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a giant replica of le corbusier’s villa savoye has been half-sunk off a danish fjord as part of the country’s floating art 2018 festival. the installation has been designed by asmund havsteen-mikkelsen as a “comment on the sinking of the public sphere after the disclosure of the cambridge analytica scandal and the manipulation of democratic elections through social media”

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by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940


ph felice bucci


libano, baalbek

saudi men standing at the site of an archaeological discovery about eight kilometres north of the city of sakaka in saudi arabia's northwestern jawf province. ph fayez nureldine/afp


javier senosiain’s nido de quetzalcoatl (quetzalcoatl’s nest) is a surreal house north of mexico city in the shape of a snake – now available to rent on airbnb. a key proponent of organic architecture within the 5,000 sq.m of irregular land. the ten apartments contained within its contoured walls contrast the vibrant exterior with a white palette and soft, wooden surfaces

the walls of a soon-to-be-demolished office building in kent, england, appear to have been zipped open in this installation by artist alex chinneck

balconies with adjustable covers pepper the brick facade of the habitat for orphan girls designed by zav architects in khansar, iran. the residential centre provides a safe place for girls for aged between seven and 16 to live, learn and play in a country where young women without families can be extremely vulnerable

agroup of artists in taiwan have transformed a 10-metre-tall brutalist concrete loudspeaker, formerly used to broadcast anti-communist propaganda to china, into an art installation. located on taiwan's kinmen island, less than four miles off the coast of mainland china, the former broadcast tower has an enormous concrete facade that is embedded with 48 military-grade loudspeakers

consistently using red at the core of his work, bernard tshumi believes that ‘red is not a color,’ but instead an idea. in the case of parc de la villette, the choice of using red carried both a historical and conceptual significance. located in paris, the site used to be home to the french national wholesale meat market and slaughterhouse; hence the crimson, bloody facades of the various deconstructivist follies reference to the former function of the land

oma reveals '24/7 vertical city' proposal for southbank by beulah tower in melbourne. the tower's total size marks it the largest building the firm has ever designed


brazilian artist ernesto neto has designed gaiamothertree, a monumental installation that aims to bring the spirit of the amazonian rainforest inside zurich’s central station. organized by the fondation beyeler, the project sees a twenty-meter high sculpture extending right up to the ceiling of the station concourse. its see-through structure is made of brightly colored hand-knotted cotton strips and resembles a majestic tree

oversized versions of five classic lamps illuminate a manchester square. the public installations double as street furniture and lighting

a bold multicolor mural you can see from the australian ocean, by momo. sydney artists georgia hill and elliott routledge collaborated with momo to install the large-scale mural, with photographer callie marshall documenting the progress


i maestri del paesaggio quest’anno si diffonderanno per la città lombarda di bergamo dal 6 al 23 settembre. la manifestazione è dedicata all’architettura del paesaggio e all’outdoor design e mette in dialogo la città, al centro del suo territorio. importante la serie di incontri dal titolo international meeting of the landscape and garden a cui partecipano ogni anno i più importanti paesaggisti del mondo, e l’imperdibile scenografia della green square, reinterpretazione di piazza vecchia. ph matteo bonaldi

fino al 30 settembre nella città della ceramica di grottaglie (ta) – unica al mondo per il suo quartiere nato in una gravina con botteghe di ceramisti ancora in attività – apre la mostra delle ceramica 2018 con 46 artisti provenienti da tutto il mondo

lorenzo vitturi, remixed properties, as part of the shoreditch design triangle and london design festival 2018. established & sons

hotels, restaurants and bars

this hotel has no roof or walls, just a summer night sky and a swiss valley as a backdrop. situated in eastern switzerland, 'no real estate' is a revival of the the null stern hotel art installation by swiss concept artists frank and patrik riklin

“savona 18 suites”: un nuovo design hotel nel cuore dei navigli, a milano, firmato aldo cibic,

bjork swedish brasserie, milano


from top

roll tables by patricia urquiola for kettal,

il paese delle meraviglie by paolo lomazzi for tonelli design

chunk tables by anna karlin and fernando mastrangelo,

from left

princess, display cabinet by opinion ciatti,

sideboard by lanzavecchia wai for exto,

samsara cabinet by antonella tesei for antes design,

from top

metal cabinets by konstantin grcic for magis,

armadietti quark by nichetto for mdf italia,

quinque console by mauro mori,

left, libreria libera by ronda design,

right, librerie tito by franco raggi for zeus,

from top

cabinet laos by promemoria,

prop sideboard for karimoku new standard,


from top left, clockwise

pillolina table by parisotto formenton; pillola table by parisotto formenton; etoile table by daniela puppa; servoluce floor park; badessa table by mreginald; ginevra table by de lucchi. all lamps by firmamento. ph menghi

left, la lampe petite by maiori,

center, lucerna lighting by christofle pillet for ethimo,

right, sollos by jader almeida,

from top left, clockwise, into the center

led-lighting by samuel wilkinson,; circus floor light by resident studio,; mad converts its iconic pingtan museum into small-scale illuminated landscape for artemide,; circus floor light by resident studio,; pearl pendant by nick ross; bloom table lamp by tim rundle; wall lamp by colonel,; lamps legato by luca nichetto,; ersa additions by william brand for brand&egmond,

alphabeta floor lamps by nichetto studio


‘géométries sud, du mexique à la terre de feu’ , fondation cartier explores the diversity of modern art in latin america

left,  yorgos papadopoulos at vessel gallery,

right, chiara dynys, vega installazione metacrilato, foto, vetro

biennalina 2018 filicudi

left, salvatore di benedetto, filicudi in essenza

right, emilio battisti, siamo qui (ettore sottsass, emilio battisti e  dario passi),


skissernas museum, lund, sweden, elding oscarson architects,


roberto benavidez turns religious monsters into colorful piñatas. the work of roberto benavidez is on display at conduit gallery in dallas texas. the exhibit, illuminated piñata, features his second series of ornate latin paper sculptures,

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danzare sul grande cretto di burri a gibellina. il racconto in un video di teatro-danza

MASHROOMS BABOSA or The Dance of the Living Stones (official clip)! from THE DANCE OF THE LIVING STONES on Vimeo (copy on the web)

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by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940


Evviva! Buone vacanze, arrivederci al 3 settembre, Hooray! Happy holidays, see you on 3 September. Hourra! Joyeuses fêtes, on se voit le 3 septembre. Hooray!Feliços els dies festius, el 3 de setembre. Hooray! Felices fiestas, nos vemos el 3 de septiembre. Hooray! Schöne Ferien, wir sehen uns am 3. September. . Hura! Feli%u0109aj ferioj, vidu vin la 3an de septembro. Hoera! Fijne feestdagen, ik zie je op 3 september.Hooray! Gëzuar festat, ju shoh më 3 shtator.  Hooray! Di cejnên pîroz de, di 3ê Îlonê de hûn bibînin.  %u0423%u0440%u0430! %u0429%u0430%u0441%u043B%u0438%u0432%u0456 %u043A%u0430%u043D%u0456%u043A%u0443%u043B%u0438, %u0431%u0430%u0447%u0438%u043C%u043E %u0432%u0430%u0441 3 %u0432%u0435%u0440%u0435%u0441%u043D%u044F Hooray! Boas festas, até 3 de setembro. %u0423%u0440%u0430! %u0421 %u043F%u0440%u0430%u0437%u0434%u043D%u0438%u043A%u043E%u043C, 3 %u0441%u0435%u043D%u0442%u044F%u0431%u0440%u044F. Halala! Iholide ezonwabileyo, zikubona ngomhla we-3 kuSeptemba. Ζ%u03AEτω! Ευχ%u03ACριστες διακοπ%u03ADς, θα σας δο%u03CDμε στις 3 Σεπτεμβρ%u03AFου %u4E07%u6B73%uFF01%u5E78%u305B%u306A%u4F11%u65E5%u30019%u67083%u65E5%u306B%u3042%u306A%u305F%u306B%u4F1A%u3044%u307E%u3057%u3087%u3046%u0627%u0644%u0635%u064A%u062D%u0629! %u0623%u0639%u064A%u0627%u062F %u0633%u0639%u064A%u062F%u0629 %u060C %u0623%u0631%u0627%u0643 %u064A%u0648%u0645 3 %u0633%u0628%u062A%u0645%u0628%u0631


l'isola e il villaggio di rab (arbe in italiano) sulle coste della croazia di fronte a rijeka (in italiano fiume), oasi di mare turchese, edifici eretti dai veneziani, l'elegante hotel arbiana con giardino e disccsa a mare, la torta tipica dal disegno ispirato alla mitra papale, gli ottimi vini e i prodotti del mare


vietnam’s daring golden bridge takes a “hands-on” approach to tourism. by ta landscape architecture

the cube house by reasoning instincts architecture studio, ahmedabad, india, ph krunal mistry

per la nuova centrale dell’acqua milano di via cenisio, fud e degw, brand del gruppo lombardini22, sviluppano per il nuovo spazio brand idea, concept design, layout, interior e physical branding. un luogo esperienziale, multifunzionale, aperto alla cittadinanza e agli studenti, dove concentrare una serie di azioni diversificate e interdisciplinari per far conoscere l’acqua pubblica

in piazza liberty a milano apre apple, il primo flagship store italiano. una scalinata da anfiteatro romano conduce verso una fontana verticale di vetro alta 8 metri a cascata. potrà fungere di sera di grande schermo di proiezione. un  progetto dello studio londinese foster & partners (fonte futurix)


zooi interior studio have designed a large and open apartment in kiev


creative agency xsaga reveals a series of photos that invite the audience to step into the wonderful world of dutch historical buildings. to celebrate the 100th anniversary of hendrick de keyser association, a firm specialized in restoration and preservation of the architectural icons, the company has decorated the spaces with white balloons


festival oriente occidente di rovereto (31/08 al 08/09)

in occasione della venice glass week, il festival internazionale dedicato all’arte vetraria in programma dal 9 al 16 settembre a venezia e a murano, il brand orovetro murano – insieme ai glass artist mauro bonaventura e simone crestani – svela l’anima del vetro plasmata nell’incontro con il fuoco in una serata evento, nel cuore di una delle più antiche fornaci dell’isola

the new generation festival (firenze, giardino di palazzo corsini 29 agosto – 1° settembre). il festival, giunto alla seconda edizione,  organizzato e voluto da tre giovani artisti inglesi, è  nato con l'obiettivo di abbattere le barriere tra generi musicali e generazioni

hotels, restaurants and bars

us design studio bhdm was not shy with colour when renovating this hotel in hawaii, where bold shades that echo the island chain's tropical flora and fauna were chosen to entice "the millennial-minded traveler"

sacher eck mezzazin, hotel sacher, vienna

haldane martin's swan cafe, a contemporary take on a traditional parisian creperie. inspired by the graceful and mysterious creature mentioned in the title, the interior features the color palette of the french flag and processed paintings of leonardo da vinci.


kok ohara vase

una collezione di vasi voluttuosi, con linee organiche e finiture gloriose by constance guisset

milan-based studio metrica has created a collection of italian-made furniture for australian design brand, sp01 that it said "captures the spirit of the australian lifestyle".,

pieces home, the ado shop in brooklyn


color giallo sole: le lampade ferroluce handmade light per scaldare gli ambienti in autunno


lantern, la lampada a led portatile di fabio novembre per kartell

newled design for plumen


emil nolde, landscape (north friesland), at the scottish national gallery of modern art in edinburgh.

on a pedestal. celebrating the contemporary portrait bust in the 21st century. castletown house until 1st september 2018, dublin castle 8th September–4th november 2018. curated by mary heffernan, hélène bremer, nuala goodman. busti raffiguranti figure illustri come divinità, eroi, imperatori e filosofi, sono apparsi nell'arte occidentale fin dai tempi classici greci e romani. tra gli artisti invitati ci sono alcuni esponenti della scultura italiana tra i quali alessandro mendini, mimmo paladino, giulio paolini, francesco vezzoli, barnaba fornasetti, livio scarpella, marco chiurato e bruno walpoth

“join the dots/unire le distanze”è un’esposizione di 40 collezioni: è un invito a unire i puntini, percorrendo il filo rosso che unisce le 40 raccolte in mostra. trieste, da sempre centro di scambi di idee e commercio, è il punto di partenza per un itinerario di terra e di mare, che porta dalle coste del mare del nord alla leggendaria baghdad, dall’assolato marocco alle steppe danubiane, dalle spiagge baltiche al deserto del negev. Il tutto, grazie al caleidoscopio di immagini offerto dalle opere di oltre 6300 artisti. al salone degli incanti, ex peschiera, trieste, fino al 2 settembre 2018

zurbarán's series, jacob and his twelve sons, israel museum, jeruslem

pasquale iaconantonio, architetture di una città interrotta convivono, si fondono creando immagini utopiche ma razionali avvolte da una atmosfera di irrealtà. rota&jorfida | flash* #25 fino al 30 agosto 2018

tom scutt and gibson thornley have designed the ‘frida kahlo: making her self up’ exhibition at the v&a which showcases a series of self-portraits alongside kahlo’s costumes, medical corsets, jewellery, accessories, photographs and letters. the exhibition has been curated and designed to reflect her compelling and very personal life story and includes the artist’s possessions from the blue house on the outskirts of mexico city, which have never before been exhibited outside of her home country

for the costume institute’s spring 2018 show, new york’s metropolitan museum of art presents an exhibition that focuses on fashion and its relationship with catholicism. ‘heavenly bodies: fashion and the catholic imagination’ is on view at both the m et fifth avenue — in the medieval galleries, mary and michael jaharis galleries for byzantine art, part of the robert lehman wing, and the anna wintour costume center — and uptown at the MET cloisters. the exhibition, which has been designed by diller scofidio renfro (DS R), runs through october 8, 2018

from left

giovanna fra, red and blue note, reggia di caserta, fino al 15 settembre,

nusra latif qureshi. arte contemoranea del pakistan, museo diocesano carlo maria martini, milano, fino al 25 novembre,

anish kapoor. works, thoughts, experiments, fundacao de serralves, porto, portugal


environmentalist and artist jason decaires taylor has officially completed the installation phase of his latest underwater art museum the coralariumthe project is the sirru fen fushi island in the maldives, the island’s first coral regeneration project and comprises a stainless steel semi-submerged tidal gallery space that exhibits a series of sculptural artworks on the skyline, inter-tidal waterline and seabed


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a few new british postal stamps

carnet de notes 448

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940


albania a colori, novità 2018 il piccolo tiglio


lo studio d’architettura olandese mvrdv trasforma il simbolo controverso del leader storico dell'albania comunista in un centro d’educazione tecnologica per i giovani. il progetto mira a restituire l'edificio al pubblico. grazie al piano terra aperto da tutti i lati, la struttura diventa trasparente e arricchita da alberi e spazi per il coworking nell’ampio atrio. fonte futurix

infact studio challenges new delhi's residential landscape with a lightweight curved façade


gold paint drips down green mural at chelsea pied-à-terre by stadt architecture


rebecca louise law presents an ethereal inverted garden installation. the artist, together with community volunteers, had sourced thousands of plants and flowers native to the region for the immersive installation


tra le sedi, i giardini e i palazzi che ospitano manifesta, la biennale d’arte contemporanea itinerante a palermo spicca palazzo butera, edificio del settecento che si affaccia sul mare e appartenuto ai principi di butera

come diamanti by stefano giovacchini. la biennale lucchese dedicata all’arte, al design e all’architettura, realizzati con la carta e il cartone, è in programma a lucca dal 4 agosto al 27 settembre 2018. e cambia nome. non più cartasia ma lucca biennale–paper, art, design. il tema: caos e silenzio

hotels, bars and restaurants

portuguese practice aurora aquitectos has transformed an old family home near lisbon into a hostel, with colourful accents throughout based on the tropical patina of sunshine and vacations. ph do mal o menos

restaurant blitz, paris, architect jordan weisberger. ph margaux gayet


central saint martins graduate creates decorative vessels glazed with human urine. sinae kim, a graduate from central saint martins in london, has created a collection of decorative ceramics using urine as the glaze. called urine ware, the collection features a series of ceramic vessels inspired by the shape of the human bladder and laboratory flasks, glazed using human urine

i piatti della nuova serie planet firmata da kanz sia nella versione rotonda che in quella ovale ingannano l’occhio. i tre modelli jupiter, pluto e saturn creano l’illusione di “contenere”, ma rimangono fedeli alla loro funzione di piatti piani da portata. realizzati in ceramica smaltata o in legno di cedro


chinese designer mario tsai’s ‘pig’ serves as a side table as well as a storage unit — made of an aluminum tube, the piece can store your magazines and other sundries. inspired by the piggy bank, the table is reminiscent of a pig with a hat

for philipp schenk-mischke’s recent process plug-ins project, the designer looked at traditional modes of manufacturing, assembly, and use, and introduced physical "plug-ins" that might distort the final outcomes

promemoria celebra l'arrivo dell'estate con la nuova martini nini, una poltrona dalle dimensioni compatte firmata da romeo sozzi

sobreiro collection for the consulate general of portugal by the campana brothers. the designers investigated the portuguese cork  with corticeira amorim. the collection is composed by one armchair and three cabinets,


metéor by beau et bien bespoke chandelier collection by sylvie maréchal

etoile ceiling and wall by daniela puppa for firmamento

kelly durango and mauricio sanin of moak studio have created two lamps that need additional actions other than turning on a switch to work. the first is the dina lamp, to make the user aware of the value of the light, energy, and money needed to use the lamp, dina needs to be fed coins to activate and transmit the power to let it shine (right). the second prototype is the volé lamp, however designers have used wind as an inspiration. by blowing, we can be originating mild forces, tiny storms. with a simple blow of wind, the dim light of volé can be turned on or off when needed (left)

from left

pendant lamps, ikea,

pendant lamp flower stripe della collezione trame, disegnata dall’artista-designer oçilunam per in-es.artdesign.

pendant lamp aureole by daniel becker & team.

brooklyn homeware brand in common with has released its first collection of lamps, which includes in-house designs along with products made in collaboration with ohio artist ariana heinzman


left, living on water.

right, inventario ideato e promosso da foscarini e diretto da beppe finessi arrva al numero 13.


hungarian fiber artist agnes herczeg continues to create delicate depictions of quiet moments. formed from colorful lace and found wood, each small scene floats in mid-air and is attached to a piece of wood


from left, clockwise

john galliano's artisanal aw 2018 women's collection for maison margiela

issey miyake aw18

lingxiao luo combines 3d-printing and knitwear to create playful garments

marimekko pre-spring 2019

contemporary muslim fashion, museo de young


ramin haerizadeh, rokni haerizadeh e hesam rahmanian, forgive me, distant wars, for bringing flowers home, a cura di abaseh mirvali. ogr-officine grandi riparazioni, torino

architecture prototypes & experiments, collettiva, the aram gallery


 prvi mobilni telefon na balkanu

first mobil phone in the balcans

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la symphony of the seas, la 25° unità di royal caribbean, la nave più grande e innovativa al mondo: alto tasso di divertimento e avventura a bordo, offerta gastronomica internazionale, tecnologia e comfort, spettacoli e parchi acquatici per i più piccoli,

carnet de notes 439

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo


designed by phuket-based architect pascal trahan, the boat includes two sleeping cabins each with the unique local charm of the region. this 135-foot-long ship is strikingly roomy. its interior designer jiraparnn tokeeree merged contemporary and traditional finishes for an effective result that belongs to no specific place or time.



this summer residence is located on the outskirts of the traditional village of pyrgos in santorini. the building is placed on a mild sloping plot surrounded by vineyards and facing the southwest part of the island and the aegean sea. project by kapsimalis architects. ph giorgos sfakianatis

pelli clarke pelli architects has won an international contest for the chengdu natural history museum in china. with a form inspired by the geological impact of shifting tectonic plates, and reflecting pools inspired by ancient irrigation systems, the scheme makes heavy reference to the surrounding natural landscape


interior designer natalia sanchéz wants to make the office feel as cosy as the home. to show how it can be done, she kitted out copenhagen workspace nomad with furniture by danish design brand muuto,


french artist and creative explorer apach— the pseudonym of thomas voillaume — has created a monster within the otherwise serene surroundings at the nature reserve of val d’escreins in france. ‘kraken’ is a giant sculptural and skeletal sea squid that appears to emerge from architectural ruins of the former village there

this year's serpentine pavilion features "woven tapestry" of concrete tiles. frida escobedo's pavilion features walls of concrete roofing tiles, a curving mirrored ceiling and a shallow, triangular pool of water

hotel, restaurants and bar

aqso arquitectos‘ proposal for this mixed-used building including hotel, cinema, and retail explores a formal response to the site conditions with an alternative contemporary language. against the monolithic presence of a totem that divides the paths in two, the building becomes a flexible element that blends with the perspective of the resulting streets while respects the pedestrian flow of the public area

frank gehry might add to his portfolio of sun-kissed projects with a beachfront restaurant. the la county board of supervisors have given the go ahead for the department of beaches and harbors to begin negotiations with puck and his team over development of two new restaurants at the site designed by gehry


snohetta reinterprets the traditional sloyd bench for sawaya & moroni. by reworking the nordic carpenter’s bench, snøhetta underlines the importance of craftsmanship in a time focused on technological processes and virtual reality,

giancarlo valle debuted his first collection in a holistic installation that saw his own highly personal pieces alongside historical ones, in collaboration with viso project,

fountains by arthur hoffner. the assembled parts of each fountain connect together to present a dialogue between materials, shapes, solid and liquid forms. the structure is at once a functional apparatus and an autonomous object, providing a source of contemplation and wonder. ph amir farzad

republic of fritz hansen: portaoggetti di benjamin hubert, specchi di studio roso, scatole di august sandgren, sgabello dot di arne jacobsen


from top left, clockwise

enrica morini, margherita rosina e rossana di fazio, maria pezzi giornalista di moda,; serena dandini, il catalogo delle donne valorose,; karen dionne, la casa del padre,; katerina tuckova, l'eredità delle dee,; alan bennet, la signora nel furgone, simon winchester, il professore e il pazzo,; la triennale museum racconta la storia e le storie del design italiano dal 1902 al 1998,; chair: 500 designs that matter,


graphic artist steven scicluna of lefty le mur wants to bring out your playful imagination and creativity with objekts, a collection of modular, geometric wooden sculptures made up of simple shapes and primary colors that evoke the nostalgic memories of playing with wooden blocks and towers

british artist richard woods has put one of his colourful bungalows in a roadside skip in london's hoxton square, in a bid to trigger discussion about gentrification

roee rosen, histoires dans la pénombre, mucem, marsiglia/marseille,


the royal academy of fine arts in antwerp hosts one of the world's best prestigious fashion design courses. here's a look at all eight collections produced by this year's masters graduates. from top left, clockwise: kiell de meersman, stefan kartchev, federica di leo, noa kapchitz aand elijah schali, predag petrovic, shavli harrison, michal gruca, gennaro genni velotti

left, balenciaga's t-shirt that features a long-sleeved shirt attached to its front, designed for its fall 2018 collection

right, black and white denim shirt/jacquet covered with letters and words falling apart. created as part of a collaborative educational program, inspired by the difficulties in communication between chinese and israeli students at shenkar college, israel and yale university, the us


beyond colors and shape, retrospettiva di ho kan, villa reale di monza 

il giovane picasso. periodo blu e rosa, fondation beyeler

gretta johnson, new paintings, paris london hong kong

left, karthik pandian, tamil man, federica schiavo gallery, milano

right, naomi vona, and i'm going down, artspace

the sigg collection. a story of chinese contemporary art, fm centro per l’arte contemporanea


from left, clockwise

laurence philomene, ariana (lavender hands)

greg ponthus, ether,

jake hostetter,

from top left, clockwise

tania franco klein, the waiting,

chiara cordeschi, are you in pieces?

yulia taits, porcelain beauty,

guoman liao, untitled,

dima chyornyy, mood for love,

et caetera

teresa solar: "flotation line". a new group of sculptures that deal with animals, images, mythologies, and elements sharing a relationship with water and the sea in der tank’s glass cube

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 26/07/2018
(travel, viaggi, architettura, interni, design, hotels, ristoranti, bar, luce, arte, mostre, foto, fashion, installazioni, musei, teatro)
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