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european capital of forestry could be milan if it doubles the number of trees by 2030. stefano boeri promoted the idea in a speech made at the third edition of the conference covering the state’s green areas, the ‘stati generali del verde pubblico’

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by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

filicudi, giugno 2017, ph carmine gulli, elaborazione manfredi bellati




fireworks are seen on the occasion of th 548th birth anniversary of sri guru nanak dev at the golden temple in amritsar on november 4, 2017. ph narinder nanu/afp


sri lanka


mvrdv and the tianjin urban planning and design institute’s tianjin binhai library has opened to the public in tianjin, china. located within the new binhai cultural district, the library provides storage for as many as 1.2 million books on sweeping, terraced bookshelves in the building’s central atrium. at the center of the room, an enormous mirrored sphere houses an auditorium and reflects the miles of bookshelves around it,

bloomberg's norman foster-designed european headquarters in london "sends a clear message to the world" that the uk capital remains a centre for global investment, said sadiq khan

herdade of freixo winery, redondo, portugal. project frederico valsassina arquitectos. the winery appears in the continuity of the landscape, merging with all that extension. it was placed on a fluid and sequential transition of spaces that are intended to physically and visually communicate. ph fernando guerra/fg sg

mondo container

from top left, clockwise

artikul architects stacks shipping container hotel in the czech republic, ph michal hurych,; b.ap transforms shipping container into sales gallery for country club in argentina, ph gonzalo viramonte,; urbantainer extends the national theater company of korea with modulated red shipping containers, ph kyungsub shin,; architects in rome builds temporary museum in tunisia using container units, ph hichem driss,

the media outbreak for architect elisabetta andreoli and artist ligia d'andrea’s book "andean architecture of bolivia", which focuses on the work of freddy mamani – ex-bricklayer turned engineer and constructor- has become the excuse to talk about everything else related to the highland country of bolivia. freddy mamani explores the connection between architecture and cultural identity. ph alfredo zeballos


waldorf astoria hotels & resorts a londra nell’admiralty arch

left, wein & co, by behf architects, wien, austria, ph markus kaiser

right, xanc i meli restaurant, barcelona, project amoo architects, ph josé hevia. the entrance area is kept clear, without invading it with the bar. instead, gathering tables with lateral bars are included. the height is preserved

hotel relais le chevalier is like a piece of france in the very heart of the old town of riga. elisabetta de strobel interior designer. ph maurizio marcato

vienna little armchair by emmanuel gallina for colé at restaurant zheng he, madinat jumeirah hotel, dubai. ph emilio tremolada,–bars/zheng-hes/

pierattelli architetture definisce una nuova idea di ospitalità per domux home, a firenze, nei palazzi ricasoli e levi. ph massimo listri e claudia careddu,

vudafieri-saverino partners ridefiniscono i temi dell’accoglienza nel settore food&beverage, ripartendo da uno dei più noti brand del settore: dry milano. il decor mixa elementi d’epoca con altri più moderni, per un layout contemporaneo: il pavimento in legno si contrappone ai muri storici, lasciati in parte grezzi. ph nathalie krag


federico babina turns legendary architects into humorous, handcrafted, ceramic figurines

macrocosmos, la prima collezione di piccoli complementi d'arredo che il designer alessandro zambelli ha ideato per il proprio nuovo brand


the latest collaboration between fashion brand cos and new york studio snarkitecture sees a lilac-hued marble run suspended from the ceiling of the gana art gallery in seoul, south korea

con michael lin sparisce il celebre pavimento rinascimentale del chiostro del bramante. a roma, il superbo portico ora deve trovare il suo equilibrio con un giardino fiorito, motivo tratto dalle stoffe tradizionali taiwanesi, che modifica completamente la percezione dello spazio classico

oriens, l’installazione che risucchia lo spettatore in un buco nero. il cerchio come simbolo universale della vita. da stonehenge ai satelliti, passando per i buchi neri. il video dell'installazione dell'artista cinese cao yuxi al today art museum di pechino


gianni caon, venezia (in b/w)

le musée national des arts asiatiques – guimet expose des photographies les plus inédites de ses collections. l'exposition images birmanes offre un récit aux multiples visages et aux paysages inattendus, sauvages et calme. until janvier 22

left, it was said that bonnie & clyde died as they lived, by the gun. in dallas, pdnb gallery exhibits fascinating photographs of the infamous texas criminals bonnie & clyde

right, paolo ventura, eclissi totale, edwynn houk gallery, new york

ruggine, una mostra fotografica di paolo gotti, bologna, until february 6


from top left, clockwise

metamorfosi by etro,; freya by tonatto profumi,; trussardi amber oud,; un air de bretagne by l'artisan parfumeur,; miss dior by christian dior,; the roman night by bulgari,

body ornaments

maison 203 presenta bearing, la nuova collezione di gioielli contemporanei in stampa 3d progettata da giulio iacchetti,

et caetera

taiwanese designer yi-fei chen, graduated at design academy eindhoven, has created a chair that explodes if sat on for too long, giving her an excuse to get up and escape an awkward situation. the project is intended to symbolise her struggle with social anxiety. the wooden stool is topped by a cushion stuffed with foam pellets, which slowly inflates as the user sits on it. The chair deflates if left alone for a prolonged period,


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