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 carnet de notes 536

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viaggi a piedi e in barca nella regione del conero

spathies, penisola di sithonia, grecia

visita al castello di mirabello, dove viaggi del corriere


A prayer room occupies a white turret in this house in Chandigarh designed by architecture studio Charged Voids to reference the work of Le Corbusier. Called Residence 1065, the home is located in Sector 27 of the Indian city. Chandigarh was planned by Le Corbusier and features many buildings designed the Swiss modernist architect

nordic office of architecture has completed ‘nanchang waves’, a project in china’s jiangxi province that includes a spiraling observation tower. located next to a wetland park in the city of nanchang, the design responds to the natural qualities of the site, creating a spatial experience where building and landscape blend together. the project consists of three natural elements — water, earth, and sky — which correspond to three functional areas: the front square, the commercial facilities, and the observation tower

icon at risk

 Casa Sperimentale, Giuseppe Perugini, Fregene (near Rome). Mysterious Casa Sperimentale (also known as Casa Albero, the 'treehouse') was built between 1968 and 1975 as an experimental villa for weekend use. Its architect, Giuseppe Perugini, was among the first to explore the application of the language of computer programming to building design. The original design is unaltered, but the building is abandoned, has sustained damage in recent years and is now structurally at risk

icon at risk is an international initiative of the Iconic Houses Network and the result of a two-year collaboration between the Dutch Iconic Houses Foundation, the Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles, Sunnylands in Palm Springs and Kingston University in London ,

hotels, restaurants and bars

Hotel Room Mate Bruno, Rotterdam/ Teresa Sapey Partners.  This is the third collaboration between the chain and the design practice. Room Mate is known for showing their visitors and customers part of the city through their own story. In this case, Bruno is a sailor from the Dutch West India Company, who wants to show you this building and introduce you to Rotterdam’s history and mercantile heritage,

Inspired by Edo period tradition, in which sushi was a type of fast food that could be easily eaten anywhere, guests will be able to enjoy eating fresh sushi by the river, surrounded by red maple trees in autumn, or near snow-capped mountains in winter. The Sen Resort is an intricate collection of villas, each with specific functions and features. Tea rooms, lounges, and bedrooms can be booked in differing combinations to suit the needs of the guests. These villas connect through bridges that will appear from the water to connect the areas, depending on the selections made by guests. “Sen resort” has een created and produced by Curiosity. “Sen”, meaning river, will be the stage where Japanese hospitality and its’ nature beauty come together to create art

hotel lou pinet a st tropez. design charles zana. ph crillon le brave


Nel Vitra Campus sono iniziati i lavori per la realizzazione di un giardino a cura del progettista olandese Piet Oudolf. Per la fioritura completa bisognerà pazientare ancora un po’, ma già nell’arco di pochi mesi si potrà avere un’idea più chiara di questa composizione artistica vegetale


Italian architect Fabio Fantolino has created his own apartment inside a palatial 19th-century building in Turin, using pops of green and petrol-blue throughout its interior. The Casa Mille apartment lies behind the doors of a 19th-century palazzo that once belonged to an Italian nobleman called Count Callori


jellyfish by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini at Rossana Orlandi

Ethimo e Marco Lavit, HUT, un’intima, riservata e rassicurante forma di benessere,

Retroscena dei nuovi modi di lavorare in video-call. progetto di Carolina Nisivoccia

Le riunioni, gli incontri, le presentazioni, saranno per lungo tempo più virtuali che reali. Zoom, skype, meets, e altre piattaforme anche personalizzate sono destinate a sostituire l’incontro fisico. La confusione visiva  genera a causa dei diversi sfondi degli utenti singolarmente connessi, non aiuta la comunicazione. Retroscena nasce per creare, in maniera snella e rapida e poco costosa per i clienti, uno sfondo che partecipi alla restituzione di una chiara identità aziendale.

With Osaka, Teruhiro Yanagihara has created a timeless, simple collection that is a natural ambassador for Offecct’s design philosophy. In part, the collection is inspired by footpaths made of cobblestones of different sizes – an organic form that simultaneously exudes precision and clarity,

the Block chair by Estudio Persona

Explorer tables by Jaime Hayon for bd barcelona design,

Clorophilla – design F.lli Boffi e Ferruccio Laviani

Paravento Wallpotai by Rippotai

showrooms and shops

Porte aperte allo showroom Zeus, nel rispetto del distanziamento fisico: tavoli, sedie, librerie Zeus, luci Dix Heures Dix e oggettistica Covo e Neo'


the learning garden of freedom, Artworks by Yoko Ono featured at the Serralves Museum, Porto

the exhibition "Fornasetti Theatrum Mundi" will be open to the public inside the Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta in Parma, as part of the "Parma 2020 2021" event, Italian Capital of Culture


maria cristina vimercati, isabella greppi

l'emozione della luce at parolinilab, la camera chiara

giorni di inaugurazione. ingresso su appuntamento 17/18/06, 1/2/07

Truly, mostra personale di, Fabio Viale, nei luoghi simbolo della città di Pietrasanta, con il sostegno della galleria poggiali


chandelier by beau&bien

Setareh, designed by Francesco Librizzi for FontanaArte



markus hofer, visuelle hypotesen at mam mario mauroner contemporary art salzburg


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