carnet de notes 118

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carnet de notes 118

online weekly magazine 24/10/2011
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carnet de  voyage

left, myanmar, former burma, ex birmania
right, new zealand, nuova zelanda

carnet d’architecture
a pavillion overlooking the mountain, dovefjell national park, norway, norvegia
commissioned by the wild reindeer foundation, the 800-square-foot building
offers a warm place for visitors to gather and learn about the area’s history
project by snohetta,

winery hq in spain by estudio barozzi veiga
on the edge of the small medieval town of roa in the north of the country,
the new headquarters of the ribera del duero winery rises up solemnly.
the architects handled the new building and the restoration of the existing property

three architectural dreams, consisting of combined stories and images.
project by kjellgren kaminsky: with these dreams we want to comment on the present state of affairs in the architectural debate and envision alternative futures and societies

carnet d’architecture du paysage
from left, clockwise
project by stefano baccari
opera site specific all’interno del progetto di patricia urquiola per la mostra o’clock, design del tempo, tempo del design, a cura di silvana annicchiarico e jan van rossem
triennale design museum, milano, until january 8, 2012
blobterre by matali crasset
artificial garden at the centre pompidou, paris, until may 12, 2012
installazione con moduli in policarbonato opalino
che compongono la famiglia di lampade foglie di pallucco,

vertical garden by stefano boeri, milan,

carnet d’hotels

left, huvafen fushi, underwater spa, maldives
right, ratua private island  in samna province, vanuatu island

carnet de mode

the digitalized collection by alba prat, ph jonas lindstroem

carnet de design
left and center, the table by kaj franck; right, the table by matti klenell
the story: after a visit at the glass factory in the nuutajärvi village in the middle of finland, now owned by iittala, matti klenell found a very special design by kay franck.
it ended up with a personal interpretation of the table as a homage to the great finnish designer
at galleri ingermolin, stockholm, sweden,
ph of matti klenell table by jason strong

left and center, orsay collection by gordon guillaumier
right, swirl sofa by philippe bestenheider
made by varaschin,,

left, bin by cordula kehrer,
center, rufo by studio pedrita,
right, chandelier by fabio cocchi/luigi rotta
piano primo, milano,

wallpaper, carte da parati e pittura su perete, paintings on walls
by cristina simen,
ph cristina galliena,

left, paola nizzoli desiderato, canestra del caravaggio, scultura in cera e carta
on show at nature redivive, palazzo guidobono, tortona, al, italy
the three kindoms of nature in italian and nordic still life, to 29/01/2012,
center, fruit bowl in shape of sleeve which can be fold in different heights
combines ceramic, cork leather  and polyurethane/polyester fabric
by rodrigo vairinhos,
right, fruit basket groove by giuliano malinpensa for mesa

taboo is made in senegal with 75% recycled plastic. it is the official furniture
of moma café  and now sold through the moma store
by ayse birsel,

carnet de body ornaments
left, pins, enamel on copper, by christine graf
at electrum gallery, london,
right, pendant by mari ishikawa, st preziosa 2011
museo della specola, museo di storia naturale di firenze

carnet d’art
left, daniel buren, le décor et son double
l’originale è c/o annick et anton herbert (chambres d’amis)
il suo doppio ricostruito nei dettagli è c/o smak, gand, until 4.11.2012

center, wood boats, paintings by xenofon zavos
right, joan mirò, la escalera de la evasiòn, su mayor retrospectiva
fundaciòn joan mirò, barcelona,

carnet de food design

left, materie di gusto. tra resine e cupcakes
barbara gnecchi, elisabetta bagliani, elena franchi
at barbara gnecchi showroom, milano, from 8 to 11 am, october 25, 2011
eat! design with food, a book designed by eiga, a hamburg design office
and published by nbvd, celebrating design and art concerning what is edible
image courtesy of kyle bean, eiga design

carnet de montres

watch sculptures: moments in time by dominic wilcox
dezeen space, shoreditch, london,

left, slim by diamantini & domeniconi,
center, iconograph wall by werner aisslinger for lorenz ,

right, il tempo vola by alberto sala for progetti

carnet d’expos

left, dibujos de federico garcìa lorca, casa de subastas balclis, barcelona
right, chagall, galerie boisserée, koeln/cologne,

left, alberto giacometti, una retrospectiva, museo picasso màlaga
unti feb 5, 2012,
center, project by situ studio with plates of hi-macs
brooklyn museum, new york,,
right, michelangelo pistoletto, tutti designer, 1989
collettiva meta memphis, galleria post design, milano

left, l’avvocato, testa in ceramica smaltata di ugo la pietra
mostra genius loci: opere d’arte in ceramica di caltagirone e pietra leccese
fatto ad arte, milano,
center, faccia portale, la bambina buona by chiara rapaccini
palazzo delle esposizioni e scuderie del quirinale, roma
right, farhan siki, master of asiatic street art
primo marella gallery, milano,

from top left, clockwise
il futuro della memoria, federico guida, l’infante felipe prospero
galleria blu, milano, until january 14, 2012,
carsten hoeller, enel contemporanea award 2011
macro, rome,dec 1 to feb 26 2012,
elad lassry, pillow 2, white cube hoxton square, london
until november 22,
bonfadini vs genna, un duello pop, spazio ponti, milano
tavole smaltate by nalini malani
indian highway, maxxi, nuseo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
until january 29, 2012,

carnet de foires

design weekend, milano

febal primavera by matteo thun & antonio rodriguez,

cersaie, bologna
left, washbasin golden mother of pearl,
center and right, agatha ruiz de la prada for valli arredobagno

design week, bruxelles
left, salinas de maras, rug by carpet sign,
center, overdose desk by  bram boo for bulo,
right, l’artisan electronique by unfold & tim knapen,

qubique, berlin
left, alcantara supersoft,
center, foscarini lamps,
right, chair by muuto,

designjunction, london
left, anglepoise, type 7,
center, jake dyson csys led desk light cool,
right, beau mclellan, debut lighting collection revealed

carnet de photos
greece, ph predrag pajdic,

henry cartier-bresson, the geometry of the moment

carnet de livres

décors de bordels, entre intimité et exubérance,
paris-province, afrique du nord, 1860-1946
editions nicole canet,

the last carnet
left, earonic iphone by daniela gilsanz

center, johnsphone, just a simple phone by  john doe amsterdam

right, money-shredding alarm clock, sveglia tagliasoldi

carnet de notes 118 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 13700 recipients/indirizzi
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