carnet de notes 181

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carnet de notes 181

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 11/02/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

olanda, holland, tulip fields
carnet d’architecture
warkawater, futurotextiles
cité de sciences et de l’industrie, paris, until july 2013
a project by arturo vittori and andreas vogler
warkawater is a 9 m high tower constructed with a bamboo or reed
framework.  the hanging fabric inside allows fog-harvesting.
the lightweight structure is designed with parametric
computing, but can be built with local skills and materials
by the village inhabitants

the world’s first mobile research facility, designed by british firm hugh broughton architects,
has officially opened on the floating brunt ice shelf in antarctica
ph hugh broughton and antony dubber

carnet d’hotels et restaurants
ecohotel friendhouse, project by yuriy ryntovt of ryntovt design
near the river orel, 30 km from dnepropertrovsk, ukraine

tony’s organic club by playze, shanghai, china, ph peter dixie

carnet de installations
“the project in washington dc was a fun one and I worked with a small crew to complete it.
the area where the chruch is located in washington is a part of town that has huge potential
to be the next arts district and this project is the first step in bringing some life and color
into the area. taking an existing building like the church and painting the entire thing
re-contextualizes it and makes it a sculptural object. we really wanted to turn the church
into a three-demential piece of artwork. with projects like this one, we really try to use
the existing architecture as inspiration for the direction of the painting

carnet de livres

left, volti di cavallino treporti fotografia by fausto giaccone

right, abitare il, living in, salento by patrizia piccioli and cristina fiorentini (ph)
editore idea books

carnet de design
solar image clock by andrea ponsi

graphic design by julia binfield

left, kork tables by twodesigners

tavolo neos by luca martorano for neutra

left, dent chair by 04i design studio for bla station
right, flap, hangar, panoply by luca nichetto for mglab

rainbow book chair by chen liu

carnet de cakes
cake dress by brizzolari, sweet designer claudia lotta

carnet de lumières
barovier & toso

pendant lamps by yoshiyuki hibino + beets inc.

clessidra by cannata&partners for linealight

carnet d’art
corner ll by antony gormley, at middlelheim museum, antwerp

carnet dexpos
daydream photography by irene kung at forma galleria, milano, until feb 23

carnet de photos
davide pizzigoni, musei civici di reggio emilia

michael eastman, havana, at michael hoppen contemporary, until march 16

the last carnet
submarine cable map

carnet de notes 181 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 18.500 recipients/indirizzi
and posted to social networks:

facebook, twitter, delicious and viadeo

snow sculpture in québec city,

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