carnet de notes 448

a few new british postal stamps

carnet de notes 448

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940


albania a colori, novità 2018 il piccolo tiglio


lo studio d’architettura olandese mvrdv trasforma il simbolo controverso del leader storico dell'albania comunista in un centro d’educazione tecnologica per i giovani. il progetto mira a restituire l'edificio al pubblico. grazie al piano terra aperto da tutti i lati, la struttura diventa trasparente e arricchita da alberi e spazi per il coworking nell’ampio atrio. fonte futurix

infact studio challenges new delhi's residential landscape with a lightweight curved façade


gold paint drips down green mural at chelsea pied-à-terre by stadt architecture


rebecca louise law presents an ethereal inverted garden installation. the artist, together with community volunteers, had sourced thousands of plants and flowers native to the region for the immersive installation


tra le sedi, i giardini e i palazzi che ospitano manifesta, la biennale d’arte contemporanea itinerante a palermo spicca palazzo butera, edificio del settecento che si affaccia sul mare e appartenuto ai principi di butera

come diamanti by stefano giovacchini. la biennale lucchese dedicata all’arte, al design e all’architettura, realizzati con la carta e il cartone, è in programma a lucca dal 4 agosto al 27 settembre 2018. e cambia nome. non più cartasia ma lucca biennale–paper, art, design. il tema: caos e silenzio

hotels, bars and restaurants

portuguese practice aurora aquitectos has transformed an old family home near lisbon into a hostel, with colourful accents throughout based on the tropical patina of sunshine and vacations. ph do mal o menos

restaurant blitz, paris, architect jordan weisberger. ph margaux gayet


central saint martins graduate creates decorative vessels glazed with human urine. sinae kim, a graduate from central saint martins in london, has created a collection of decorative ceramics using urine as the glaze. called urine ware, the collection features a series of ceramic vessels inspired by the shape of the human bladder and laboratory flasks, glazed using human urine

i piatti della nuova serie planet firmata da kanz sia nella versione rotonda che in quella ovale ingannano l’occhio. i tre modelli jupiter, pluto e saturn creano l’illusione di “contenere”, ma rimangono fedeli alla loro funzione di piatti piani da portata. realizzati in ceramica smaltata o in legno di cedro


chinese designer mario tsai’s ‘pig’ serves as a side table as well as a storage unit — made of an aluminum tube, the piece can store your magazines and other sundries. inspired by the piggy bank, the table is reminiscent of a pig with a hat

for philipp schenk-mischke’s recent process plug-ins project, the designer looked at traditional modes of manufacturing, assembly, and use, and introduced physical "plug-ins" that might distort the final outcomes

promemoria celebra l'arrivo dell'estate con la nuova martini nini, una poltrona dalle dimensioni compatte firmata da romeo sozzi

sobreiro collection for the consulate general of portugal by the campana brothers. the designers investigated the portuguese cork  with corticeira amorim. the collection is composed by one armchair and three cabinets,


metéor by beau et bien bespoke chandelier collection by sylvie maréchal

etoile ceiling and wall by daniela puppa for firmamento

kelly durango and mauricio sanin of moak studio have created two lamps that need additional actions other than turning on a switch to work. the first is the dina lamp, to make the user aware of the value of the light, energy, and money needed to use the lamp, dina needs to be fed coins to activate and transmit the power to let it shine (right). the second prototype is the volé lamp, however designers have used wind as an inspiration. by blowing, we can be originating mild forces, tiny storms. with a simple blow of wind, the dim light of volé can be turned on or off when needed (left)

from left

pendant lamps, ikea,

pendant lamp flower stripe della collezione trame, disegnata dall’artista-designer oçilunam per in-es.artdesign.

pendant lamp aureole by daniel becker & team.

brooklyn homeware brand in common with has released its first collection of lamps, which includes in-house designs along with products made in collaboration with ohio artist ariana heinzman


left, living on water.

right, inventario ideato e promosso da foscarini e diretto da beppe finessi arrva al numero 13.


hungarian fiber artist agnes herczeg continues to create delicate depictions of quiet moments. formed from colorful lace and found wood, each small scene floats in mid-air and is attached to a piece of wood


from left, clockwise

john galliano's artisanal aw 2018 women's collection for maison margiela

issey miyake aw18

lingxiao luo combines 3d-printing and knitwear to create playful garments

marimekko pre-spring 2019

contemporary muslim fashion, museo de young


ramin haerizadeh, rokni haerizadeh e hesam rahmanian, forgive me, distant wars, for bringing flowers home, a cura di abaseh mirvali. ogr-officine grandi riparazioni, torino

architecture prototypes & experiments, collettiva, the aram gallery


 prvi mobilni telefon na balkanu

first mobil phone in the balcans

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