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israeli typeface designer and professor liron lavi turkenich found herself teaching a new student: her country’s president, reuven rivlin. turkenich, a 32-year-old professor of foundational graphic design at jerusalem’s bezalel academy of art, is the creator of aravrit, a writing system that combines israel’s two official languages, arabic and hebrew, into one readable script

 carnet de notes 398

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

isfahan, iran, may 2017 (ph annamaria arnesano)


spoleto, italy


rotterdam studio mvrdv has unveiled plans for a residential tower complex in eindhoven, featuring spiky plant-covered roofs and greenhouses

emmanuelle moureaux designed the architecture, interior space, logos and graphical signage, with a vision to open a new kindergarten in fukuoka, japan, where children can grow up freely in mind and body. the façade itself is home to 22 colors, used in 63 multi-colored trees that are 4 m in height, extend the branches rhythmically

the uk’s best contemporary architecture celebrated in new stamp series


bulgarian architecture and interior design firm another studio have created a fun children’s bedroom for a 4-year old girl and a 2-year old toddler boy. the design of the room had to be a comfortable place for the children to sleep, but also be able to have additional sleeping spaces for when friends visited and still have plenty of room for playing


london-based practice george king architects’ (gka) recent project, iron ring, is a large scale, iconic sculpture for flint castle in the form of a 30 meter diameter rusted steel ring, resting on the banks of the dee estuary in wales


varde museums, big-bjarke ingels group and tinker imagineers celebrate the opening of tirpitz– a sanctuary in the sand that acts as a gentle counterbalance to the dramatic war history of the site in blavand on the west coast of denmark. the new tirpitz transforms and expands a historic german WWII bunker into a groundbreaking cultural complex comprising four exhibitions within a single structure. ph laurian ghinitou,

tilted red tower marks entrance to polish war museum by studio architektoniczne kwadrat. an angled tower wrapped in red concrete panels and glazing contains the entrance to this second world war museum, which is mostly housed beneath the surface of a public plaza in the polish city of gdansk


aart designs pop-up train carriages to rejuvenate an old railway in aarhus. a single-room hotel, a public greenhouse and a set of polling booths are just some of the unusual functions assigned to a set of train carriages designed by danish studio aart for an old industrial area of aarhus

architecture firm snøhetta has used microscopic studies of copenhagen's foods and beer to develop the colour and material palette of this restaurant, called barr, which has taken over the space previously occupied by famed eatery noma in the danish capital

morgana lounge bar, taormina, italy


waiting for the sun, la gerla pugliese che nasconde un set da spiaggia, progetto piertito cardillo

collezione accessori derriereitalia for the bikers

left, tavolo deframe di luca casini per da a

right, panca/chaiselongue, design mauro mori

left, “water tower” di daniel libeskind per alessi,

right, vasi scavati nel legno di pianoprimo studio

the Dutch-based studio truly truly finds a comfortable niche oscillating between product design and experience, creating artful and engaging moments for the viewer that fall between familiarity and curiosity


nendo designs tokyo store interior to look like "melted ice cream cake". stacked soil walls resemble layers of cake in this chocolate and ice cream shop in kichijoji, tokyo


left, hed mayner; right, una hayde


new york-based designer rosie li bunched together ball shapes to create her bubbly series of rainbow-hued brass lights

table lamps fairy by leucos

lighting collection 2017 edisonstail by brand van egmond


cesare leonardi. l’architettura della vita, galleria civica di modena, 15 settmbre-4 febbraio 2018

tellas at magma gallery at artverona 2017


rory gardiner, christ & gantenbein's concrete extension to national museum zurich,

et caetera

okuda san miguel canvasses 19th century castle with mulitcolored mirrored skulls


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