carnet de notes 163

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carnet de notes 163

portrait by alvise silenzi

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 24/09/2012
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carnet de voyages

rotterdam, holland, skyline of kop van zuid
from left, buildings (by): mecanoo, tha new york hotel, norman foster,
viera de siza, oma, renzo piano, erasmusbrug and the theatre
carnet d’architecture
left, oct shenzen club house by richard meier architects, ph roland halbe
the oct shenzhen clubhouse marks new york-based practice richard meier architects first finished project in shenzhen, china. standing on an island in oct harbor lake, the center’s two structures offer guests and members a restaurant, dining suites, multi-purpose areas, and an exhibition gallery amongst recreational facilities and a fitness center
right, wuchi grand theatre by pes-architects, jangsu, china
the wuxi grand theatre is located on a man-made peninsula of wu-li lake, south of wuxi centre city and is the most important new cultural building project of the tai-hu new city. the wuxi grand theatre due to its location and its architectural image is the newest landmark building in the wuxi area.

mini house 2.0 by jonas wagell
swedish architect jonas wagell began designing the concept of the mini house several years ago as a weekend retreat or a small guesthouse. the design was simple and similar to a backyard shed. the concept has snowballed, and now he’s joined forces with sommarnojen and they’ve created mini house 2.o
right, tree bird house apartment by nendo
one side of the elevated structure feature 78 nest spaces for birds, while the other has an opening for one person to enter and peer into the birds’ nests from inside the tree house

endesa pavilion by adrià goula, barcelona, spain
the endesa pavilion is a highly efficient shelter which is built to meet very specific energetic and comfort needs. essentially a wooden box, modules on the exterior walls fold out at different distances to create triangular protruding awnings whose exact angle and length are precisely calculated by the position of the sun, the need for shade and the spatial requirement of the interior. each section contains photovoltaic cells on the top, and block out the sun over the window located underneath or on the downward-facing side. the inside of the forms create pockets for people or storage, effectively increasing the livable area on the same size footprint

carnet de interiors

casa dova, nizza monferrato (asti), italy, simone boffi project manager, alessandro marchelli principal architect

“an austere corridor turns accompanying the entry in casa dova a path sensory, built on the basis of provocation of latent impressions, which exist in all of us. stirring up, in a setting almost sterile, muffled, disturbing, absolutely took irregular shapes, a whirlwind of memories, thoughts, gestures, perhaps forgotten but always present. playing, taking almost around the individual, with the light that enlightens, but not as points of reference. molding, with innovative materials, technologically perfect and perfectly integrated, images of old nizza”

the studio des ursulines, paris, project h2o architectes
it became the first cinema for art house film in france. today, this theater continues it’s tradition by catering to the younger parisian public by providing a locale to discover cinema in it’s many facettes. the small theater offers selective programming as well as the opportunity to meet those who make films.
the initiative for the renovation of the cinema’s lobby follows the tradition of innovation and evolution that have been a part of this establishment’s history. the existing space, although small, must allow for greeting and welcoming the public composed of both youngsters and adults, selling tickets and hosting events

carnet d’hotels et restaurants
the jewel inn, the crown, amersham, england
a timber-framed, 16th century property with 19th-century additions, the crown was the second dhillon group property to have been re-worked by ilse crawford and owners, tej and sarina dhillon
bistro japonais kinoya, montreal, canada, by jean de lessard
les Irasshaïmase! fusent sur la rue saint-denis depuis l’ouverture récente de kinoya, un izakaya, la version japonaise du bar à tapas. alliant avec flair tradition et modernité, ce petit bijou de la cuisine japonaise méritait un écrin au design inédit. conçu par jean de lessard, chargée du projet anne-sophie gauclin
carnet de design
table gradien mashrabiya by misher’traxler for carwan gallery

tumbleweed by édition compagnie
the tumbleweed project, in reference to the rolling bushes of the north-american desert, is conceived as a way of dramatizing the growth of indoor plants.
the creation of a 3-dimensional volume from the folds of a plane surface forms an ideal support for the foliage of developing plants. the structure also has a life of its own as a suspended clouds


future concept keyboard

carnet de lumières
left, the anemone collection by olivia d’aboville boxes light by josep lluìs xuclà

center and right, wooden light bulb by ryosuke fukusada

it merges traditional craftsmanship with a modern led device to create what appears to be a solid piece of wood shaped like a light bulb but which actually radiates light. the inside of the wood is chipped out until light can shine through

carnet de montres

left, nòn là clockcks by studio klass for diamantini & domeniconi
nòn là is a ceramic table clock with conical shape, inspired by the famous straw hat – nón lá in vietnamese – and usually used by asian people to protect themselves from sun and rain,

right, felt for leff by sebastian herkner
carnet de livres (bookmarks)
zipmark by peleg design
tel aviv-base peleg design studio has developed zipmark, a bookmark made in the shape of a zipper the thought process for the creation is influenced by the re-interpretation of opening up a textile bag

carnet d’art et land art
samurai by sculptor nina winters

mirror & mud brick spiral installation by elín hansdóttir

jardin de la connaissance by rodney latourelle
the garden of decaying books in quebec created in 2010: the books are now sprouting enormous orange mushrooms, and this year the designers introduced moss

carnet d’expos
nel bosco della baba jaga, fiabe dalla russia, sarmede 2012

i bambini e la guerra, fotografie di raffaele ciriello
vecchio ospedale soave, codogno (lodi), italy, until october 15
carnet de photos
lewis hine, fotograferen voor verandering
nederlands fotomuseum, rotterdam, holland, until january 6, 2013

sally mann, upon reflection, autoportraits

antoni + alison, chocolate box

the last carnet
lano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èwow!w

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carnet de notes 153

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carnet de notes 153

portrait by silvio pasotti
carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 02/07/2012

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carnet de voyages
pico island, azores archipelago, the volcano

islanda, iceland

from left, the harbour, the pop music center, the taichung met opera
taiwan, taipei (former formosa island)
the book by ulf meyer, dom publishers

lake nuba, the desert, the temple of naga, meroe necropolis, graffiti


carnet d’architecture
casa a monchiuso, erba, italy, project marco castelletti, ph filippo simonetti

left, shelter bygg by gabriela gomes, ph joao morgado
center and right, pebble houses, sardinia
project franzina + partners architettura

twin sails bridge, poole, united kingdom
project  by speirs+ major and wilkinson eyre, ph dave morris

turbine bridge, on the amstel river, amsterdam, holland
project by dwawu wiercinski + wrzeszcz
carnet d’hotels
left and center, qt sydney, design hotels first hotel in harbor city
right, hotel barcelò, hamburg, germany, hotel barcelò, hamburg, germanyhh

alila hotels, bali, indonesia
palazzo margherita, francis coppola luxury resort
bernalda, basilicata, italy, restoration by jacques grange
the nomad hotel, north of madison square park district, new york, usa
project by jacques garcia, ph benoit linero


carnet de design
left, clara chair by favaretto & partners for softline

center, table and chairs as if from nowhere by orla reynolds


right, cult chair by archivolto design for segis

left, naturoscopie shelf by noé duchaufour-lawrance

center, low table potential for collapse by axel yberg
right, damasio by armani casa colé


“les ballets c de la b commissioned a table that can easily be moved
by a single person or even taken along.
together with serge from the dance company we came up with legs
that have a wooden helical thread that screws into the tabletop,
reminiscent of piano legs. finally
we have removed a node from the wood and inserted a twig into the cavity
as if it shot there after all”, by labt


left, savage chair by jay saejung oh

center, reborn cardboard sofa  by monocomplex, made by 127 cardboard pieces


right, sfatto, unmade, sofa by francesco binfaré for edra

left, servo muto by calligaris
right, modest stool by paul menand

carnet de mode
myak, a project by terre nomadiche

in the foreground, zillion caps by david guarino
in the inserts, from left, ermanno scervino, lardini, john varvatos

carnet d’art
the ring by spencer tunick, image courtesy bayerische staatsoper
nude live sculptural work for the start of munich’s 2012 opera session
der ring des nibelungen
1700 naked volunteers painted in red or gold

sculptures by nacho carbonell with dome carbon magic for japan creative
the lightweight carbon fiber from which the artist has produced a collection of
objects emit sound using the resilient properties of the material

invisible poem painting by lu xinjian, acrilic on canvas

stone fields by giuseppe randazzo
randazzo uses algorithms to create stones
and to sort them by size all based on a trial and error algorithm
carnet de landscapes & urbanism
singapore, bay south, gardens by the bay, project grant associates
conservatory complex by wilkinson eyre,

sensational garden by nabito architects, frosinone, italy


a cafe, playroom and gallery are tucked beneath the artificial topography
of this undulating public square in méxico
project by enrique norten of ten arquitectos, ph patrick lopez


 carnet de events
left, festival di mezza estate, cremona, italy, until september 5
right, i suoni delle dolomiti 2012, in trentino, xviii edizione, until august 31

carnet de magasins

left, camper store in new york, usa, by shigeru ban

center, camper store in osaka, japan, by nendo, ph masaya yoshimura
right, camper store in granada, spain, by a-cero


the last carnet
the museum of endangered sounds
the online museum preserves the sounds of archaic technology for a generation
that may have never heard them ‘in the wild’: cds skipping,
early computer games playing, 56k modems connecting, and more
milano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èèè

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