lonigo (vicenza), italy
arthur duff/niele toroni
from june 24 to november 10

carnet d’expos

left, gerrit rietveld house; center, zig-zag chair by gerrit rietveld
gerrit rietveld – the revolution of space, retrospettiva at vitra design museum
from may 17 until september 16

right, tapio wirkkala – sculptor
skmu sorlandets kunstmuseum, kristiansand, norway, until may 6
kunstmuseet tonder, tonde, denmark, from may 26 until september 30

museo wow, spazio fumetto, milano, until april 29

yayoi kusama, new works, victoria miro gallery, london, england

chinesese stuff, ph nina reetzke, until may 27
museum fuer angewandte kunst, frankfurt, germany

the last carnet

printemps partout

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