carnet de notes 150

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carnet de notes 150

portrait by silvio pasotti
carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 11/06/2012

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carnet de voya ges

kastellorizo island, greece

salisburgo, salzburg, austria
carnet d’architecture
daeyang gallery and house, near seoul, korea
project steven holl, ph iwan baan

left, welchome santhià, project pier paolo maggiora & associati

harvest pavilion by vector architects, kunshan, china, ph shu he

carnet d’hotels

nu hotel, milano, project nisi magnoni architetti

hotel fabriken furillen, gotland, sweden, ph peter guenzel

hotel las piedras fasano, punta del este, uruguay, ph fernando guerra
project isay weinfeld with domingos pascali

carnet de design
the recording machine by rca paradise

commode, side tables and dishes by elpé, ph vincent cordelette

left, gro, inaffiatoio, watering can by hallgeir homstvedt for established & sons

right, ffffff!!!, fan by ivan colominas and marco fossati

hallgeir homstvedt for established &

left, cable collection by anthony hartley!Home/mainPage

right, wilmer t by stefan borselius for bla station

left, postmundus chair by martino gamper for nilufar unlimited

right, tavolino con scomparti by anna and marek lorens
lorens architectural and design studio

left, the heavy metal series by joost van bleiswijk

right, dami by seung-yong song, made from valchromat

left, big boom vases with lenses magnifying flowers

right, gili vase by roderick vos for koninklijke tichelaar makkum

furniture line by tembolat gugkaev

carnet de landscape design
tappeto di piante grasse, succulent tapestry lawn, los angeles, calif., usa

carnet d’art
andres serrano, the thinker, grisebach
left, painting by kristy gammill
right, pheromone by christopher marley

omaggio a ettore sottsass by fabrizio sclavi

ojos azules de perro, paintings by michele molinari

the last supper, underwater eco sculpture by jason decaires taylor
museo subacuàtico de arte (musa), off the coast of cancùn, méxico
carnet d’expos

left, bill owens, suburbia, area lina, milano
center, made in the uk, lo stile di strada dal punk alla thatcher, until july 12
ono arte, bologna,
right, zaha hadid, galerie gmurzynska, hong kong

left, giuseppe maraniello, lorenzelli arte, milano
right, gianna carrano, tiro alla fune, garage milano gallery, until the end of june,

carnet de lumières
blooming spark lamps by hsiao-chi and kiiya yoshikawa for vessel gallery

lampade eureka, roberto molino

left, bicycle wheels chandelier by vick vanlian
center, bird poop chandelier by wiatt little
right, cherry and leaves by luci alternative nia di murano due

left,  barovier & toso chandelier,
center, the hiyam light by cedri-martini,
right, persian chandelier by lobmeyr, wien,

left, venini chandelier,

right, acquatico chandelier by pataviumart,

carnet de photos

sondages by stéphanie de rougé

messico by mark luscombe-whyte

left, hiroshi watanabe, portrait collection, ad-galerie, genolier, switzerland

right, michael kenna, giza pyramids, 2009, benheimer fine art photography

moissej nappelbaum (1869-1958), ritratti scrittori russi
from left, anna akhmatova, maxim gorki, sergej eisenstein, boris pasternak
galerie berinson, berlin, germany

the last carnet

ano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èèè

carnet de notes 150 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 17.200 recipients/indirizzi
and posted to social networks:
facebook, twitter, delicious and viadeo

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