carnet de notes 343

paolo virzì, la pazza gioia

carnet de notes 343

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


mompòs, colombia

irlanda del nord, tour il trono di spade

repubblica ceca, 700 anni di carlo quarto

la francesca resort di bonassola, poesia in cammino nei luoghi cari a montale


paiva parkways by architects trimetrica, rio paiva, portugal, ph nelson garrido

kud (kavellaris urban design) have recently completed this fun and colorful apartment building in box hill, australia. ph peter clarke

observatory of light, daniel buren at fondation louis vuitton

left, massimiliano and his wife and interior designer, doriana fuksas, have designed luxury villas for a 300-acre resort community at is molas golf resort in sardinia, italy

right, miyahata ruins museum by furuichi and associates, fukushima, japan, ph shigeo ogawa

french architect dominique coulon and his strasbourg-based team have completed a three-storey school in montpellier, composed as a series of stacked volumes

hotels, restaurants and bars

left, hotel room mate giulia, milano, design patricia urquiola with cassina contract

right, hotel room mate valeria, malaga, spain


restaurant cornelis, amsterdam, holland

baoism is a new food concept originated in shanghai, making a modern version of the traditional chinese street food guabao, served in a clamshell-like bun. local-based studio linehouse took this traditional handicraft notion of weaving and applied it in a spatial way with a non-traditional material; perforated raw metal panels are woven between the structure that frame the dining area and the service area. ph dirk weiblen


left, witteveen architecten has designed the renovation of a loft apartment in amsterdam that includes touches of industrial materials. ph herman van heusden

right, interior by nuno flores of escritório de arquitetos, linhares, portugal


fermalibri murakami by studio dessuant bone

left, divano ligne roset rivestito con alcantara

right, brooklyn-based artist fernando mastrangelo has extended his ‘sand and cement drift’ collection with a series of sculptural furnishings that reference the structure and aesthetic of glaciers and natural earth formations

left, tavolini whirling twins by paolo giordano

right, simbiosi wood, 2 elements in a combination of indonesian ebony wood and murano hand blown glass by emmanuel babled

from top left, clockwise

talia mukmel terra cotta per entrata libera,

sipario collection has been designed by cristina celestino for durame, a wooden products brand from cantù, italy. the set of furniture honors two of the main characters on the scenic architecture for theatre among the traditional italian excellences: the cabinet-making and the passementerie,

chairs graft, solid wood and steel  by studio damien gernay

the new collection by lapo ciatti, stefan krivokapic, sebastiano tosi and marcello ziliani for opinion ciatti

airnova home by giampaolo venier design, ph tomaso lisca,

from left

secretello desk by michele de lucchi for molteni&c showcases the user's personal display of tools,

tre stool by daphna laurens

tavolo by mobart ben

set di piatti words by gianni veneziano e luciana di virgilio per together l'oggetto per due a cura di maria cristina hamel

left, tboo 2 by davide montanaro

center, ladder copied from nature by clemens auer. ph jasmin jouhar

right, seduta-altalena ring-o by saverio incombenti for daa

 left, mirror mirror: a mirror to ponder oneself by alain gilles

right, atomic by giovanni tommaso garattoni for tonelli,


museo archeologico nazionale di reggio calabria – prima del restauro. l'edificio è opera di marcello piacentinii ed è stato oggetto nel corso degli anni di trasformazioni di grossa portata, quali l'allestimento, nel 1981, della sezione di archeologia subacquea per dare  visibilità ai bronzi di riace rinvenuti nel 1972


from left, olmo, chlorophilia and discovery wall by artemide

left, equilumen by mischertraxler

right, infinity light by studio novo

left, blau, the architectonic tree by fran silvestre arquitectos for gandìa blasco

right, floor light by michael anastassiades, nilufar,

left, olvidada, triple làmpara a soffitto by pepe cortés per b.d barcelona design,

right, si light by bcxsy (boaz cohen & sayaka yamamoto)


left, this compact, 5" x 5" book transforms into a sculpture-like circle of pages that can be displayed as a decoration, or laid flat to be perused at your leisure. drawing on both art and architecture, the award-winning 360° book allows the reader to get a 3d, panoramic view of mt. fuji, illustrated by yusuke oono

right, ulysses first edition notebook. a sophisticated irish literary souvenir with a joycean connection. a goodman and heffernan design' insieme a 'Mutebooks' di firenze

body ornaments

il collier kalikon disegnato da giulio iacchetti per il brand maison 203 è stato creato tramite stampa 3d,

snowy mountains and undersea worlds encapsulated within wood and resin rings by jeweler secret wood


glass-finish cakes created by russian bakery artist, olga noskovaru

et caetera

italian illustrator federico babina celebrates the kings and queens of architecture by turning them into playable protagonists on a deck of cards   

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