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India-based cut paper artists Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama have set out to construct 365 miniature bird species by the end of 2018. To form each work, the pair begins by cutting feathers, beaks, and talons from layers of paper and then using watercolor to produce further detail

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salonicco, la torre bianca


The remodeled exterior of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Oct. 11, 2019. The museum's current presentation underscores the vastness of the museum's holdings, a sight that is staggering, possibly unprecedented and probably won't recur until its next expansion

nomads of climate change by nick stath depicts a bleak future of rising sea levels the illustrated story follows a couple as they seek shelter on higher ground to escape rising water levels and unrelenting storms

Designer Antony Gibbon has visualised a conceptual house called Twine, which sits under a wave-like piece of concrete within a landscape of rolling hills.  Gibbon conceived Twine as a twisting concrete structure, which reflects the hills surrounding as a "series of organic forms"

studio makal proposes lithuanian national concert hall enclosed in a forest of columns

as home to lithuania’s two key symphony orchestras, there was a need for a new premier venue with global standards in acoustics that vilnius lacked for some time. studio makal responded to the proposal with a new national concert hall amidst the elevated site. the concert hall is located on tauras hill in the city center of vilnius and features prominently within its urban landscape. a popular destination for locals, the building towers over the city where the trade union palace currently stands

hotels, restaurants e bar

urbnarc designs luxury resort to camouflage into the kerala natural landscape

brightly colored volumes shape indian restaurant by RENESA. RENESA is an architecture and interior design firm based in new delhi, india. the firm is led by sanjay arora, whose son, sanchit arora, is the studio's head architect.

new delhi-based RENESA architecture design interiors studio took cues from the original deconstructive architecture to create a restaurant experience filled with volumetric galleries and partitioned masses. located at the newly renovated 32nd avenue in gurgaon, haryana ,india, the space plays host to a restaurant and an escape room unlocking a variable experience that includes the visitor from the very start. the restaurant is accessed through a door fronted with simple glass panels hinting at the hues of spaces that follow inside. ph niveditaa gupta

the color of baked bread adorns the façade of I IN's pinocchio bakery in japan. situated in front of oguchi train station in yokohama, japan, lies a shimmering, ochre-colored bakery designed by I IN. marking the second store of the pinocchio brand, the modest, yet eye-catching intervention has been created to evoke the idea of warm, baked bread. by utilizing a vivid, golden hue and soft textures, the inviting appearance and color of bread spreads both inside and outside the space. ph tomooki kengaku


left, Hula, a height-adjustable stool designed by Benjamin Hubert and LAYER for Spanish furniture brand Andreau World, has recently won the HiP Award for Best Workplace Stool at NeoCon 2019. Hula is designed to be hardwearing and comfortable, and is intended for contract use in bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues.

right, Spritz e Step di Nardi. Entrambi sono dotati di un kit che permette di ottenere due diverse altezze, per un’amplificata libertà di utilizzo in ogni contesto e secondo ogni esigenza di spazio. Design: Raffaello Galiotto

left, Transnatural showcases works by four new designers who take material innovation as a starting point of their design process

right, iceberg moreno ratti. usiamo più acqua del dovuto, ma cosa succederà quando questa acqua non sarà più disponibile?

left, Haas Brothers designs alien-like objects with tentacles created by multiple brushstrokes. Art and design duo the Haas Brothers has revealed a series of otherworldly sculptures with tentacle or fur-like outgrowths that are the result of porcelain being built up with thousands of brushstrokes. A menagerie of more than 45 of the bulbous, rainbow-coloured objects – some with golden trunks and antennae like deep-sea creatures – were made especially for the Frieze Art Fair in London

right, Dalla collaborazione tra Magis, Iittala e Oiva Toikka è nata Linnut (che in finlandese significa uccelli), una collezione di uccelli che si ispira a quella in vetro soffiato Birds by Toikka, sviluppata dal designer finlandese a partire dagli anni Settanta per Iittala. Questa volta però gli uccelli sono realizzati in policarbonato stampati in rotazionale, un materiale che consente di creare un effetto molto simile alle finiture sofisticate del vetro soffiato. Sulo, Siiri, Kirassi e Palturi sono sculture luminose mobili, con batteria ricaricabile

We don’t recommend getting near Kate Jenkins’s breakfast spread before you’ve had your morning coffee, or you might find yourself biting down on a bagel full of yarn. Jenkins has a particular affinity for baked goods: her recent spreads include bagels and lox, whole grain bread loaves, and individual fruit tarts

alex chinneck installs 'knotted' post boxes across the UK

monumental in ambition and impact, chinneck's art and installations generate contextually-responsive interventions that animate the place in which they stand.


Adjustable lamp used by Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus school revived. Also known as a Steering Lamp, the light was designed by Curt Fischer to solve poor lighting on factory workbenches. Architect Walter Gropius, a friend of Fischer, however, used it to equip his Bauhaus design school in Dessau. German light company Midgard is reproducing a lamp that was used at the Bauhaus school to coincide with its 100th anniversary. ph Jenner Egberts


Massimo Iosa Ghini per WP Lavori in Corso. Iosa Ghini | Mostra – Dilettanti Geniali. Sperimentazioni artistiche degli anni Ottanta,  Padiglione de l'Esprit Nouveau, Piazza della Costituzione 11, Bologna, Padiglione de l'Esprit Nouveau, Piazza della Costituzione 11, Bologna

Culla per poeti, Giuliano Mauri Il Tessitore del Bosco. 12 novembre 2019 Accademia di Belle Arti Brera,

I video di Marina Abramovic alla Pinacoteca Ambrosiana di Milano

La celebre performer, che di recente ha inaugurato una grande retrospettiva nella città natale di Belgrado, presenta a Milano il ciclo di video che documenta la performance realizzata nel 2009 in un ex convento nelle Asturie. Ispirandosi a Santa Teresa d’Avila

f0rmafantasma: ex cinere

All’alba dell’arte relazionale. Cesare Viel a Milano

PAC, Milano %u2012 fino al 12 dicembre 2019. Punto di riferimento dell’Arte relazionale italiana, Cesare Viel è il protagonista della mostra allestita al PAC di Milano

 Isadora Duncan. Danzare la rivoluzione

Galleria Campari e Artissima presentano un progetto espositivo inedito, appositamente concepito per gli spazi di Galleria Campari a Milano: Pedigree, la mostra personale dell’artista messicano Rodrigo Hernández (Città del Messico, 1983).  L’esposizione è una preziosa raccolta di otto sculture in dialogo con una speciale carta da parati che l’artista ha realizzato come omaggio alla vicenda della famiglia Campari. Elementi astratti e figurativi, come ad esempio cani, edifici, uomini e macchine, si intrecciano con molteplici visioni, vecchie e nuove, significative o insignificanti, filtrate attraverso la sensibilità dell’artista |


Gianfranco Berardi – Premio Ubu 2018 come miglior attore per Amleto take Away – è all’Elfo Puccini con la sua nuova creazione, firmata (come la precedente) insieme a Gabriella Casolari: I figli della frettolosa.
Uno spettacolo appassionato, ironico e irriverente per riflettere sulla diversità e sulla cecità. I due artisti si mettono pienamente in gioco scegliendo questa volta la dimensione corale e guidando un gruppo d’interpreti ciechi e ipovedenti, un coro coeso e potente, munito di bastoni bianchi e occhiali scuri


A museum dedicated to the Bauhaus, designed by Barcelona studio Addenda Architects, has opened in the German town of Dessau, the former home of the hugely influential design school. Named Bauhaus Museum Dessau, the simple glass block is located in the centre of the town where the school was based in a building designed by Walter Gropius between 1925 and 1932

Jade Museum / Archi-Union Architects , Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Text description provided by the architects. Located in the high-density Xuhui District, in downtown Shanghai, Jade Museum is a renovation from an office building. For this project we were commissioned to convert the noncomplex office space into a multi-functional communication art museum on the premise of keeping the original building structure. Faced with the change in the use of the building, we first deconstruct the straightforward logic of the space and blur the functions’ interface. We implement the tools of digital design early in the conceptual phase, to help us rebuild the logic of space and translate the folding of the circulation flows into a folding of space itself

a major museum designed by kengo kuma and associates has opened to the public in turkey. the ‘odunpazari modern museum’, or OMM, was conceived by kuma and his team as an architectural landmark for eski%u015Fehir, a university city in north west turkey. the building, which appears as a series of stacked wooden volumes, responds to its surrounding streetscape and the neighborhood’s history as a timber trading market. the 4,500 square meter institution contains a 1,000-piece collection of modern and contemporary art


Le photographe américain d’origine suisse Robert Frank est décédé à l’âge de 94 ans. Il est celui qui aura donné un nouveau visage des Américains, avec son célèbre ouvrage éponyme, réédité l’an passé par Delpire. Frank comptait parmi les plus importants photographes du XXe siècle


this wanderlust-arousing, tiny truck cabin is built on top of a 1979 pickup

jacob witzling is a cabin builder (and second grade teacher) currently driving this eccentric and extraordinary truck cabin around the united states. built on the top of a 1979 F-250 pickup, the tiny abode accommodates a 20 square foot loft for cozy, yet comfortable sleeping and eating. its rustic façade has been meticulously made primarily using salvaged wood, including its siding, roofing and all interior walls and trim


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