carnet de notes 155

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carnet de notes 155

portrait by silvio pasotti
carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 16/07/2012

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carnet de voyages

londra, london, uk
carnet d’architecture
australian pavilion at the13th international architecture biennale  in venice,
will feature the theme ‘formations: new practices in australian architecture’.
conceived by anthony burke, gerard reinmuth and toko concept design,
the exhibit will illustrate unifying concepts within the profession
of architecture while celebrating the inherent points of departure to respond
to the biennale’s chief curator david chipperfield’s topic of ‘common ground’.

visitors begin with richard goodwin’s water taxi journey around the giardini

‘houseboat on the eilbek canal’ by sprenger von der lippe, hamburg, germany

guesthouse, bologna, italy, project by enrico iascone architects

catalan architect david closes designed a remodel of the sant francesc convent
in the town of santpedor, which includes a contemporary exterior stairway
in distinct contrast to the historical stone structure

green cast by kengo kuma and associates, odawara, japan
the façade is covered with planters made of aluminum die-cast panels,
which provides space for facilities

a barn stacked atop a glass house, project by kobe-based tato architects
the 1,000-square-foot house is the handiwork of you shimada of tato architects
has the first story in floor-to-ceiling glass so that the fine view could be in,
then for all the facets of daily life, shimada designed an oversized metal barn
and plunked it down on top of the glass house
carnet d’hotels, restaurants and bars
idaho rocky mountain ranch, 50 miles north of ketchum along the salmon river
idaho, usa

relais ca’ sabbioni, naviglio del brenta, venezia, italy hotel barcelò, hamburg, germanyhh

villa le rose, on the southern hills of florence, italy

corte della maestà, civita di bagnoregio, viterbo, italy

steak restaurant in the ginza district of tokyo, japan. project doyle collection
carnet de design
bamboo sculptures and screen by anne crumpacker

left, rabbit chair by sengji mun
center and right, designed by l.e.f.t., a new york based design collective, bird house
is a limited edition piece that was created from 2500 empty stray brass bullets
that were collected from areas in lebanon where hunting occurs

rising side table by robert van embricqs

left, auxetic table by tom cecil
a table made from sixteen hollow parts that are hand stitched together
to create 24 articulated joints. the table can be opened and closed
by either pushing, pulling or rotating a single part.
center, moving sofa on chairs by luca bornoffi
right, molletta bench by baldessari e baldessari for riva 1920 ,

left, rock by adrien rovero for, ph annik wetter
he reinterpretates the transformation of the existing cable car
into a rocking chair for for the garden
center, black star bicycle in bamboo fron ghana
right, designed to win, a 3d printed shoe by luc fusaro
each shoe is custom-designed for the individual athlete.
fusaro’s process begins with a 3D scan of the person’s foot.
on the computer, fusaro generates the form of the sole,
whose thickness varies in accordance with the foot’s specific structure.
a testing environment lets him test tension and flexibility on the unit,
before 3D printing it in sintered nylon polyamide powder

dear charlie banana holder by john truex for alessi

left, sweet talk and dream by matali crasset for campeggi , ,
center, abracadabra bench by lagranja design for metalco,
right, get out mod lounge by offi

carnet de livres
usa map book store by ron arad

from left
john pawson, puro spazio, electa architettura
andrea vitali, donne donne,
simone micheli, from the future to the past, edizioni l’archivolto

carnet d’art
le olimpiadi, the olimpics games, as seen by fabrizio sclavi

the other sun by jacob hashimoto at ronchini gallery

istantanee by leonardo vecchiarelli at chie artgallery

eduardo kobra, mount rushmore mural in l.a.
carnet de landscapes & urbanism
a moving trolley with a tree and a bench by matteo cibic

the “stairway cinema,” a mini-movie theater built at a bus stop
in a poor quality waiting place in auckland, project by oh no sumo

‘satellight’ by jurgen mayer h. architects, marrakech, morocco
satellite dish, disks formed with perforated metal are placed upon
and within landmark buildings including the royal theater and el badi palace

 carnet de photos
ph deidi von schaeven

garments and accessories made from food by fulvio bonavia

the last carnet
humanae  by angelica dass
the project applies the alphanumerical classification of the pantone coloring
system to human skin tone, communicated through a photographed
portraiture series. the background of each piece is dyed the exact shade
extracted from a sample of 11×11 pixels from the very face of the people depicted

milano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èèè
iridient bursting soap bubbles by fabian oefner
coaxed through the funnel of a sugar dispenser,
the soapy air pockets are immortalized in two states:
the moment immediately before and after rupturing

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