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sgnl watch strap lets you receive phone calls through your fingertips. korean startup company innomdle lab has designed a smartwatch strap that allows users to receive phone calls by simply raising their finger to their ear

carnet de notes 420

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

filicudi, giugno 2017, ph carmine gulli, elaborazione manfredi bellati


castello di padernello (brescia)

mostar, stari most and the bridge on the neretva

lago di bled, slovenia


this integrated retail and accommodation center-cum-fuel station is located alongside a road connecting ghazvin to rasht at the heart of an arid and hot region of the iranian plateau. the zoomorphic form with lunar skyline of iranian based architect habibeh madjdabadi‘s ‘lunar complex’ has to do with the morphology of the land and with the vernacular

yac– young architects competitions – and the municipality of favignana, in cooperation with the italian government, launch “art prison”, an architectural competition to refurbish a breathtaking fortress on a scattered island in southern sicily, favignana. how to transform an ancient prison into a treasure chest containing works of art and the creative action of internationally renowned artists and intellectuals? how to transform an ancient fishermen isle into an open-air contemporary art museum?

hong kong studio james law cybertecture has developed a prototype for low-cost, stackable micro homes in concrete pipes, which could slot into gaps between city buildings. called opod tube housing, the project sees 2.5-metre-wide concrete water pipes transformed into 9.29-square-metre homes, with doors that can be unlocked using smartphones


scale illuminate rizzi

left, design caretta, scaloro; right, design montanari, vicenza


arctic bath in harads – swedish lapland

the team behind sweden’s world-famous treehotel is back with plans to launch a new hotel and spa that floats along the lule river in summer and freezes into the ice during winter—all in a prime spot to experience the northern lights. A stay at the six-room arctic bath hotel and spa in harads, swedish lapland, will include a luxurious experience in a design-forward spa inspired by floating timber. the sleek arctic bath will house one spa treatment room, four saunas, a hot bath, an outdoor cold bath, plus outside and inside showers;

 the hotel mono in singapore has been designed by studio spacedge. the 46-room boutique hotel is almost entirely black and white, with very few colors in nude tones to accent the space,


table and chairs merwyn by sebastian herkner for wittmann,

noticing a trend for terrazzo furniture, design studio foam reinterpreted the hard material's speckled surfaces with soft sponges. they used the original to form table tops and shelves for metal-framed furniture, while the squishy alternative creates a matching cushion for a circular seat

woody table and chairs by noé duchaufour-lawrence for tabisso


artist emmanuelle moureaux used over 100,000 paper number cut-outs to create this multihued installation designed to visualise the passing of time. on show at the toyama prefectural museum of art and design in toyama, japan, the colour of time installation is part of a series of exhibitions that aim to explore the different functions of materials,


progettata da ingo maurr come lampada da parete, eclipse ellipse non solo illumina, ma produce anche ombre che disegnano sulle pareti composizioni grafiche di cerchi ed ellissi

ideata da ichiro iwasaki per vibia, la lampada da parete pin è caratterizzata da un suggestivo intreccio di forme geometriche


joel meyerowitz’s still life photographs of the objects in cézanne’s studio

joel meyerowitz, “atelier interior” (2011), from cézanne’s objects (courtesy the artist and damiani)

brad wilson


l'indifferent, 1992, giulio paolini, teoria delle apparenze, opere dal 1969 al 2015, galleria fumagalli, milano,  fino al 14 aprile

loredana longo, piedediporco, francesco pantaleone arte contemporanea, milano

madi, the other geometry, a cura di cristina costanzo, 21st century museum of contemporary art, kanazawa, dal 31 gennaio all'11 febbraio

from left: fulchignoni, cortese, binet

bouke de vries, sometime look east, sometime look west, officine saffi, milano, fino al 14 marzo

katharina grosse e tatiana trouvé, untitled trumpet, le numerose irregolarità, accademia di francia a roma, villa medici, fino al 29 aprile


left, festival del silenzio, prodotto da fattoria vittadini, fabbrica del vapore, milano, 16-18 marzo,

right, kintsugi, danza contemporanea e arte giapponese del kintsugi, teatro dell'arte, milano, 1 marzo


issey miyake

et caetera

otto tiles & design london, damla turgut

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