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spanish artist pejac travels the world creating street interventions, often integrating natural elements into man-made structures through a combination of stenciling and trompe l’oeil painting. his most recent projects have brought him to new york city for the first time, where he has created two arboreal artworks in bushwick and chinatown

carnet de notes 434

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo



maupiti, isole di tahiti


an architecture centre, co-working space and apartments are housed within a development of stacked glazed blocks by oma, which creates a "knot" around a busy intersection in copenhagen

damushan valley teahouse, songyang damushan tea valley, lishui, zhejiang, china, architects dna

it all starts in 2011 when the norwegian artist, bjarne melgaard, reaches out to olav and frederik selvaag with the idea of making a sculpture that would double as a house. having a long tradition of supporting norwegian artists, the selvaag brothers adhere to the idea. shortly after, snøhetta gets involved in the project, and since then the artist and the architects have exchanged thoughts, drawings, 3d models and documents to design a house that will function as melgaard’s private residence and atelier

a garden behind the pavilion. kengo kuma’s portland japanese garden


kaplan thompson architects have designed a new contemporary house in harpswell, maine, that sits by the water and features a cedar siding exterior with various textures that allow the house to melt away into the trees. ph irvin serrano

terry pecora for vitra

hotel, restaurants and bar

an old school building in shanghai has been transformed by coordination asia into a restaurant with social media-optimised decor

midtown hotel, bamgkok, plan architect, ph panoramic studio


in partnership with the italian lighting company foscarini, ecal master product design students worked on new lamp projects developed around the concept of portable light

from left: palmo by mu-hau kao; lina by youjung jeong; arc by sebastian maluska; ombra by ema-maria beer; cocoon by bastien chevrier; n.16 by kohei kojima; pina by oscar estrada; marathon by victor moynier; talisman by jana liopert

lamps koyoo by ingo maurer

left, table lamps by promemoria.

center, garden lamps shake by ethimo and emmanuel gallina,

right, lamps medusa by delineodesign for zava

      left, table lamps eddy by normann copenhagen

           right, table lamps solid by karim rashid for vesta     

il fiocco perfetto

left, flou e natevo.

right, vaso,dovetusai,

elliot bastianon has launched his ‘straight lines’ furniture collection

richard yasmine’s pastel-hued collection is a nostalgic reflection of lebanese architecture


eva kot'atkova, the dream machine is asleep at pirelli hangar, milano

from top left,clockwise

giulio iacchetti and emanuele zonta, ossi/ossimori; marco guazzini, subbia mobilildp; michele de lucchi, strutture domestiche; zaven, pop, piccoli oggetti possibili; andrea branzi, bisanzio. galleria luisa delle piane

giangiacomo spadari (1938-1997), collezione personale, galleria scarioni angelucci & partners, dal 15 maggio

left, canova by mario zonta, consolato d'italia a new york

center, moreno ratti, contrasti, galleria matter of stuff,

right, giovanna dal magro, milano anni '70, gillo dorfles a passeggio per milano, galleria il milione, milano.

left, il cavallo, 4.000 anni di storia. collezione giannelli at pinacoteca cantonale giovanni zust, rancate (mendrisio).

center, the sonnabend collection, half a century of european and american art, serralves museum of contemporary art, porto

right, rico weber, galerie mb


christian jantowski, grieder contemporary       

left, jacin giordano and maria morganti, otto zoo gallery

center, noemi goudal, edel assanti gallery,

right, duccio maria gambi, isometrico 03, nero design gallery

            left, linda fregni nagler, hana to yama, galleria vistamare       

          center, serena vestrucci, galleria fuoricampo  

sarah faux, galleria francesco pantaleone,


la signorina julie di august strindberg, teatro out off, milano, scena e regia fabio sonzogni con francesca del fa, alessandro quattro, vincenza pastore

showrooms and shops

muji cucina with kokedama installation

design studio plasma nodo have completed ‘soft touch’, a modern ice cream shop in medellin, colombia, that features bright and fun colors. ph dani bang


la mortella, ischia, lo scrigno botanico di lady walton,

et caetera

uk-based paper artist lisa lloyd builds dazzling birds, floral arrangements, and feasts from multi-colored layers of precisely cut paper

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