carnet de notes 154

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carnet de notes 154

portrait by silvio pasotti
carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 09/07/2012

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carnet de voyages
erbil, irak
carnet d’architecture
left, asakusa culture tourist information center by kengo kuma, tokyo, japan
right, ceramic house by wang shu, pritzker prize winner 2012

tower studio by saunders architecture, fogo island, capoverde archipelago
carnet d’hotels et restaurants
chile, cabanas elquì, hotel elquì domos, rodrigo duque motta

citizen london bankside by concrete architectural associates

ciel de paris restaurant by noé duchaufour-lawrance
carnet de design
table and stools, bookcase by zeus

left, paulistano outdoor chair by paulo mendes da rocha
right, mood rocking bed by shiner

project for miniforms by zaven

table from the serie form follows function by daan mulder

accessori per il bagno di casa in poliuretano colorato
salvagente by mario cananzi, collezione soso by design estudio xyx
for boing

mta chair by marc thorpe
the mta chair celebrates the loss of nyc’s ubiquitous subway bench
the bench symbolizes the strict utilitarian performance
of an object for people

secrets of russia by company, matryoskha stools

carnet de lumières
left, koala by modo luce, magnetized lamps
center, lampe bouclette by francois azambourg
right, innerlight by simon pengelly for foscarini

left, el by daniel liebeskind for sawaya & moroni
center, cascade mini lamps by david trubridge
right, lampe parabole by pierre charpin, galerie kreo

pivoting crane lamp by gijs van vaerenbergh
the artist has made luminiscent a construction crane,
turning the utilitarian object into a slow moving lighting fixture
emitting a bright white glow for this urban public art intervention
installed in leuven, lovanio, belgium, belgio

carnet d’art
fields of light at uluru, niea ayers rock, australia. 250,000 stems of light
by bruce munro

left, twilight epiphany by james turrell, near the shepherd school of music
on the rice university campus, houston , texas, usa
accommodating 120 people on two levels, the space is acoustically equipped
for musical performances as well as a laboratory for music school students.
constructed of grass, concrete, stone and composite steel,
the pyramid-like structure is equipped with an led light performance
that projects onto the ceiling and through the 72-foot square knife-edge roof,
open to the sky. turrell’s composition of light complements the natural light
present at sunrise and sunset, and it transforms the skyspace into a locale
for contemplation and reflective interaction
with the rest of the campus and the natural world
right, ‘untitled (woven portico)’ by nicolas feldmeyer, ph nick rochowski
the london-based artist employs existing architecture to create new spaces
through the integration of contrasting materials.
this latest work is  a site-specific installation in which he has woven mesh between the columns of the portico
of the central building at the university of college (ucl) in london

notre dame de chartres, ph miguel rotschild, from the serie happy believers
carnet de landscapes & urbanism
left, the ancient ruins in the northern greek port city of thessaloniki, greece
it is a section of an ancient road built by the romans
that was city’s main travel artery nearly 2,000 years ago.
the marble-paved road was unearthed during excavations for new subway
and will be raised to be put on permanent display for passengers
ph nikolas giakoumidis
right, havoisund tourist route by reiulf ramstad architects
a winding concrete ramp to facilitate walking from the roadside
down to the seaside in havøysund, norway
“the objective is quite simply to single out and magnify the experience
of walking from the roadside down to the seaside at this very special place.
therefore a chief concern was to slow down this movement
and make the path itself a means of refocusing the experiential mode:
a measured, restrained approach that creates awareness

carnet de wall and floor covering
from left
pompon rug by matali crasset for nodus
at design parade, villa noailles, hyères, france, until september 30
alcantara set of colours,
moquette by missoni,
fabric by dedar,

carnet de photos
flying houses by laurent chehere

from the serie love letters by jiang zhi, at m97 gallery, shanghai, china

left, camille seaman
the last iceberg, stranded iceberg, cape bird, antarctica, 2006,
right, jitka hanzlova, sans titre, série flowers, 2009
at fundaciòn mapfre, madrid, spain, until september 2

carnet d’expos
alighiero boetti, game plan. at moma, new york, until october 1

olaf hajek: african beauty, black antoinette
on show at gestalten space, berlin, germany, until july 29

carnet de musées
musée jean cocteau, collection séverin wunderman, menton, france
face au rivage de menton et intégré au site, le bâtiment conçu par rudy ricciotti
peut accueillir l’ensemble des œuvres issues de la donation séverin wunderman.
inspirée par les multiples facettes du génie de jean cocteau
qui qualifiait son œuvre d’objet difficile à ramasser,
l’architecture du musée se veut multiple, morcelée,
parfois insaisissable à l’image de la façade extérieure du bâtiment

fondazione bisazza, montecchio maggiore, vicenza, italy
in occasione della sua apertura ufficiale, fondazione bisazza presenta
fino al 29 luglio
john pawson plain space, una retrospettiva sulle opere di john pawson
in collaborazione con il design museum di londra

fondazione studio museo vico magistretti, milano, italy
la fondazione invita chi possiede un oggetto disegnato da magistretti
a partecipare alla mostra il mio magistretti,
la cui inaugurazione è prevista per 16 ottobre 2012.
un progetto nato per raccontare le tante storie degli oggetti di vico
dal momento in cui diventano parte della casa e della vita di persone diverse.
attraverso i materiali di archivio e il contributo di storici del design
sarà ricomposto il contesto storico culturale degli oggetti in mostra
e prenderà vita un nuovo archivio fatto di racconti e fotografie
di proprietari di oggetti che vorranno condividere la storia e le storie

left, la casa del suono, parma, italy
chi entra nella casa del suono,
progetto nato dalla collaborazione tra casa della musica e università di parma,
inizia un’avventura nella dimensione tecnologica del suono.
ospiti nella ex chiesa di santa elisabetta, si ha modo di riflettere
sul nostro modo di ascoltare e intendere la musica
attraverso un percorso sulla storia e l’evoluzione degli strumenti
per la riproduzione del suono dal fonografo all’ipod
right, fondazione achille castiglioni, milano, italy
la fondazione, anche con l’apertura al pubblico dello studio museo,
intende offrire ai visitatori la vista degli artefatti progettati dall’architetto e
far conoscere l’iter progettuale con il quale achille ha realizzato le opere.
compie ricerche, acquista, conserva, comunica, espone a fini di studio
documenti e oggetti relativi al suo lavoro e al futuro sviluppo del design

carnet de livres
michel delsol, in a zen temple, galerie hamiltons, london, uk

edgar allan poe’s tales of mistery and imagination
the book was printed on handmade paper, bound in vellum, and lettered in gold
but its cost was mainly due to new illustrations:
24 full-page drawings by young irish illustrator harry clarke,
whose ink illustrations brought Poe’s characters to life with mesmerizing detail

the last carnet
left, desmid algae (micrasterias denticulata) (150 micron)
right,  bacteria biofilm (500 micron)

mark mawson
creates his photos by dripping acrylic paint into a fish tank full of water.
using a macro lens, he captures the ink before it’s fully dissolved into the water
milano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èèè

carnet de notes 154 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 17.200 recipients/indirizzi

and posted to social networks:

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