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carlo ratti associati makr shakr launch nino, the first mass-market robotic bartender. the machine features two mechanical arms which can precisely prepare and serve any drink in seconds

carnet de notes 439

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo



barcellona. fundació antoni tàpies


santiago-based felipe assadi arquitectos‘ bright red home is designed to contrast and compliment the green landscape of san josé de maipo, chile. la roja is a cube-like home that comprises two floors made up of two prefab modules each. ph fernando alda/felipe assadi

 platov airport in rostov-on-don, designed by twelve architects, has completed ahead of the 2018 fifa world cup, when the city will be hosting games

la design week è stata anche l'occasione per trattare temi più ampi. lo ha fatto l'architetto filippo taidelli dello studio fta con cells, un progetto che ha messo in scena alla statale di milano il futuro della sanità. attraverso una tavola rotonda e un'installazione site-specific, taidelli ha indagato il rapporto tra architettura, uomo scienza e tecnologia nell'ospedale di domani


christian lacroix for roche bobois,


nendo, forms of movement, seven sliding cases and ‘four-layer vase’. "even objects that are completely stationary can convey a feeling of movement"

gaetano pesce. sedia porta ritratti

voci. vittorio corsini e comune di peccioli con fondazione peccioli. sei nuove installazioni permanenti. qui, il lato chiaro del diamante, galleria alessandro bagnai. ph bruno buchi

hotel, restaurants and bar

boat rooms on the fuchun river, mei cheng da dao, jiande shi, hangzhou shi, zhejiang sheng, china, the design institute of landscape and architecture china academy of art

left, new hotel in central leipzig of vienna house  group, the vienna house easy leipzig

right, il nuovo ristorante gourmet le bellevue presso glion institute of higher education nel campus di montreaux

wutopia lab turns everyday life into ‘magical reality’ in kids’ restaurant located in qinhuangdao, china. the studio designed the space as a magical neverland for kids, where each corner is waiting to be discovered. a circular dining hall and two private dining rooms are enclosed by polycarbonate panels while circular, diffused lighting. ph creat ar

eduardo mederios arquitetura e design have designed the interiors of duju patisserie in goiania, brazil. drawing inspiration from the ‘u’ in the logo, the interior design features a variety of u-shaped elements. ph edgard cesar


analogia project presents a tableware collection of handblown vessels in the shape of five animals: a snail, a chicken foot, a dolphin tail, a hedgehog, and a ram. the rhyton collection draws on ancient culture and the world of antique drinking rituals, where wine has always played an important role during sacred and symbolic moments in human life

at a plus a gallery in venice, italy, there is m-l-xl's new furniture collection, inspired by everyday extruded metal l-profiles and painted with holographic car paint

left, une nouvelle version du tabouret sela à la galerie mc selvini par ricardo graham et pp mobler

right, flow est un jeu fusionnel  de courbes et de lignes qui résume la philosophie de l’espace des deux jeunes designers uruguayennes estudio persona

korea-based design studio pwsi reveals an extension for 2017 collection of side tables ‘lumber’ — the easier to assemble cardboard shelves join the series. called ‘timber’, the new piece explores the durability and expandability of cardboard

left, the gap series designed by osko deichmann.

center, ola chair by zalaba design.

right, mammamia chair by marcello ziliani for opinion ciatti.

left, chair andrea by claesson koivisto rune for artifort.

center, atena poltroncina by alessandro zambelli per adele-c.

right, sedia povera by a.aricò for editmateria.

left, poltroncina croistte by fermob.

center, sedia master by artek.

right, didier faustino, delete yourself chair, plus desigh gallery.,


kanye west unveils takashi murakami designed album art for kids see ghosts murakami&tag=amamitsp-21&index=aps&hvadid=80882855839311&hvqmt=p&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_8nexyu9r8z_p

due libri della collezione terra nuova dei piccoli

left, filippo bricolo, la casa felice, indagine su marcio kogan studio mk27. lettera ventidue.

center, maurizio baroni, pigtori di cinema, lazy dog press.

right, sarah baxter, storia del mondo in 500 viaggi in treno, rizzoli editore.,


malaysian illustrator kamwei fong creates delicately drawn fantastical black cats as friends among a cast of characteristic and fluffy foxes, monkeys and goldfish

mediterraneo by cristina sammarco


from left, nobis, mary katrantzou, marni

from left

lightweight and sturdy, flexible and abrasion resistant, the patronace’s clothing processes the color  and makes a functional, architectural structure.

kiko kostadinov for camper together, outdoor collection a/i 2018, ph gareth mcconnell.


left, paolo pibi, change, studio d'arte cannaviello

center, menu delle montagne, courmayeur, museo nazionale della montagna di torino

right, romero britto. da miami a milano, the blues, galleria deodato arte,

right, rebecca horn, passing the moon of evidence, studio trisorio, napoli


from top left, clockwise

pit piccinelli, le americhe, una coraggiosa empatia, galleria milano, milano

le "roto-pitture" di gianluigi colin, triennale di milano

gli scali ferroviari di milano, oggi prima di domani, ph marco intrini e francesco rodino, casa dell'energia e dell'ambiente, piazza po 3, milano

giuseppe di vaio, napoli timeless, la reggia designer outlet, marcianise (ce)

from left

giacomo piussi, camere con vista, galleria susanna orlando, pietrasanta

spatium a cura di angela madesani, 35 artisti in 6 comuni della panura bergamasca.

michele guido, play in the garden, palazzo borromeo, milano.


left, silvia camporesi, mirabilia-museo guatelli (ozzano taro, parma), mlb home gallery

right, françois prost, faubourg series, superette gallery, paris

et caetera

pejac, waterline

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