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Castle House / Tezuka Architects. There is a local residential rule that the height of the building’s roof should be the same throughout. Most homes have similar roofs and windows at the same height adhering to local conventions. This is such that the act of going up to the second floor in order to witness the beautiful scenery of the mount Fuji is a privilege distributed equally to all the residents. Therefore, the act of "climbing upwards" has always been naturally embedded into the daily lifestyle of Japanese people

carnet de notes 609

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la torre bianca di salonicco, grecia

il quartiere di monastiraki a atene, grecia


The Salvation Army's headquarters in Iceland is located on the outskirts of Reykjavik city centre, close to the main access road from the east. The facetted shape, characteristic roofscape, and distinct colour make it stand out from the surroundings as a focal point and local landmark. The building serves as a church, new community centre, and headquarters for The Salvation Army in Iceland. Architects: Teiknistofan Troo. ph Claudio Parada Nunes

Mario Cucinella Architects has designed a cultural centre in Tuscany within traditional houses, which connect to a new angular terrace that protrudes from the hillside. Located in the medieval hillside town of Peccioli, situated between Pisa and Florence, Palazzo Senza Tempo was built as a response to the local government's push for new cultural programmes and built heritage

Japanese architecture studio Kengo Kuma and Associates has designed a collection of peaked umbrella-shaped structures that were informed by the surrounding mountains for a rest area in Japan

visitor center, chongzuo, china. Architects: Origin Architect, ph Kejia Mei.  Nonggang Forest Park is located in the typical karst landscape and dense virgin forest by the border of Guangxi. The local climate is hot and humid, and there are many eucalyptus trees around it.


La scala quale elemento decorativo tridimensionale e in sospensione è Wall 2021, la scala a sbalzo che il Gruppo Fontanot  propone per ambienti dove gli spazi si fondono in una continuità tra le diagonali ascendenti e discendenti 


Following its inaugural exhibition in 2020, Desert X AlUla returns for its second edition from 11 February to 30 March 2022, placing visionary contemporary artworks by Saudi and international artists amidst the desert landscape of AlUla, a majestic region in north-west Saudi Arabia. Under the theme of Sarab, this year’s exhibition explores ideas of mirage and oasis

hotels and restaurants

The first season of the Chia Laguna Resort has come to an end, following the important redevelopment and upgrading work carried out by Studio Marco Piva. The 4-star Hotel Village, the 5-star Baia di Chia Resort and the 5-star luxury Hotel Laguna, that are part of the complex, have offered guests renewed or completely new experiences

Claudia del Olmo and her older sister Isabella got to grow up in a richly decorated villa in Mallorca, playing in the garden and watching their mother host countless parties and dinners. They have transformed it into an events space, artist's residency, and Airbnb property called Casa Balandra


Jasper Morrison and Vitra have created what they describe as the "first successful translation" of the classic cantilever chair in plastic, the Evo-C

ricami su tela by giulia birindelli

Regenesi, pioniere del lusso sostenibile da 13 anni, presenta durante la Miami Beach Art Basel 2021, i progetti di:  Denis Santachiara, Giulio Iacchetti, Luisa Bocchietto, Matali Crasset,  esponenti affermati del design internazionale che hanno raccolto la sfida del modello di economia circolare dando nuova vita a oggetti e accessori unici, nel rispetto dell’etica e della sostenibilità che Regenesi persegue dedicandosi alla rigenerazione e alla trasformazione di materiali post-consumo, eccedenze e scarti industriali, in oggetti di design e accessori di moda innovativi e totalmente sostenibili

tavolini coral beach by mac stopa for fiam

chaise long dinamika by del conca

coffee table  by rugiano

poltrona e tavolino di jaime hayon for ceccotti (a parete, scomposti)


left, memorie del sottosuolo da fedor dostoevskij, marcido marcidorjs e famosa mimosa, teatro elfo puccini, milano

center, gaber/luporini, far finta di esser sani, teatro menotti filippo perego, milano

right, labiche/shammah, il delitto di via dell'orsina, teatro franco parenti, milano

aquile randage di e con alex cendron, teatro della cooperativa, milano, Una storia vera, una storia semplice e coinvolgente, una storia di ragazzi boyscout, che quando tutto sembrava perduto hanno deciso di non abbassare la testa di fronte al drago e ai suoi artigli

la versione di luisa espanet:



La Fondazione Fashion Research Italy di Bologna ospita fino al 30 gennaio 2022 la mostra degli abiti scultura in carta di Caterina Crepax, all’insegna della sostenibilità

japon, una historia de amor y guerra, centrocentro, madrid

the magritte machine, museo thyssen bornemisza, madrid

from top left, clockwise

the caixaforum, madrid, by herzog & de meuron

la imagen humana: arte, identitades y simbolismo

tattoo. arte bajo la piel


left, giovanni macchia, il mito di parigi, abscondita aesthetica

center, pasquale scialò, storia della canzone napoletana, neri pozza

right, georges simenon, a margine dei meridiani, adelphi


Z-Bar Gen 4 is a minimalist lamp with flexible joints that users can shape into angular silhouettes, designed by Kenneth Ng and Edmund Ng for lighting brand Koncept

Ambientec è felice di annunciare la sua nuova collaborazione con Porro che rinnova il progetto di illuminazione della propria casa milanese, lo showroom Porro Duriniquindici , ospitando il marchio giapponese di light design

lampadario karlsson by jysk


tappeto illulian


During his explorations of abandoned places across Europe, French photographer Romain Veillon has stumbled upon enchanting architectures that have been left to decay for decades. In his latest book Green Urbex: The World Without Us, Veillon explored what the world would look like if the human race disappeared and nature took its course without any human interference



testo e disegno by Maria Cristina Vimercati


22 Novembre – 21 Dicembre

Il segno dello Sagittario è leale, serio e capace di grandi passioni. La sua personalità è fatta di slanci, ma spesso è vittima di illusioni. Ama porsi come insegnante e ritiene che la sua verità sia quella assoluta. Questo provoca nelle amicizie e nella vita sentimentale l’alternarsi di contrattempi ed incomprensioni: è in realtà un segno facile e molto adattabile. Mese sostanzialmente felice, siete pronti, lucidi, pieni di coraggio. Ve la sentite di affrontare qualsiasi cosa, inclusa la fortuna. Emanate energia positiva, siete protetti dai pericoli. Il mese è ottimo: non dimenticate di coltivare sostanza e realizzare un sogno, non solo fare un bel viaggio. Siete sotto i riflettori e più che mai vi fa piacere. Matrimoni in vista.,


amphitheater, chengde, china, architects: open architecture, ph jonathan leijonhufvud

Nestled in a mountainous valley two hours away by car from the center of Beijing, The Chapel of Sound is a monolithic open-air concert hall with views to the ruins of the Ming Dynasty-era Great Wall. Designed by Beijing-based architecture office, OPEN, to look as a mysterious boulder that had gently fallen into place, the building is built entirely from concrete that is enriched with an aggregate of local mineral-rich rocks, and encompasses a semi-outdoor amphitheater, outdoor stage, viewing platforms, and a green room. While designed to capture the unfamiliar and deeply touching experience of music performed in the cradle of nature, the architects also wanted people just to calm down and listen to the sound of nature, which they believe is profoundly inspiring and healing. When there is no performance, the concert hall is also a tranquil space for contemplation and community gatherings with stunning views of the sky and the surrounding landscape


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