carnet de notes 176

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carnet de notes 176

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo 

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 07/01/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)

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carnet des carnets


The artist Sonja Hinrichsen recently made a beautiful large scale snow drawing at Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado.
Like the tracks you did as kid, but this time with a far more poetic touch.
Sonja made the snow drawing with the help of five choreographed friends.


snow sculpture in québec city, canada, ph muriel theriault

carnet de voyages

sintra, portugal

carnet d’architecture

‘øvre forsland and bjørnstokk hydraulic power stations’
by stein hamre arkitektkontor, helgeland, norway

little factory by florentijn hofman, drachten, the netherland
ph jeroen musch

auditorium giovanni arvedi e museo del violino, cremona, italy
project giorgio palù/michele bianchi architetti
progetto di acustica by yasuhisa toyota of nagata acoustic


club house en cerro colorado, perù, project by javier artadi

carnet d’hotels et restaurants

hotel arctic, ilulisssat, greenland, groenlandia
the most northerly 4 star hotel in the world

igloo village kakslauttanen, finland, finlandia

scandic victoria tower hotel, stockholm, sweeden
project by wingardh arkitektkontor

hotel refugia, island of chiloé, patagonia, chile

macalister mansion, penang, malaysia

knrdy restaurant, budapest, hungary, project by suto interior architects
chairs and tables from Tom Dixon, the red bar chairs designed by Ronan
and Erwan Bouroullec and the classic lights by Artemide Tolomeo
unusually placed above the leather benches


carnet de interiors

left, rl house, curitiba, brazil, projecy by guilherme torres

right, home in sao paulo, brazil, by cris and marcelo rosenbaum


carnet de mode 

japanese artist rie hosokai of daisy balloon builds elaborate dresses from the inflated material
to create striking haute couture with an unlikely fabric.
the latest fashion piece was constructed as part of peace for peace,

a charity art exhibition at parco gallery
in tokyo until the 9th of january, 2013
ph satoshi minakawa

carnet de design

left, zipper by thezoom

right, pendulum clock by stefan hepner


glass bottles animal farm by nishi chauhan, bangalore, india


victoria and albert couch by ron arad for moroso
reinterpeted by martino gamper for the metamorfosi collection

carnet de body ornaments 

jewels by fabio cammarata

left, vintage jewels by rossella righetti 

right, jewels by zydo


carnet de lumières

light art by bruce munrofrom left

firewall media installation by aaron sherwood + mike allison

made using processing, max/MSP, arduino and a kinect, the piece measures
the average depth of the spandex from the frame it’s mounted on.
if the material is not being pressed against, nothing happens. when someone presses the panel,
visuals react around where the person applies pressure

the toledo metro station in napoli has been covered by a sea of blue bisazza mosaics
by oscar tusquets blanca,
ph by andrea resmini,

carnet d’art

henry matisse, dance, museum of modern art. new york

pablo picasso’s light drawings (1949), ph gion mili, life magazine

carnet de musées 

hauser and wirth to open new somerset gallery in 2014, bruton, england

carnet dexpos

aimone sambuy at antonia jannone gallery, milano

dino buzzati at antonia jannone gallery, milano

carnet de photos

danza khmer, ph isabel munoz

nude 2012 by shinichi maruyama

ernest goh, cocks at pobeda gallery, moscow, until january 31

the last carnet

the rainbow rose is an artificially colored rose that exploits the flower’s
natural processes of drawing water up the stem. through splitting the
stem in equal parts and dipping each splinter in water
with different food dyes the petals become multicolored
ph john beatty

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snow sculpture in québec city,