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la symphony of the seas, la 25° unità di royal caribbean, la nave più grande e innovativa al mondo: alto tasso di divertimento e avventura a bordo, offerta gastronomica internazionale, tecnologia e comfort, spettacoli e parchi acquatici per i più piccoli,

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by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo


designed by phuket-based architect pascal trahan, the boat includes two sleeping cabins each with the unique local charm of the region. this 135-foot-long ship is strikingly roomy. its interior designer jiraparnn tokeeree merged contemporary and traditional finishes for an effective result that belongs to no specific place or time.



this summer residence is located on the outskirts of the traditional village of pyrgos in santorini. the building is placed on a mild sloping plot surrounded by vineyards and facing the southwest part of the island and the aegean sea. project by kapsimalis architects. ph giorgos sfakianatis

pelli clarke pelli architects has won an international contest for the chengdu natural history museum in china. with a form inspired by the geological impact of shifting tectonic plates, and reflecting pools inspired by ancient irrigation systems, the scheme makes heavy reference to the surrounding natural landscape


interior designer natalia sanchéz wants to make the office feel as cosy as the home. to show how it can be done, she kitted out copenhagen workspace nomad with furniture by danish design brand muuto,


french artist and creative explorer apach— the pseudonym of thomas voillaume — has created a monster within the otherwise serene surroundings at the nature reserve of val d’escreins in france. ‘kraken’ is a giant sculptural and skeletal sea squid that appears to emerge from architectural ruins of the former village there

this year's serpentine pavilion features "woven tapestry" of concrete tiles. frida escobedo's pavilion features walls of concrete roofing tiles, a curving mirrored ceiling and a shallow, triangular pool of water

hotel, restaurants and bar

aqso arquitectos‘ proposal for this mixed-used building including hotel, cinema, and retail explores a formal response to the site conditions with an alternative contemporary language. against the monolithic presence of a totem that divides the paths in two, the building becomes a flexible element that blends with the perspective of the resulting streets while respects the pedestrian flow of the public area

frank gehry might add to his portfolio of sun-kissed projects with a beachfront restaurant. the la county board of supervisors have given the go ahead for the department of beaches and harbors to begin negotiations with puck and his team over development of two new restaurants at the site designed by gehry


snohetta reinterprets the traditional sloyd bench for sawaya & moroni. by reworking the nordic carpenter’s bench, snøhetta underlines the importance of craftsmanship in a time focused on technological processes and virtual reality,

giancarlo valle debuted his first collection in a holistic installation that saw his own highly personal pieces alongside historical ones, in collaboration with viso project,

fountains by arthur hoffner. the assembled parts of each fountain connect together to present a dialogue between materials, shapes, solid and liquid forms. the structure is at once a functional apparatus and an autonomous object, providing a source of contemplation and wonder. ph amir farzad

republic of fritz hansen: portaoggetti di benjamin hubert, specchi di studio roso, scatole di august sandgren, sgabello dot di arne jacobsen


from top left, clockwise

enrica morini, margherita rosina e rossana di fazio, maria pezzi giornalista di moda,; serena dandini, il catalogo delle donne valorose,; karen dionne, la casa del padre,; katerina tuckova, l'eredità delle dee,; alan bennet, la signora nel furgone, simon winchester, il professore e il pazzo,; la triennale museum racconta la storia e le storie del design italiano dal 1902 al 1998,; chair: 500 designs that matter,


graphic artist steven scicluna of lefty le mur wants to bring out your playful imagination and creativity with objekts, a collection of modular, geometric wooden sculptures made up of simple shapes and primary colors that evoke the nostalgic memories of playing with wooden blocks and towers

british artist richard woods has put one of his colourful bungalows in a roadside skip in london's hoxton square, in a bid to trigger discussion about gentrification

roee rosen, histoires dans la pénombre, mucem, marsiglia/marseille,


the royal academy of fine arts in antwerp hosts one of the world's best prestigious fashion design courses. here's a look at all eight collections produced by this year's masters graduates. from top left, clockwise: kiell de meersman, stefan kartchev, federica di leo, noa kapchitz aand elijah schali, predag petrovic, shavli harrison, michal gruca, gennaro genni velotti

left, balenciaga's t-shirt that features a long-sleeved shirt attached to its front, designed for its fall 2018 collection

right, black and white denim shirt/jacquet covered with letters and words falling apart. created as part of a collaborative educational program, inspired by the difficulties in communication between chinese and israeli students at shenkar college, israel and yale university, the us


beyond colors and shape, retrospettiva di ho kan, villa reale di monza 

il giovane picasso. periodo blu e rosa, fondation beyeler

gretta johnson, new paintings, paris london hong kong

left, karthik pandian, tamil man, federica schiavo gallery, milano

right, naomi vona, and i'm going down, artspace

the sigg collection. a story of chinese contemporary art, fm centro per l’arte contemporanea


from left, clockwise

laurence philomene, ariana (lavender hands)

greg ponthus, ether,

jake hostetter,

from top left, clockwise

tania franco klein, the waiting,

chiara cordeschi, are you in pieces?

yulia taits, porcelain beauty,

guoman liao, untitled,

dima chyornyy, mood for love,

et caetera

teresa solar: "flotation line". a new group of sculptures that deal with animals, images, mythologies, and elements sharing a relationship with water and the sea in der tank’s glass cube

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