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Three provocative projects by artist Max Siedentopf

carnet de notes 523

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il Fujiyama


This year, architecture’s highest honor, the Pritzker Prize, has been granted to Grafton Architects' Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara of Dublin, Ireland. The 2020 Laureates, who are both educators and architects, are known for their powerful yet delicate approaches. Their contextual and modern interventions are very attentive to history, demonstrating high levels of sensitivity and craftsmanship.

la moschea di Cordova,

Torstein Aa, Norwegian designer and co-founder of Livit, has created Birdbox, a small adventure cabin for travelers looking for a unique experience, as well as a sense of freedom and calmness. The Birdbox comes in two different sizes, Mini & Medi, and can be lifted in place with a helicopter and mounted on columns for a minimal and reversible footprint in nature

Pavilion Cuboesia & Steel Garden by João Diniz Arquitetura Bel Diniz Arquitetura, Mangabeiras, Brazil. ph  Bel Diniz e Marcílio Gazzinelli


House in Takatsuki by Tato Architects has 16 different floor levels. A series of triangular and rectangular platforms create numerous floor levels inside this house in Osaka, Japan


2020 sees Belgravia celebrate its fifth year of the biggest floral festival in London, Belgravia in Bloom, and this year’s installations will see a world-first, created with Bompas & Parr, a garden where flowers will literally glow. Exploring the relationship man has with the natural world, Belgravia’s annual floral festival will this year be themed ‘The Future of Flowers’. Taking place from 18th-23rd May 2020, Belgravia will transform into a blooming display of flowers at every turn, providing an immersive experience that will awaken all senses and have you momentarily stepping out of London and into a world of floral possibilities

hotels, restaurants and bars

south africa-based designer haldane martin reveals ‘swan cafe’, a traditional parisian crêperie transformed into a contemporary spot. inspired by the graceful and mysterious creature mentioned in the title, the interior features the color palette of the french flag and processed paintings of leonardo da vinci. ph  micky hoyle


Finnish design brand Made by Choice has released a series of furniture and products that typifies its playful Nordic style, including a cabinet punctured by hundreds of holes and a collection of colourful wooden low tables

For Tefaf Maastricht 2020 Pierre Marie Giraud presents a curated group of contemporary artworks in ceramic, glass, bamboo, lacquer and bronze, by the artists of the gallery, among them Jean Girel,

I nuovi prodotti imbottiti disegnati da Basaglia Rota Nodari Studio per Viganò Office, come il divano George, dedicato all’ufficio e all’hotellerie: partendo da un semplice e minimo modulo di base, è possibile comporre infinite soluzioni, dal pouf al divano angolare. La modularità è pensata anche in altezza, da cm 78 a cm 158, grazie alla impilabilità di tre diversi moduli.

Madia di Myin, il brand di design scaturito dall’incontro fra la designer italo-argentina Luciana Gomez e Carmelo Calanni Rindina, artigiano per tradizione

collezione Versace Jungle


japanese chef and food artist takehiro kishimoto transforms everyday fruit and vegetables into edible masterpieces


Sohail Karmani The Spirit of Sahiwal, Skira editore

Sohail Karmani è professore ordinario presso la New York University di Abu Dhabi, dove attualmente tiene il corso Power and Ethics in Photography. Ma è anche un appassionato fotografo che ha sviluppato nel tempo un proprio linguaggio narrativo incentrato sulla gente, i viaggi, la strada e la fotografia documentaria. Proveniente da una famiglia di origini pakistane, nel 2010 si è recato per la prima volta a Sahiwal, città che ha dato i natali a suo padre, nel distretto centro orientale di Punjab, meglio conosciuto come il sito dell’Antica Civiltà della Valle dell’Indo (o civiltà di Harappa) e risalente al terzo millennio a.C.


A floating parade dedicated to painter Hieronymus Bosch honors the artist’s fascination with the fantastical and absurd in an annual event that embodies his philosophy and aesthetic

The annual Bosch Parade is described by organizers as “a theatrical and musical art spectacle on water,” drawing thousands of visitors to the southern city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, where Bosch was born and eventually got his name from. The next parade kicks off on June 17, 2021


Propaganda, The Art of Political Indoctrination, Opere dalla Fondazione Massimo e Sonia Cirulli, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, New York University, New York, NY

Con una grande installazione luminosa pensata dall’artista per lo spazio del museo, il Macte di Termoli presenta Nanda Vigo Light Project,

L’archivio animato. Lavori in corso. Fondazione Cirulli. San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna. Il Novecento attraverso l’arte, il design, la pubblicità, la fotografia, la grafica, l’industria percorrendo in maniera trasversale il ricco archivio della Fondazione Cirulli

La Mostra Touroperator giunta alla sua tredicesima esposizione, ospitata al Museo Archeologico di Forlimpopoli, espone oltre 40 sculture di Massimo Sansavini, realizzate con il legno degli scafi dei migranti

Mimmo Rotella, Beyond Décollage, Photo Emulsions and Artypos, 1963-1980, Cardi Gallery London

Cloe Sells, The Whisperers, Galerie Miranda, Paris

This show will bring together over 200 of Beardsley's works for the first time in a generation, Tate Britain, London

To celebrate Tate Modern’s 20th birthday in May, two Infinity Mirrored Rooms by Yayoi Kusama


Revolution by Roberto Bellantoni, Pareti Lamp, new outdoor version 

La nuova Cyborg da esterno, di Karim Rashid per Martinelli Luce, è realizzata in cemento ad alta resistenza, fibrorinforzato con selezione di inerti. La particolare forma del corpo dell’apparecchio, a tre gambe unita al posizio­namento interno della sorgente di luce a led, indiretta, genera effetti scenici di luce-ombra sul prato


Susanna Bauer Examines the Tension Between Strength and Fragility in Her Stitched Leaves


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