carnet de notes 234

carnet de notes 234

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 31/03/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

istanbul, turkey

istabula, aliante edizioni at spazio ausonio, milano,

carnet d'architecture

shigeru ban, pritzker price for aechitecture 2014

häkli architects crafts omenapuisto daycare center in helsinki

carnet de interiors

gabled forms continue inside hazukashi house by alts design office

aesop is honored to partner with the invisible dog art center in brooklyn to present a temporary installation designed by frida escobedo



carnet de design

tavolino, lars beller for discipline

left, kwangho lee coats new armor seating in traditional korean lacquer


right, marc newson develops aikuchi sword with japanese master craftsmen for wow

nendo brings brushstroke furniture for glasitalia,

left, mag pie, bihain



hermans, trap

left, giulio iacchetti presents bard furniture piece as a tribute to milan


right, strong cucù by antonio farina for progetti

jaime hayon for paola c,

left, renate mueller at r & company


right, 1. Jonathan Adler Alexander Euro Sham  2. Songbird Ruth by Kay Bojesen for Rosendahl  3. L’Oiseau by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra  4. “Stacking Birds” By Becky Hui Chan  5. Birdie Paper Knife by  d & Yohei Oki  6. Birdie Foaming Pump  7. Magis Dodo Rocking Bird  8. Peeking Bird Toilet Brush  9. Bird Alarm Clock 10. Alessi Lily Bird Soy Sauce Container


carnet de tissus

three collections of 3D knitted and stretch upholstery fabric

by ronan & erwan bouroullec for kvadrat,

carnet de lumières

the light of the music

ascent by daniel rybakken for luceplan

carretero, contrast angle, victor hunt

eclipse, lampada a led in dupont corian

aqua creation, say hello to the zooid diamond



carnet de exhibitions

tdm7 – auto da sé. il design italiano tra autarchia, austerità e autoproduzione

triennale design museum, 3 aprile- 22 febbraio 2015

nella foto, enzo mari

carnet de photos

ivan bianchi, interno a san pietroburgo, 1860 circa

8 maggio-11 luglio, rb contemporary, milano

cymbal manufacturers in istanbul, bruce milpied

carnet de cinema

wes anderson movie scenes whirl into kaleidoscopic clips

luis enrique rayas has created a short movie which manipulates various clips from some of anderson’s best known features into psychedelic and prismatic kaleidoscopes

the last carnet

un caffé sospeso in triennale

installazione di alistair mcclymont e musiche di ludovico einaudi

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