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London based design firm Ilex Studio, has created these glass vases that allows you to watch an Avocado plant or an Oak tree grow from a single seed

carnet de notes 525

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940, @paolorinaldi,


 Vittorio Gregotti, Gregotti Associati International, Teatro dego Arcimboldi

Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet, Le Chenit / Switzerland / 2020, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Al n. 1 di Old Bond Street, Londra, Fope inaugura il suo nuovo monomarca, firmato da ASA studio albanese


Kazakhstan's built environment is defined by a complex history. As a constitutional republic with a diverse cultural heritage, the country's architecture includes contrasting traditions, from integrating buildings with the landscape to standing out from it. Today, a mix of futuristic towers and monuments speak to a legacy of atypical design, and a series of modern projects showcase how architects are working to build a new narrative for the country

hotels, restaurants and bars

Kondan Retreat Resort, Architects PMA madhushala, Pune, India, ph Hemant Patil

The Michelin-starred restaurant Per Me di Giulio Terrinoni has been renewed through a signature project: Rome-based studio Alvisi Kirimoto has restyled the venue in the heart of Rome

To enliven the environment, on the back wall, site-specific artwork by Junko Kirimoto captures attention from the street: a light source composed of a set of spherical elements folded and anchored in different points and between them, at a variable distance from the wall, create dynamism, in a three-dimensional game of lights and shadows, of full and empty spaces


slow tables con ripiano in marmo di zeus noto

The Belgian architect Bernard Dubois and Spanish leather goods designer Isaac Reina have collaborated on a line of formally elegant furnishings for Maniera,

labirinti by studio zanellato/bortotto produced by the gallery, brussels,

ceste e borse intrecciate by rosanna contadini for neodesignstore/covo

console con sedute di g/laab

libreria in Pietra di Vicenza delLaboratorio del Marmo by Grassi Pietre


in alto, Works, Aldo Parisotto Massimo Formenton Architetti”, 
monografia edita da Electaarchitettura, per i 30 anni dello studio

qui sopra, biblioteca adelphi editore


Noho Table Lamps For Minimalist Lovers by Creativemary

lampade i snap by design r&s antonangeli

Sammode Studio: nuovi modelli per la collezione Sammode-Pierre Guariche


stevemccurry, monaco che cammina sul muro

Felice Beato – Kusakabe Kimbei and others, Japan, c. 1870-1880

Elias Chasiotis was visiting Qatar in late December 2019 when he captured a photo of an eclipse. The timing of the photograph turns the crimson star into curved horns emerging from the horizon

Zakaria Wakrim, Amarg, un paysage d'afrique du nord

claudio zucca, light paainting/viaggioneltempo, natura morta

tessuti e carte da parati

mineralia by gio tirotto for wall&decò

fornasetti reveals fourth whimsical wallpaper collection for cole & son

Dainellistudio | Nuova collezione Microcosmo per Londonart

design adam divino

ferruccio laviani  for londonart—on

The Art of Silk Threads, by Misha


lavori in casa/home works

left,  the arpilleras narrated the course of Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship through bold colors, broad stitching, and striking imagery, often incorporating fabrics from their disappeared children’s clothes

right, weekly Bubbling presents Santeri Mortti, who creates fantastic embroidery and wooden sculptures

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