carnet de notes 138

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carnet de notes 138

online weekly magazine 19/03/2012  

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carnet de vo yages

reims, france, cathédrale notre-dame ,

carnet d’architecture

the round tower, siddington, gloucestershire, england
the conversion of a victorian folly, ph edmund sumner
project houston morris ,


carnet de street furniture

urban communication prostheses
if public space has lost significance as a meeting place for conversation, dqe-scholarship holder herrwolke’s tartan carpets invite people to linger, talk and play on streets and plazas,
, montreal, can oak

carnet de land art 

a path in the forest by tetsuo kondo

carnet d’hotels 


the resort bufi, molfetta (bari), puglia region, italy, ph antonio rasulo
project studio veneziano+team, gianni veneziano, luciana de virgilio ,

carnet de livres

by amelia kay photography

top row, from left
mauro casadio farolfi, roberta pivano, sadhus of arunchala, ;
marco meccarelli, antonella flamminii, storia della fotografia in cina, novalogos, ;
beatriz milhazes, snow in the tropics, ;
silvia gambi, luigi salvioli, sfashion, ;

bottom row, from left
romana petri, ovunque io sia, collana beat; josé donoso, lucertola senza coda;
riccardo de palo, il ritratto di venere; josé rodrigues dos santos, il settimo sigillo,
cavallo di ferro editore,

carnet de restaurants et bar

lounge bar motocaffé, andria (barletta, andria, trani), region puglia, italy
project vincenzo bafunno

carnet de musées

museo pablo neruda, his former home, isla negra, chile

carnet de festival

international istanbul tulip festival, istanbul, turkey, from april 7

carnet de lumières

project seung-yong-song with pendants

carnet de design

dis(order) furniture by sanjin halilovic

carnet de couleurs at home

left, ortica doors by mcdoor

right, manhattan, paints for walls by metropolis

carnet de tapis

elements rugs earth&sky by konstanthia manthou for cc-tapis ,

down, gary hume, the indifferent owl, white cube gallery

carnet d’expos

queen elizabeth II by cecil beaton, victoria an albert museum, until april 22

the last carnet

left, pongua falls, vietnam

right, bridge, yellow mountains, chinabb

carnet de notes 138 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 16000 recipients/indirizzi
and posted to social networks:
facebook and twitter


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