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a today’s cartoon, by peter kuper for the new yorker

carnet de notes 418

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

filicudi, giugno 2017, ph carmine gulli, elaborazione manfredi bellati



new orleans, usa


tbilisi. the palace of ceremonies/rituals, by victor djorbenadze (1984-1985). the country's remaining soviet landmarks give georgia an air of being caught between the past and the present. italian photographers roberto conte and stefano perego capture this in their photo series, soviet architecture heritage in georgia,

antistatics architecture have created a unique and sculptural facade for a building in beijing, china, that has a somewhat hidden portrait of chairman mao within it. the sculptural facade is located in a hutong alley that’s adjacent to the people’s art house print shop, that was once one of the primary producers of the chairman’s now iconic image. the concept for the experimental facade, which is made from concrete, combines the portrait, the history of the area and the element of a flowing fabric. ph xia zhi

museum of contempory art and planning exhibition (mocape), shenzhen, china. coop himmelb(l)au worked with ag licht. ph shu he


between 2013 and 2015, american photographer adam reynolds documented israel’s ubiquitous bomb shelters. as he explains in his new monograph architecture of an existential threat, edition lammerhuber, “israelis are required to have access to a bomb shelter and rooms that can be sealed off in the event of a chemical weapons attack.” due to this law, there are “approximately one million bomb shelters, both public and private, found throughout israel and the occupied territories.”

left, adam reynolds, “community centre”

right, cover of architecture of an existential threat

(courtesy edition lammerhuber)


san francisco proper, luxury hotel on market street, san francisco

thali by blacksheep, an unconventional restaurant in oxford with an indian soul


the bund pieces pay homage to the art deco style. designed by neri&hu and yabu pushelberg for stellar works

divano paipai by studio lucidipevere fo ligne roset,

poltrona domostols by bengt ruda, distributed by bemodern. bemodern è un progetto curato da cinzia ferrara e monika unger, entrambi architetti e collezioniste di design di metà secolo scorso

fatto ad arte. ceramiche mediterranee di ugo la pietra realizzate da sandro de boit. galleria fatto ad arte, milano


paul cocksedge designs 33-metre long canopy inspired by the sun's movements, a sculptural shade in one of the world’s largest botanical gardens in oman. designed by grimshaw architects, in collaboration with arup and haley sharpe design, the garden will be located 35 kilometres outside the capital city muscat in the foothills of the al hajar mountains,

italian architecture office 2A p/a has bought an ettore sottsass painting to life to create a black barrel-roofed pavilion for an architecture festival in orléans, france. the rome-based architects took the axonometric watercolour painting of an arched building with irregular windows made by sottsass and used it as a basis for their structure


firefly by alexander ahnebrink for è de padova

lamp alba by roberto vitadello for italamp

sempé w103 lighting collection by inga sempé for swedish brand wastberg,


royal floraholland winner of the dda best client award 2017

photo by elsperth diederix


the many spheres of hell as seen In japanese art. depicts of hell in japanese art are intricate fantasy that were used to inspire moral behavior and the only figures smiling are the demons


rosa genoni, una donna alla conquista del '900, a cura di elisabetta invernici, archivio di stato, palazzo del senato, milano

jane mc adam freud, l'autoritratto impossibile. freud's study merge, c/e contemporary, milano


from 25 january 2018 till 3 march 2018, witte de with center for contemporary art in rotterdam will turn into the kunsthalle for music, a contemporary space for the live exhibition of musical works

compagnia teatring, dr. jeckyll e mr. aspie, teatro fontana, milano, in occasione della giornata internazionale della sindrome di asperger, 17/02


tappeto erba, beppe caturegli

dedar, geometrie definite su fondo goffrato

et caetera

george vargas design

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