carnet de notes 467

carnet de notes 467

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immagini d'Irlanda,

la costa azzurra



stefano pujatti reinterprets heritage buildings of northern italy with STONED

stefano pujatti, italian architect and founder of elasticoSPA, has completed the residential project entitled STONED. located in the northeastern italian comune of san quirino, the renovation comprises a single family house and an attached guest house. the project is distinguished by its materiality, a reinterpretation of traditional concrete and stone, which speaks to the vernacular of the heritage buildings of the area. pujatti’s inventive use of stone offers a contemporary element which maintains a seamless harmony with its context, as many of the walls of the original structure have been preserved.

Architect Carlo Ratti has worked with Indian non-profit WeRise to develop a system of low-cost housing with a prefabricated core that homeowners can build any structure they like on top of.

The Livingboard system, which is currently being tried in a pilot project in a village just outside Bangalore, is designed to support housing development in rural areas anywhere in the world. It combines elements of prefabricated housing with the do-it-yourself approach of the open-source and maker movements. Homeowners receive the key functional parts of the house prefabricated and flat-packed — incorporating elements like waste management and water treatment systems — and then design and build the home they want on top of that.


Architects FMAU, Location Lavaur, France, ph Antoine Espinasseau

FMAU réalise une architecture et un urbanisme de continuité, entre architecture savante et vernaculaire, au sens des historiens Alain Charre et Bruno Zevi. L’économie des projets prend en compte les processus de production, distribution, et d’assemblage des matériaux.


Da un mese circa, il campo profughi greco di Ritsona ospita un’architettura dalle forme morbide e accoglienti. Un “fiore” di tessuto sotto i cui petali pulserà la vita sociale ritrovata di posti di frontiera come questo. Il progetto è nato su impulso di un gruppo di giovani italiani, architetti e non. Ph Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti

Maidan Tent, la tenda-piazza, è una tensostruttura di quasi 200 mq di superficie coperta; di forma circolare, perché inclusiva e priva di direzioni privilegiate, è stata ideata da Bonaventura Visconti di Modrone con la collaborazione di Leo Bettini Oberkalmsteiner e di altri giovani che hanno saputo ben contestualizzare l’intero progetto, cercare partner e sensibilizzare l’opinione pubblica. Nell’ordine: Giovanni Dufour, grafico; Simon Kirchner, architetto; Giuliano Limonta, psichiatra; Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti, fotografi; Clementina Grandi, organizzatrice di eventi; Francesca Oddo, addetta stampa.

 the hills west of pattaya on the gulf of thailand hosted a carbon neutral four-day celebration of the arts. this year’s edition of ‘wonderfruit’, features a series of sustainable structures by ab rogers design. these interventions celebrate the region’s indigenous craft, using local materials and a family of red finishes to complement the area’s lush greenery.


Temples frequently have at least some form of garden, whereas shrines are often placed within naturally occurring landscapes. As Buddhism traveled in waves from China, so too did Chinese garden aesthetics. The early forms of Japanese gardens were informed by their Chinese counterparts. Zen rock gardens are heavily associated with Japan, but these also came in via Chinese influence.

hotels, restaurants, bars

architecture practice, H2, has designed the saigon thuong mai hotel in the center of vinh, vietnam. the new hotel is rebuilt from the existing one, and the main challenge for the architects was to create a more exciting and easily-recognizable façade for pedestrians. secondly, the interior needed to be redesigned for more effective use and to enable natural light and ventilation into the internal spaces.

located in nakhon si thammarat — one of the most ancient cities in thailand — the LaeKhon NonBai hotel has been designed by junsekino architect and design. with the aim of revitalizing a preexisting building, the intention of the architect was to recreate the visual perception as well as fulfilling the missing elements without changing the structural design.


batit studio's hybrid collection mixes playful design with traditional classics in tel aviv

tel-aviv based designer, tal batit, presents the latest hybrids ceramic collection. the eponymous studio specializes in innovative sculptures, vases and tabletop accessories. batit mixes inspiration from ancient ceramic traditions and cultures with a contemporary palette and finish, giving a distinct post-modernist flair to the quirky creations while retaining the artisanal quality of the natural materials.,

Tom Dixon says:"To help you serve in style, we have compiled a selection of our trays, serving platters and generously proportioned bowls. A playful and sophisticated way to serve British afternoon tea, cocktails, canapes or to simply keep your troves and trinkets in order". 

Tríptico Infame by Pedro Paulo-Venzon departs from the typical structure of a devotional painting to form play between lack and balance, sacred and profane, lightness and severity, zero-degree functionality, and concern with the narratives that underpin the culture of design.

Pedro Paulø-Venzon is a designer who has produced objects and artifacts created from the discussions surrounding contemporary and modern design in Brazil. Most recently he’s been focused on the production of syntheses between the authorial and industrial, local and global, and tradition and its displacements.

Igarashi Design Studio's Zero Space is filled with furniture based on river-weathered pebbles

Pebble-like seats in pastel hues offer students a place to recline in this recreational area, which Igarashi Design Studio has created for an arts university in Tokyo.


Ikko Tanaka Issey Miyake 4, un progetto nato come segno di gratitudine di Issey al noto graphic designer giapponese.
Per la quarta serie il brand si è ispirato ad alcuni dei suoi lavori iconici: Continuous Symbol Series e Circle.

A creation by Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga is displayed during the exhibition "Modus",  in Madrid, at Sala Canal de Isabel II


wallpaper by Zuber

Gan Women Unit, in collaborazione con un gruppo di artigiane dell'India rurale

L’artigianato è l’essenza di GAN. Per questo motivo GAN si dedica da sempre, insieme ai migliori designer del momento, alla reinterpretazione delle tecniche tradizionali e alla loro applicazione al design contemporaneo. A partire da questa premessa, GAN ha sviluppato nel corso degli anni un sistema di produzione che permette di conservare la tradizione e allo stesso tempo rinnovare l’artigianato, con l’obiettivo di favorire l’evoluzione delle pratiche artigianali e l’ampliamento degli orizzonti del design.

left, carta da parati Texturae

right, a piece of  mini-collection of blankets, plaid, cushions and small rugs created in merino extra-fine wool, cashmere, cotton made with intarsia, jacquard, and stitch point techniques by roberta licini

New York-based designer Joe Doucet has designed a collection of rugs bearing bold graphics, supporting the rights of transgender people living in the US. Doucet and rug company Odabashian were already developing ideas for a collection last year when US president Donald Trump tweeted his plans to ban transgender people from serving in the military.,


lamps night birds by Boris Kimek for Brokis

Fondazione Berengo presenta la mostra Linea di principio, con opere di Nemanja Cvijanovic e Giovanni Morbin. Il progetto, curato da Daniele Capra, è il primo evento del ciclo Radical, messo a punto da Penzo Fiore, che mira a proporre mostre che si propongono di andare oltre alla ricerca sul vetro storicamente portata avanti dalla Fondazione.,


Thierry Mugler, Coutourissime

Le Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal présente la toute première exposition consacrée au créateur français Thierry Mugler. Conçue, produite et mise en tournée par le MBAM, cette rétrospective dévoilera les multiples univers de cette figure artistique incontournable – couturier visionnaire, metteur en scène, photographe et parfumeur – en revisitant notamment ses créations prêt-à-porter et haute couture.

John Singer Sargent a Stoccolma. Dopo anni di restauri e un investimento da 110 milioni di euro, il Nationalmuseum di Stoccolma riapre i battenti. E accoglie la prima retrospettiva scandinava su John Singer Sargent

Southern Geometries, from Mexico to Patagonia, Until February 24. The exhibition explores the wide range of approaches to geometric abstraction in Latin America, whether influenced by Pre-Columbian art, the European avant-garde or Amerindian cultures.

Exhibition designed by Kossmann.dejong gives rise to Israeli censorship. In the exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem, historical, political and religious aspects of the city are shown, and it includes works by both Palestinian and Israeli artists. A multi-layered exhibition has been created through the tailor-made theatrical settings of the 15 themed rooms, the use of multimedia tools and special collection pieces. Whereas one virginal white room exudes a sense of sacredness in order to highlight the story of the three religious schools of thought, a 360-degree film installation is used to sketch a moving portrait of the cycle of increasingly complex conflicts in a room that is dedicated to ‘the city in political conflict’.

Welcome to Jerusalem can be seen in the Jewish Museum Berlin until 30 April 2019.,


il libro del tempo. Sfogliare le pagine del tempo.

Josè Manuel Castro Lopez

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carnet de notes 466

carnet de notes 466

ph m.vittoria backhaus

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940, @paolorinaldi,


qui sopra, Milano, l'Arengario e piazza Diaz

sotto, la torre Magistretti (ph Matteo Vercelloni)



villaggio tibetano… bella immagine, ma falsa: si tratta di cellette di monastero appiccicate le une alle altre


Steven Holl's Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Designed to serve as an art center for students and the local community, the ICA prompts interaction and discussion around contemporary issues. Located at the corner of two main Richmond thoroughfares, the ICA has become a prominent marker in this newly invigorated area, welcoming more than 7,000 visitors during its opening weekend and hosting 175 public programs in its first eight months. ph Iwan Baan

Dunhuang Tourism Administration, Biad-Zxd architects, South of Encore Dunhuang Theater, Dunhuang, Gansu, China, ph Zhi Xia

Architecture firm HofmanDujardin, have completed Villa Zeist 2, a contemporary house surrounded by woods in Zeist, Netherlands.The exterior of the house features brick volumes that are separated by a concrete canopy, providing a strong horizontal line to the vertical nature of its surroundings. ph Matthijs van Roon


Haraldsplass Hospital, C.F. Møller Architects, Bergen, Norway, ph Joergen True


Artist Mark Reigelman II has designed three permanent site-specific installations at San Diego International Airport, made from screens that showcase various plane designs. Working together with the airport staff from the Arts Program and Design & Construction department, and San Diego Air and Space Museum, the artist came up with a design that represented the local aeronautic history.

hotels, restaurants, bars

Austria’s largest hotel group Vienna House opens new hotel in Warsaw. In the business district of the capital city of Poland, the 164-room Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw opens in February 2019. Located close to the airport, the hotel is aimed primarily at business travellers, but also visitors who appreciate industrial design, lively lobby culture, creative meeting opportunities and first-class food.

new york city-based studio cadena has designed masa, a new restaurant in a northern residential neighborhood of bogotá, colombia. built on the site of a former house, the 697 sqm (7,500 sqf) structure is characterized in its exterior by geometric cutout windows which adds to the playful, graphic quality of the space’s indoor-outdoor language.

Athens-based design studio Fluo has redesigned the top floor of a 1970s Euripides hotel building to create a light-filled bar and breakfast room with warm tones and blush pink colours. The 150 square-metre rooftop renovation features gold spheres, velvet cushions and marble surfaces that give an Art Deco feel to the wedge-shaped space.


Frank Lloyd Wright's geometric Taliesin 1 armchair, which the American architect designed for his own home, is in production for the first time in 28 years. Lloyd Wright designed the chair in 1949 for the living room of his Taliesin West home and studio in Arizona, where he lived until his death in 1959.

The piece wasn't mass produced until the late 1980s, when Italian furniture brand Cassina first released a version of it, but was discontinued shortly after in 1990 for being "too avant-garde". However the Taliesin 1 armchair is finally back on the market, reissued by Cassina in partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The chair is on sale in its original beech plywood form with a cherry wood veneer, which can be left natural or stained in black oak.

La poltrona Pullman completa la collezione Indigo Tales presentata di Promemoria. Dalla forma classica, la seduta stessa poggia sulla base di legno dal riconoscibile design, molto tipico, nelle sue varianti, di tanti progetti di Promemoria. Il tessuto del rivestimento è scelto dall’esclusiva selezione di tessuti della casa.

Moroso, Tape, design Benjamin Hubert

Tape is an innovative product which brings together fashion, technology and sustainability. A modular range of seats and small tables in which polyurethane tape, used for sports clothing, is applied to join together small-sized scraps of fabric, which otherwise could not be used. The tape is therefore an aesthetic feature of the sofa as well as having an important functional role. The Tape sofa comprises a series of different “building blocks” – seats, backs and armrests – elements which can be placed together to create ever-different combinations able to adapt the design to large public spaces and also to smaller living areas.

the korean designer, chiho cheon, has created ‘art in daemyung’ for the garden of daemyung resort in south korea. for the first time, daemyung resort asked sangmyung university to produce an artwork that would complement the outdoor garden environment. the resulting design by cheon acts as a piece of furniture, but also as a boundary to the site. 

cheon uses materials to express his ideas and this project uses large stones to relate to the mountain backdrop and to represent nature. the design also uses stainless steel, which represents the man-made element, and also creates a connection between nature and man-made materials. by creating both an art work and a bench, cheon aims to express that by sitting down, nature itself can have its function.

La direzione artistica dell'azienda Mondo Marmo Design e la collaborazione con il brand Portego hanno permesso al designer Matteo Leorato di sperimentare la lavorazione del marmo e del terrazzo veneziano a 360 gradi, applicandola  all'illuminazione, al piccolo complemento d'arredo e alle superfici.

nos designs clever, a lightweight stackable desk for mexican schools

after analyzing the products on the market for rural schools in mexico, local design studio nos has come to redesign the traditional school desk. aiming to create a product that would be affordable, resistant to extreme weather conditions and easy to use, the designers developed ‘clever’, a lightweight stackable desk with a seat.


jack-o'lantern by Lucie Koldova for Brokis

Wästberg, the Swedish lighting company, has unveiled an addition to its Holocene collection – Holocene No. 4: John Pawson, in collaboration with internationally celebrated architect John Pawson. 

John Pawson’s design for Holocene takes the notion of the oil lantern and meticulously reduces it to its essence in terms of function, form and palette, as a container for fire, with the means to carry or suspend it for the home and beyond, given its versatility. Crucible-like in profile, the oil lantern is fabricated in stainless steel and aluminium, with matte exterior surfaces and a polished internal core, to reflect and amplify the flame.

Kranen/Gille uses design process that is "all about fun" on The Party lights for Moooi. The two designers are founders of Kranen/Gille, a design studio focussed on interior products based in Den Bosch in The Netherlands.,

Lou Collection by Aldo Cibic per Venini

Realizzata in vetro artistico di Murano lavorato a mano, Lou esplora il confine tra la natura di vaso e quella di lampada. I riflessi di luce e le molteplici interpretazioni delle proprietà del vetro sono protagonisti di un gioco inaspettato. I tre modelli, dalla natura ambigua, puntano sull’effetto sorpresa: la lampada diventa un vaso e viceversa.  Lou rivela l’intensità dei colori del vetro quando la luce è spenta, per poi restituire la dimensione eterea della materia prima nel momento in cui la lampada viene accesa,


Ersilia Sarrecchia “Wild”, Confcommercio di Modena, a cura di Francesca Baboni e Stefano Taddei, fino al 20 febbraio 2019

Rosanna Schiaffino, ph Manfredi Bellati

Rosanna Schiaffino, Abiti da Star, Rosanna Schiaffino e la Moda, da Marucelli a Saint Laurent, mostra a cura di Enrica Morini e Ilaria De Palma, Palazzo Morando, Milano, fino al 3 novembre 2019

left, il Polittico attribuito a Francesco d’Antonio Zacchi, detto il Balletta restaurato (e apertura del Convento di Santa Rosa), Viterbo, Sacrestia e Convento di del Santuario di Santa Rosa;

right, anfora etrusca a figure nere, civico museo archeologico, Milano, Il Viaggio della Chimera. Gli Etruschi a Milano tra archeologia e collezionismo,

Oltre duecento reperti, materiali di grande pregio, in alcuni casi opere eccezionali, animano una esposizione storica per i contenuti, per il fatto che questi contenuti sono dispiegati in una sede milanese. L’avvio del percorso è affidato alle origini del collezionismo di arte etrusca nella nostra città, in una Milano che vuole e sta già rinascendo dal disastro della Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Il tema della terza sezione è il mondo animale, con le sue creature reali e fantastiche che popolavano l’immaginario che il defunto incontrava nel suo viaggio ultraterreno: è di proprietà dell’Archeologico milanese il vaso con raffigurazione di chimera che pubblicizza l’esposizione. La modernità dell’azione culturale è supportata dai moderni metodi di indagine geofisica operati dalla Fondazione Lerici, come anche dai ritrovamenti negli scavi universitari milanesi nel Mantovano. Passato, presente e futuro: tre categorie temporali, che vi permettono di vivere un’esperienza intensa  al Museo Archeologico di Corso Magenta fino al 12 maggio 2019, in attesa del futuro Museo Etrusco di Palazzo Bocconi,che ospiterà l’importante collezione della Fondazione Luigi Rovati il cui progetto è affidato all’architetto Cucinella. A. Rapelli

'Seats of Power – and Those Who Sit’. Vitra Museum until february 17, 2019. La mostra racconta come nella storia le sedie sono sempre state associate a le espressioni di potere. L’origine della sedia moderna infatti risale agli antichi troni.


with over 25 years of experience, masayo fukuda is a master of kirie, the japanese art of paper cutting that literally translates to ‘cut picture’. the traditional craft involves negative space being cut from a single sheet of white paper and then contrasted against a black background. with 2018 drawing to a close, the artist has released images of her latest piece of work, which she also believes is her highlight creation of the past year. ph spoon & tamago

cut from a single sheet of white A2 paper, masayo fukuda has created an intricately detailed kirie octopus that stands out from the deep black background beneath. from its eyes to many tentacles and even its veins, the artwork took two months to complete with its details so fine it almost appears to be created by using a ball-point pen. with her hands holding the piece from underneath, the delicateness of the web-like cut of paper is highlighted even more.


El Greco. Mani

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carnet de notes 465

Architect Daniel Libeskind has used three million crystals to cover the Swarovski Star, which will top the Christmas tree at New York's Rockefeller Center this year.,

carnet de notes 465

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for many fetes

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istanbul, december 2018

from top left, clockwise

kahriye camii san salvatore in chora, il museo dell'innocenza di orhan pamuk, turk-alman kitabevi, i dolci, bar di strada a beyoglu, i pescatori del ponte di galata


Grotto by Takk Architects, Madrid, Spain

the project tries to redefine the classic configuration of a store that is strictly intended to the sale of products and do a more complex proposal. “Grotto” is a space where, as well as seeing and buying the classical watches of the Swiss brand, the focus of its attention is to generate a place for meeting where propose other public activities such as lectures, workshops or debates. For that purpose a single, organic, soft, festive, and with geological references space is proposed. ph José Hevia

Coming to its construction, the project is organized in six domes that are concatenated around a central pillar and making space, function and structure coincident. The top part of these domes allows the access of light through a hidden lighting system behind a floral pattern that, if wished, it can cause the highlighting of the space through its projected shadows. The vertical dome walls are organically deformed so to absorb a part of the proposed functionality, using openings or holes as seats or improvised tribunes. Finally, the biggest dome is used as the main shopping space. A curtain specially built for the occasion through a catenary system made out of chains and foam pieces wraps the exhibition space for watches and achieves a unique experience of watching and selling in the complex.

A massive curving slab of concrete covers the new school of architecture building at the University of Miami, by local firm Arquitectonica. The Thomas P Murphy Design Studio Building is the latest addition to the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables, Florida – southeast of Downtown Miami. The Thomas P Murphy building is toped with a bowed roof that swoops across the project in a wave-like manner, and extends far out to form a covered patio alongside floor-to-ceiling windows.

New City School, Frederikshavn / Arkitema Architects. Image Cortesía de Arkitema Architects

According to architect and academic Frank Locker, in architectural education, we keep repeating the same formula from the 20th-century: teachers transmitting a rigid and basic knowledge that gives students, no matter their motivation, interests, or abilities, little to no direction. In this way, says Locker, we are replicating, literally, prisons, with no room for an integral, flexible, and versatile education. "What do you think of when you're in a space with closed doors and a hallway where you can't enter without permission or a bell that tells you when you can enter and leave?" asks Locker.


Musicality School/Manuel Collado Arpia, Madrid, Spain, ph Manuel Collado

The project for the musicality school is born from a great conversation about the processes of musical learning and creativity. As a result of this symbiosis, key concepts arose to which the architecture of the new space had to respond: awakening musical curiosity / discovery, the circle, collective practice and community, awareness of space and body plus sustainability.

The circle has been a constant in the idea of musical learning and works as a unifying geometry at different levels. As a symbol of community in the musical practice, transmitting the type of interactions in groups of this school. Then as an archetypal geometric symbol of unity, where by means of its repetition at different scales, from lighting to openings, it organizes a spatial form of musical composition. The environmental harmony is completed by the triangle that appears in the treatment of the sockets and the square / rectangle of the classroom form. These three geometries are considered foundational in all traditions of environmental knowledges.

hotels, restaurants, bars

Sea blues, sunny yellows and bold monochromatic stripes appear throughout this boutique hotel, designed by artist Camille Walala to complement to the landscape of Mauritius.

The building's exterior, which was originally burnt orange, in now a lighter peachy shade, emulating the pastel facades of typical Mauritian homes. Meanwhile the outdoor daybeds, chairs, and cushions have are upholstered in shades of cobalt blue and turquoise to mimic the hue of thCopertinae Indian Ocean.

Mama Shelter Belgrado

Parla il linguaggio dell’ibridazione di stili e culture Mama Shelter Belgrade, ultima e più recente perla del brand nato dall’esperienza della famiglia Trigano e dalla creatività di Philippe Starck. Incastonato in una terra di mezzo in perenne divenire come la Città Bianca, la nuova location è fusion e multiforme, pensata per una clientela casual, ma attenta allo stile

Mama Shelter Belgrade, l’ottavo del brand, come i predecessori, porta la firma  dell’interior designer brasiliano Amor Jalil, allievo di Philippe Starck, il cui progetto è tutto un omaggio alla storia millenaria della capitale serba. Sul telaio del concept ideato dalla famiglia Trigano – boutique hotel di design, ricercati ma informali, abbordabili e rivolti a ospiti di ogni generazione e cultura – Jalil ha intessuto un racconto materico e cromatico che ripercorre le mille suggestioni e gli influssi della capitale serba nelle reminiscenze orientali dei tappeti kilim e nei vivaci colori dei corpi illuminanti che ne impreziosiscono le aree comuni e la grafica rigorosa delle stampe vintage

A colourful palette and custom furnishings outfit this cafe and bakery in Ukraine, completed by designers Lera Brumina and Artem Trigubchak. Breadway bakery is located in the historic port city of Odessa and features concrete floors, high ceilings and large windows, alongside a combination of soft pink and blue tones.

The layout comprises a counter and check-out area on one side, and a cafe on the other. A free-standing pink cube forms a corridor between the two, and houses extra seats and tables,


Studio Mieke Meijer designed a festive light installation for Coal Drops Yard, the new shopping quarter at King’s Cross (London, UK) designed by Heatherwick Studio. The Space Frames respond to the architecture of their location; tracing the arches and mimicking the graphic outlines of Coal Drops Yard’s industrial structure.

andreas angelidakis‘ DEMOS – a reconstruction is an installation of 74 foam modules created for visitors of toronto’s museum of contemporary art (MOCA) to move and rearrange in any configuration possible. free to the public and for people of all ages, the soft and lightweight modules can be used to create a seat, a stage, or even a monument, while each configuration is demolished after use to make way for the next one.


Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds, until 07 April, 2019, National Gallery of Victoria (180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Australia). Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds is the first exhibition in the world to feature the work of renowned Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher in dialogue with new site-specific designs created by nendo. 

Continua la collaborazione tra Living Divani e il designer spagnolo David Lopez Quincoces.

La nuova Easychair e il Settee, divanetto a 2 posti compatto, sono ideali per gli spazi di attesa. Ispirazione vintage, gioco di pieni e di vuoti, leggerezza visiva contraddistinguono questi due pezzi con struttura verniciata grigio canna di fucile che regge fascia poggiaschiena e seduta imbottite e rivestite in pelle o in tessuto, per osare con i colori.,

Misha Kahn creates Bellyflop barware and pool accessories for Miami Beach Edition

New York artist and designer Misha Kahn's playful signature style has manifested as a collection of items for use around the pool at the Miami Beach Edition hotel.

Love Letter is the newest time-limited release by Pejac.

Pejac will be offering the original Love Letter piece after the edition release, with all the proceeds from that sale going to Clowns Without Borders, an international organization dedicated to bringing smiles to places where they are most needed. By purchasing an original work the collectors will have a chance to directly help children with trauma to experience the social, emotional, physical and cognitive benefits of laughter and humor.

plant lady, illustrazioni by laoralaora,

Pelty – Il suono dal fuoco: l’unico speaker bluetooth al mondo azionato dal calore del fuoco. Pelty è un oggetto intrinsecamente legato alla natura. Realizzato in ceramica, legno e vetro, Pelty utilizza il fuoco per espletare la sua missione: accesa la fiamma, riproduce la musica dei tuoi device. Nessun cavo elettrico lo lega. Nessuna batteria lo alimenta.

Pelty è composto esternamente da una base in legno su cui poggia la struttura in ceramica. Sulla base è presente un piccolo serbatoio ricaricabile di un qualsiasi combustibile comune – alcool domestico ad esempio, oppure bioetanolo, consigliato da Pelty perché inodore e per la bassa emissione di CO2. Basta accendere dunque lo stoppino collegato al serbatoio perché la cella di Peltier nascosta dentro la struttura, attraverso il suo differenziale di temperature, permetta che la magia abbia inizio: la riproduzione della musica che il device collegato gli invia attraverso la tecnologia bluetooth.


christopher broadbent, libro fotogafico, corso como 10,

Kochi Nights by Hans-Christian Schink,

Thorsten Brinkmann, "El Curtaisse"


nathalie du pasquier, michele de lucchi, richard woods: imaginary landscapes, oneroom gallery

Imaginary Landscapes is an exhibition that brings together a selection of works by three world class artists whose work crosses over the boundaries of art, design and architecture. It’s about domestic landscapes made of small objects that are in common use, as well as paintings and graphic works that investigate the same ideas but in different mediums.

katharina grosse, atoms outside eggs, museu serralves, porto

left, Hide & Seek by Maarten Baas at Design Museum Holon, ph Shay Ben Efraim.,

right, Buoni come il Pane, mostra collettiva a cura di Alessandro Guerriero e Alessandra Zucchi (Tam Tam) in Triennale,

sergei tchoban, capricci russi at the biennale del disegno, rimini,

left, rajahsthan, india, steve mc curry

right, rainbow, giampaolo barbieri

masters photographers, Whitelight Art Gallery – Copernico Milano Centrale


il nuovo spettacolo di Bruni e De Capitani, Lo strano caso del cane ucciso a mezzanotte, in scena all'Elfo Puccini di Milano fino al 13 gennaio.


Aerial Photographs Convey Humanity’s Devastating Effects on Nature



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Studio Job creates table based on a car crash

carnet de notes 464

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940, @paolorinaldi,


Merano,  Terme Merano e il suo territorio

Merano è una cittadina situata nel cuore dell’Alto Adige. Qui convivono 40.000 abitanti di madrelingua tedesca e italiana, questa pacifica convivenza garantisce un mix unico di cucina, cultura, lingue e costumi. Terme Merano e territorio: è questo un legame indissolubile che da sempre contraddistingue l’offerta del complesso termale meranese. Dalla natura altoatesina provengono le materie prime che caratterizzano i trattamenti benessere, le saune, la linea cosmetica, il ristorante.


Sono moltissime le opere recentemente concluse o in fase di realizzazione nella capitale norvegese che portano la firma di grandi studi di architettura internazionali. Il Barcode è costituito da dodici grattacieli di diversa dimensione, intervallati da spazi vuoti, che lo rendono frontalmente un immenso codice a barre. Il progetto – coordinato dagli MVRDV, in collaborazione con i Dark Architects e A-LAB –, include uffici, appartamenti, spazi culturali e ristoranti situati vicino al fiordo che hanno ridefinito lo skyline della città. ph MVRDV – Jiri Havran,


Architects O2 Design Atelier, Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ph Alvin Tan

Text description provided by the architects. A home made for 2 is located within a prominent residential neighbourhood in the northern part of Kuala Lumpur. The client has certain requirements in term of design and space and priority was placed on revamping the Interior spaces while maintaining most of the exterior facade features. We have work closely with the client who was also a designer for the house.

For the rear façade treatment, we constructed new double-storeys brick masonry wall using vertically-laid stretcher bond to form an open courtyard with landscape that is open to the sky. The exposed brick wall consists of a clay and sand bricks mixture with small vertical slots for ventilation purposes.

Lake Flato and Matsys build pavilions with "petals" for San Antonio's Confluence Park

Confluence Park is located on a bluff overlooking the point where the San Pedro Creek merges with the San Antonio River. American firms Lake Flato and Matsys, along with landscape architect Rialto Studio, have designed the riverfront park, with sculptural pavilions that provide shade on sunny days and help collect rainwater during storms.,

“Lighthouse è un mini ufficio progettato e costruito come un mobile”, spiegano gli architetti Kagan Taylor e Justin Rice, che hanno ideato il loro spazio di lavoro. Il progetto è stato affrontato come un'opportunità di sperimentazione, ispirandosi a tecniche utilizzate in altri settori, appunto come i mobili, la costruzione d’imbarcazioni o tecniche dell'industria cinematografica. In alternativa alla costruzione di fondazioni, il mini edificio è stato montato su ruote industriali, in modo da poter essere spostato in un cortile


The Other Place is a creative guesthouse by the Li River in Pingle County, Guilin, and Studio 10 has just finished the renovation of its Dream-and-Maze-themed guestrooms. ph Chao Zhang

hotels, restaurants, bars

The VietNam Hostel, Architects 85 Design, Vietnam, ph To Huu Dung

The VietNam Hostel is built opposite to Han Market, the most famous place in Da Nang for all residents and tourists worldwide. Han Market is regarded as the heart of the city. Every day, thousands of visitors come to visit and go shopping here, especially buy the local specialties. In addition, it takes less than a minute to walk from the VietNam Hostel to the romantic Han River. From here, tourists can easily travel around the city.

Architectural studio Designreserve has created a liquor store-cum-bar in Sanlitum, Beijing with three rooms that display rare bottles in increasingly intimate settings. Beijing-based Designreserve collaborated with graphic designer Zhizhi Liu to explore the traditions of communication in liquor culture and merchandise, by creating a facade covered with custom illustrated fonts.

Happy Face Pizzeria, King's Cross Estate.

Ménard Dworkind architecture & design have completed ‘Le Blossom’, a new bar and restaurant in Montreal, Canada. The designers drew inspiration in part from the work of Hollywood industrial designer Syd Mead, with the idea to create a singular environment, free from the usual and overused Japanese-themed clichés. Central to the design of the restaurant is a cherry blossom tree.

The cherry blossom tree stands 16 feet (5m) in width and 11 feet (3.5m) high, making it the restaurant’s own “totem pole”. The tree was custom-made in China before arriving in Montreal for assembling, and four lamps rest at the base and provide the tree with smooth, upward lighting, that highlights the pinkish silk foliage.


The exhibition ‘… in the dark’ is a collaboration between the Van Abbemuseum and the Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven. It is part of the GLOW International Light Festival.

Wave & Particle applies technics used in geology to reveal the composition of stones and minerals. By means of layering optical filters between glass, the light is partially obscured and partially refracted. The result is a composition of colors that not only constantly changes, but also offers a unique picture that changes with each moment. There is no end to this variety.


Rivisita l’heritage orientale in chiave grafica e concettuale il duo Junpei & Iori Tamaki per Living Divani

La sedia Rivulet ha struttura in tubolare metallico o legno, impreziosita da un intreccio decorativo che ne diventa elemento caratterizzante. Modificando la scelta dei materiali di struttura e rivestimento, il suo concept può essere replicato anche all’aperto, personalizzando gli spazi outdoor con eclettismo.

left, Peter Pan Chair by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance for ZaoZuo

The large soft seat and the petal back of the Peter Pan chair embodies the joyful and playful side of design, invoking the name. Peter Pan is a free spirited young boy who can fly and never grows up.

right, Seattle-based architecture firm Olson Kundig  has completed the redesign of the Space Needle

Tavolo Edge, fatto di scarti lapidei e lignei, di Marco Mirko Nani per Stonethica, ph Matteo Dunchi

i nuovi bicchieri di Salviati

le candele della collezione 1001 lights di Lladrò

I coperchi sono dipinti con diverse tonalità di rosso e le finiture sono dorate. I vasi delle candele sono in porcellana trasparente, che consente il passaggio della luce. Tutte le candele della collezione portano la stessa fragranza "Arriva La notte " con ingredienti come il cassis, il fiore di loto e l'incenso e rappresentano la magia della notte e della luna piena.


gianni caon, venezia, isola di san giorgio vista da san marco

Peter Steinhauer, “Cherry Street Cocoon, Hong Kong” (2009) (courtesy the artist)

Photographer Peter Steinhauer spent two decades photographing the traditional bamboo scaffolding that endures in Hong Kong.

Fabrice Dunou

Prises de vues à la cité des sciences de Valence (Espagne). Architecte Santiago Calatrava

 Eric Petschek, Messico


Allan D'Arcangelo, Smoke dream 1963 olio su tela.

In un luogo incantevole, la Fondazione Magnani Rocca svolge ormai da lungo tempo una azione di alta qualità nel campo della promozione dei beni culturali, e riesce a farlo anche grazie ad una programmazione di mostre sempre all’altezza delle aspettative e di rimarchevole scientificità. E’ la volta della Pop Art americana, e il percorso si incentra su un personaggio-simbolo di quel notissimo movimento, indiscutibilmente non soltanto artistico, che fu Roy Lichtenstein. Ma è un piacere poter vedere opere famose e assai interessanti di vari altri esponenti della Pop; specie ci attraggono i lavori di Allan D’Arcangelo (1930-1998), da qualche anno assente dal panorama espositivo italiano.

Dalla fondamentale mostra personale del 1963 in avanti, per una carriera lunga un cinquantennio, l’artista ha confermato la sua sensibilità verso la società contemporanea statunitense, sapendo come creare un raffinato vocabolario segnico che diventa la sua cifra: le autostrade, che si uniscono alla immagini di donne sensuali e ribelli, sono una costante, declinata in soluzioni compositive di grande invenzione. D’Arcangelo è un maestro nelle campiture cromatiche, capaci di catturare lo sguardo più distratto ed annullare la prospettiva, e, a testimonianza dell’artista, anche un debito significativo verso Giorgio de Chirico. I suoi dipinti sono presenti in numerosi musei e collezioni di respiro internazionale. A.Rapelli

Akademie der Kunst, Picture Cellar, Pariser Platz, Berlino

Un piccolo gioiello che pochi conoscono si cela nei sotterranei dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Berlino. Si tratta di una stanza, di una cantina per essere precisi, tutta affrescata da ex studenti poco prima della costruzione del Muro di Berlino. Siamo tra il 1957 e il 1958 quando un gruppo di ragazzi dipinge scene dionisiache tanto da far diventare lo spazio uno di quei simboli anticonformisti della Germania dell’est. dopo trent’anni di chiusura, questo spazio viene riaperto. ph Andreas FranzXaver

Spanish designer Chus Burés is partnering with El Museo del Barrio to commemorate NYC Jewelry Week 2018 and introduce his newly launched New York-based jewelry brand CHUS X CHUS.

El Museo del Barrio, founded by a coalition of Puerto Rican parents, educators, artists, and activists, is the nation’s leading Latino and Latin American cultural institution,


Il Museo del Paesaggio di Verbania ospita fino al 6 gennaio 2019 una mostra multimediale che raccoglie tutti i progetti presentati in concorso alla 10ma edizione della BIENNALE INTERNAZIONALE DEL PAESAGGIO DI BARCELLONA.

Il percorso si dipana tra le sale del Museo attraverso sei tappe di scoperta dei progetti tramite diverse slideshow: complessivamente i visitatori possono ammirare 223 opere selezionate in quattro diversi ambiti espositivi – articolazione, transazione, rigenerazione e intersezione -, oltre alla raccolta dei progetti inviati dagli studenti di 68 università internazionali; sono poi esposti i progetti dei 10 finalisti di quest’ultima edizione

L’exposition Au fil des araignées au Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Nantes  emmène à la découverte des araignées, depuis les aspects surprenants de leur biologie jusqu’aux mythes qui leur sont liés. Elle explore leur mode de vie et dresse un panorama des différentes espèces de notre région. Objets de collection, spécimens vivants ou modélisés, films, images et dispositifs utiles à une meilleure compréhension de cet animal extraordinaire

Au fil des araignées – Jusqu’au 7 janvier 2019
Muséum d’histoire naturelle – 12 rue Voltaire à Nantes

left, By or Of Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy, una mostra dedicata a Marcel Duchamp  fino al 22 dicembre 2018 nel nuovo spazio romano della galleria Casoli De Luca.

right, Giacomo BALLA (1871-1958) Linea di velocità (recto), Vortice (verso), 1916-1917. Paravento a due ante, fronte e retro Idropittura e grafite su cartone tamburato.

Milano. La mostra Coop_70. Valori in Scatola, con un percorso esperienziale  ripercorre la storia dell’Italia, dal bianco e nero del secondo dopoguerra ai pixel dell’era digitale, attraverso i prodotti a marchio Coop. La mostra è curata da Giulio Iacchetti e Francesca Picchi, con progetto allestitivo di Matteo Ragni e Marco Sorrentino e contributo grafico di Leonardo Sonnoli.

Pesci, disegnati e progettati per una mostra collettiva, galleria Antonia Jannone


Serralves em Vila Real, Manoel de Oliveira, o imaginàrio do douro

A Fundação de Serralves e a Câmara Municipal de Vila Real apresentam no Teatro Municipal de Vila Real um ciclo dedicado às representações do Douro no cinema de Manoel de Oliveira.


from left, clockwise

1) Tschoban Foundation, Berlino, ph Roland Halbe

nell'area dell'ex birrificio di Pfefferberg ha sede il Museo di disegno architettonico della Tchoban Foundation. L'architetto Sergei Tchoban ha dato vita alla fondazione nel 2009, conferendole la sua collezione. Importante disegnatore lui stesso, Tchoban ha raccolto eccezionali tavole di architetti che vanno dal XVI al XXI secolo, con particolare attenzione ai costruttivisti russi. L'edificio è stato progettato dallo studio di architettura Tchoban di Mosca

2) American architecture firm Johnston Marklee has completed a cultural building in Texas, with a white linear form punctured by courtyards. Menil Drawing Institute is the fifth art building to join the Menil Collection's 30-acre (12-hectare) campus in Houston's museum district. The institute showcases modern and contemporary drawings from the private collection of John and Dominique de Menil.

3) il nuovo Museo di Arte contemporanea e polo multiculturale PalaisPopulaire a Berlino. Deutsche Bank crea nel cuore di Berlino uno spazio stimolante per il dialogo e l'incontro con arte, cultura e sport.

4) Vilnius, la capitale della Lituania, amplia la propria offerta museale con l’apertura del MO Museum. il museo è situato all’interno di un edificio progettato dall’architetto Daniel Libeskind e ospita una collezione di oltre 5.000 opere d’arte contemporanea, tra dipinti, disegni, stampe, fotografie e sculture, realizzate da artisti lituani dagli anni ’60 a oggi.


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carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 10/12/2018
(travel, viaggi, architettura, interni, design, hotels, ristoranti, bar, luce, arte, mostre, foto, fashion, installazioni, musei, teatro)
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