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the japanese piano manufacturer kawai is participating in milan design week with an installation that showcases a new approach to instrument design. ‘crystal rain’, developed by light artist takahiro matsuo, centers around a crystal grand piano which floats upon undulating waves of water. as the instrument is played, each note sparkles as droplets of light rain down into the space surrounding the piano

carnet de notes 430

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo


papua, nuova guinea


white concrete towers are reflected in a series of pools in steven holl's competition-winning design for the le musée des collectionneurs in angers, france

after decades of hosting temporary art shows in abandoned garages and derelict churches, the fondazione prada has home now in the space within the walls of an old gin distillery in milan. designed by the office for metropolitan architecture (oma), this cultural center comprises ten buildings — seven existing structures, dating back to 1910, and three new constructions — which combine to form a sprawling complex of art galleries, performance spaces, cafes and public plazas

the uppsala university main building is a listed building part of the swedish architectural heritage. the building and the park were built according to the drawings of theodor holmgren between 1877 and 1887. the original activity, education, and teaching are ongoing in the building today and its role as a collective point is strengthened, as the institutions move to the campus outside the city. In order for the activity to continue, aix arkitekter has worked with the accessibility adaptation, fire safety and renewed of technical equipment. ph anders fredriksen


le temps retrouvé. ristrutturazione e arredamento di un appartamento a milano. progetto uda architetti. ph carola ripamonti

hongkun fine art gallery/penda, beijing, china

hotel, restaurants and bar

fox johnston architects together with interior design firm space control, have recently completed the felix hotel in sydney, australia

design week milano

from top left, clockwise

divano cassina,; divano established & sons,; katja, the new wool rug by kasthall, design katja design studio,; divano e panca by gloster,

from top, clockwise

la series7 si presenta in tre colori per la versione baby: bianco ottico, blu oceano e rosa baby per la laccatura della storica sedia disegnata da Arne Jacobsen nel 1955,; cassina, beugel stoel by gerrit rietvel, collezione i maestri,; naoto fukasawa for maruni,; from lola collection by marcello ziliani for casprini,; japanese studio nendo used "puzzle-like" joinery when designing this all-wooden chair for fritz hansen,; poltroncine nirvana in pelle nirvana by ronda design,

ami basket tables by jun yasumoto at galleria rossana orlandi,

from top, clockwise

tom dixon,; lampada a sospensione mirage by radar,; lampade a sospensione della collezione nappe di marco zito per masiero,; appliques ada; lampade a sospensione della collezione caratteri by maurizio bernabei for bottega intreccio,


le decorazioni della sala di achille nella domus aurea romana, dopo gli interventi di restauro. ph b.angeli

left, the cubist painting “no. 9, nature morte espagnole” fits surprisingly well with themes in the oscar-nominated film steven spielberg' the post

right, carol rama, woks on paper, repetto gallery, london


between humor and serious creation… ingo maurer

5vie rende omaggio all'opera di nanda vigo, protagonista della scena artistica del nostro tempo


jardín de cactus was the last intervention work césar manrique performed in lanzarote, canary islands


il giardino di tulipani del castello di pralormo


irene balia. strategie di seduzione, galleria interno 18

joan hernández pijuan, casa núvols i pluja sobre blau, gaalerie boisserée, bruxelles

et caetera

michael rakowitz recreates a sculpture destroyed by isis for london’s trafalgar square


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