carnet de notes 114

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carnet de notes 114

online weekly magazine 26/09/2011

carnet de voyage
trentino, italy
rifugio f.f.tuckett, dolomiti di brenta, ph d.lira

venezia, venice, venedig
san giorgio maggiore island

carnet d’architecture
the museum of art, taipei city, taiwan
project sergio mannino studio
the ceramic elements are positioned in 8 different ways to create a virtual random pattern.
the shape of each element is derived from the kan xi character kou “壔, which means entrance

pasarela del arganzuela, madrid, by dominique perrault
the bridge covers the rio manzanares and the broad river banks. a stainless steel weave wraps round the steel structure, which tapers like a cone from outside to inside from both sides, turning the bridge into a silver shimmering helix

edificio, building in neaples, italy
project stile libero, salvatore cozzolino&francesca russo

museo abc, madrid, spain
project studio aranguren+gallegos
tra mosaici di vetro, piastrelle d’acciaio e finestre triangolari ospita un collezione permanente di disegni e illustrazioni

carnet d’hotels

kinsterna hotel & spa in greece, project by divercity
not far from the small medieval town of monemvasia in south-eastern greece stands the old building. dating from the 13th century, the house nestles in undulating countryside with olive trees and orange orchards. the architects at divercity succeeded in transforming the fortress-like structure into a luxurious hotel

left, from top
alexander museum palace, pesaro, italy
soho hotel, budapest, hungary
right, 40 winks boutique hotel, london, east end

the park hotel hyderabad, hyderabad, india
a riotous infusion of influences, from classical indian architecture to hig-end, bis-style 1960s kitsch
project by skidmore owings & merrill

carnet de magasins

l’église, a store in torino, italy
in a former church, tools tolix
project by matteo casalegno

carnet de design
insanely complex ceramics made by hand, not 3-d printer
by nuala o.donovan
she draws on patterns found in nature to create impossibly complex abstract sculptures. and she makes them using something else found in nature: her own two hands
left, the wow bike by ron arad, right, ron arad
the bikes are on auction on the intiative’s facebook page and available for use at the whotel in london

valigia, suitcase mouse by stefano giovannoni
for fabbrica pelletterie milano

carnet de body ornaments

left, the jewel
right, lady killer vol1, jewelry box for laikingland
a robot manufactured
with state of the art 3d printing technologies
contained within a transparent case, the miniature robot is activated by the push of a button, its single prosthetic rising and rotating to graciously offer a golden gun-shaped ring
project foc, freedom of creation with atelier ted noten

carnet d’art
botanical picture by lisa tommasi
fiori,frutta,ortaggi dipinti dal vero, in grandezza naturale, nella maniera naturalistica con la tecnica dell’acquerello propria della pittura botanica

janet parker-smith, brenda may gallery, sidney, australia

carnet d’expos

design e arte nel vetro, until october 23
museo di arte vetraria, altare (sv), italy
left, a hall of the museum
center, vases by patrizia scarzella
right, vase by cimbro bormioli (ca.1925-30)

left, i know about creative block and i know not to call  it by name. a group show created by ryan gander
lisson gallery milan, milano, italy, until november 5
right, cloudy dunes by tomas saraceno
macro, roma, until october 9

carnet de photos
shirana shahbazi, much like zero
fotomuseum winterthur, winterthur, zuerich
until november 3

fiona paddington, …immortally yours
(suite) gallery, wellington, new zealand

foodphoto festival, tarragona, spain, 29/09-2/10
the chef helène darroze nel suo ristorante
ph francesca moscheni

carnet de livres

left, altri casi, altre case, 3° numero del bookzine inventario
promosso da foscarini, corraini edizioni,
right, dina azzolini, per amore dei capelli
memoirs by la dina tout court

the last carnet
as a child, zippo inventor george g. blaisdell was fond of productmobiles like the life savers pep-o-mint car. blaisdell founded the zippo manufacturing company in the town of bradford, pennsylvania in 1932, naming the company zippo as a more modern sounding alternative to the word zipper. It was the his popularity that propelled blaisdell in 1947 to convert a chrysler saratoga into the zippomobile

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