carnet de notes 228

carnet de notes 228

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 03/03/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

svizzera, switzerland

carnet d'architecture

the elastic perspective by next architects, rotterdam, the netherlands

next architects have designed a sculptural staircase that provides a viewpoint overlooking rotterdam

carnet de interiors

bangkok university student activity center by supermachine studio

the bangkok university student activity center by supermachine studio comprises diverse facility spaces, mainly designed for out of classroom classroom use. from photo studios, music rehearsal rooms, a thai dance club, faculty and meeting rooms, to a cheerleader training hall

carnet de hotels

hotel chavanel, paris

hotel crayon, paris

barcelona hotel new facade by jean nouvel

carnet de design

baccarat, harcour, scacchiera by nendo,

tavolo basso butterfly by fiam

 monolithic work in solid oak my kaspar hamacher

carnet de tapis

from a distance the folded tones rug looks like a folded sheet of paper. the illusion is less so when laying or sitting on it so enoch liew incorporated repetitive lines giving the viewer an up close abstract pattern to enjoy

carnet de lumières

lamps dado by julian appelius

tweetie by jake phipps and bosa for casamania,

carnet de exhibitions

schinkel pavillon presents camille henrot snake grass


pino deodato, senza parole, palermo, guseppe veniero project

5 aprile-15 maggio 2014

grand-hornu images celebrates living objects made for india

carnet d'art

photograph by maja smend; food styling by kim morphew; prop styling by lydia brun; recipe by georgia levy

art fund raises money for museums with edible masterpieces

the exhibit by artist ai weiwei: "according to what?" is seen at the perez art museum miami (pamm) on february 18, 2014 in miami, florida. on sunday february 16, a person broke one of the vases in the exhibit and is facing a criminal charge after police say he smashed the $1 million vase in what appears to be a form of protest against the lack of lack of local artist on display

found in nature is a long term project. i collect found objects from new york harbor. i bring them to my studio in brooklyn and make sculptural arrangements that i then photograph. the series is about ocean borne trash.”

using paint, paper tape, pencil and blank canvas, artist daniel mullen creates images that examines with space and its representation through movement, fragmentation and the use of perspective

carnet de livres

pioneers of the possible, assouline

the last carnet

greggs fried eggs shaper by avihai shurin for monkey business

fixie pizza cutter slices with bike wheels


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