carnet de notes 132

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carnet de notes 132

online weekly magazine 06/02/2012
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carnet de voyages
fano, regione marche, l’arco d’augusto, le mura romane, la città antica

left,il duomo
right, il teatro della fortuna (la traviata march 20-22, andrea bocelli jun 6)

il carnevale, 5-12-19 febbraio
carnet d’architecture
the first one to be built in haiti
project vijai govindarajan, professor of international business
and director and founder of tuck’s center for global leadership
carnet d’hotels

berghotel mattlihues, oberjoch, algovia bavarese, germany
rigorosamente ecologico, al cento per cento
carnet de design
pharmacy’s new branding cures/the design lab
the swedish pharmacy chain vardapoteket uses vivid jewel colors and cartoonish illustrations of the human body to create a lively look for the various bags, promotional signage, information leaflets, and wallpaper at its 24 stores
carnet de foires
macef, milano

left, tavolini chele by atipico
right, tavolone minimal by essent’ial

taitù by emilio bergamin

left, hybrid composition bt ctrlzak ,
center, from top
passeggiata archeologica, vitamina by richard ginori
right, from top
shanghai by fade,
cani di henriette by desart,

from tp left, clockwise

bicchieri by mori,

cordonetto collection by missoni home

sprinkle by maxwell & williams
vasi in legno, wood vases by fade,
pentole e contenitori by wald
pentole chef line by barazzoni,

here and top right, go-go glasses and organica rubbles by italesse

the three vases on top, beauty, segreti and vintage, by egizia

from top left, clockwise
popheart, ken scott by desart,

bicchieri fresnel by italesse,

rullo per bucare la pasta by tescoma,

vassoio by zak!,

pentola scolapasta, silit group wmf,

new wave café by villeroy & boch,

knife grand gourmet by makio hasuike for wmf

left, padella by ballarini,

center, left, from top
padella by ballarini,
padella by bialetti aeternum,
wok by ballarini,

center, right
premium kit rame by alluflon,
right, from top
i coperchi morbidi by knindustrie,
multicook combinata by lagostina,
tegame rame servintavola,

from top left, clockwise

vasi nautilus by richard ginori,

anfore by la porcellana bianca,
biscottiera by wald,

brocca by ivv,
vase by carlo moretti,
vase biancaneve by ivv,

carnet de musées
mude, museo per la moda e il design, lisbona, portugal
museu do design e da moda, lisboa

carnet de showroom
left, vhernier de vecchi, project gumdesign, stand at maison & objet

right, boutique arcade, paris

carnet d’art

left, esther ferrer, en cuatro movimientos, until april 22
es baluard museu d’art modern i contemporani de palma, spain

right, botox cloud, installation, galerie zirkumflex, berlino, germany

carnet d’expos
patrick caulfield (london 1936 – 2005), some poems of jules laforgue
galerie boisserée, koeln/cologne, germany, february 16 to 21,

i giganti dell’avanguardia: mirò, calder e le collezioni guggenheim
vercelli, arca, ex chiesa di san marco, 3 marzo-10 giugno

giorgio morandi, museo d’arte di lugano, svizzera, 10 marzo-1° luglio

carnet de photos
jay mark johnson, el anarquista y el automòvil, galerie deschler, berlin

the last carnet
because of the 2010 flooding in parts of sindh, pakistan, millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters, where they stayed long building their webs
un albero rivestito dalle ragnatele di milioni di ragni che vi si erano rifugiati per salvarsi dalle acque dell’inondazione

carnet de notes 132 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 15500 recipients/indirizzi
and posted to social networks:
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