carnet de notes 159

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carnet de notes 159

portrait by alvise silenzi
carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 27/08/2012

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carnet de voyages

viaggiare nei luoghi sulle copertine dei più famosi album in vinyle
travelling with the vinyle covers
carnet d’architecture
archipelago cinema at venice biennale of architecture by le scheeren
this floating auditorium is formed by a modular raft and will be located within the darsena grande of the arsenal,
an historic shipyard during the collateral events of the 13th international architecture exhibition

black teahouse by a1architects, ceská lípa, czech republic
on the southern edge of garden the black teahouse reflects itself in water level of small dark lake.
large cultivated garden becomes natural part of nearby pine forest and its southern edge
defined by s-shaped lake with grassy banks makes beautiful surroundings of the family house.
the teahouse is just part of this carefully designed scenery. T

galerìa telòn en cuadrilàtero, wrestling curtain gallery by rec arcquitectura
cuernavaca, morelos, méxico
la galería es un solido platónico que cuenta con una isla o plataforma
en forma de ring de lucha libre la cual permitiendo ver obras de arte
en las paredes laterales y debajo de este cuadrilátero
el espacio es manipulado mediante diferentes tejidos permitiendo la apertura o cierre
de configuraciones en concentrar atención e iluminación para posibles proyecciones
multimedia al mismo tiempo que permiten reconfigurar el abierto o cerrado del sitio

villa al mare by lanfranco pollini, lignano pineta. italy

bird island one family house, kuala lumpur. malesia

carnet de urban design

green pedestrian crossing by jody xion of ddb
the ‘green pedestrian crossing’ is an installation performance by jody xiong of the chinese creative agency ddb.
in an attempt to gain the attention of the inhabitants of country, the china environmental protection foundation

sought out a marketing campaign that could be wide spread to promote walking instead of driving. an outdoor
advertisement was leveraged on a busy pedestrian crossing; a place where both pedestrians and drivers meet
carnet d’hotels
trampolines suite hotel in corian, dupont
fellinian spirit, minimalist culture, romagna heart, a project inspired
by naval architecture and designed by antonio scarponi of conceptual devices

hotel barcelò, hamburg, germanyhhcarnet de showrooms

new cappellini flagship store, bruxelles, belgium

carnet de interiors

the living room at the grand hyatt, dubai by hba design

carnet de body ornaments

wood from grenada, west indies, collection by sabi collection

jewels by giulia barela
carnet de design
from top left, clockwise

circular sofa and central sofa by segis,
chair, high and low tables by benchmark

chairs by cizeta,

spring watery can by mystery capsule,

a spasso per la casa, progetti di tesi degli studenti dello ied, milano
at the cappellini showroom, milano

sofa and stool by la chance

a folding sewing machine by richard burrow

tyography series of faces made from fonts by tiago pinto
from top left, clockwise: futura, couriernew, learningcurve,
bodoni, zapf-dingbats, zapfino, timesnewroman, myriadpro

carnet de lumières
shio otherwordly light made from salt by daniel macdonald
inspired by a childhood trip to yellowstone national park,
daniel macdonald invented a way to create these orb-like sculptures
that he calls shio, which happens to be the japanese word for salt.
the orbs are created in studio where purified salt is poured over forms,
the salt water flows, slowly builds up and the crystals begin to form.
left, diamond lamps,  by sebastian scherer

carnet du bois et du marbre

tables and side tables by giada barbieri

sculpted travertine wall by kohn pedersen fox, london, england

from left
low tables pedina by kreoo by decormarmi,
zebra, from the livingstone collection by lorenzo palmeri for stone italiana
ph max rommel,

silestone slab vase by form us with love for cosentino group
doble paso seating by lucy salamanca for purapietra

concrete lace by doreen westphal

carnet de mode
romeo gigli for joyce, hong kong

carnet d’art

from left, accardi, paladino, rossella leone
l’islam in sicilia, un giardino tra due civiltà
gibellina (tp), baglio di stefano, until 15 september
left, polychromatic thread sulptures-plexus by gabriel dawe, ph carlos aleman
right, the bird that made the breeze to blow by ydessa endeles

carnet de musées
het scheepvaartmuseum by dok architecten, amsterdam
positioned as if to embark on a seaward journey on the nieuwe vaart, the ‘het scheepvaartmuseum’
designed by amsterdam-based
dok architecten breathesnew life into a 17th century maritime warehouse.
the new museum is the result of a collaboration with restoration experts at
rappange & partners,
belgian architects
laurent ney who is responsible for the concealed contemporary roof
 carnet de photos
la zolla, ph maria vittoria backhaus

carnet des adieux

chavela vargas, anna piaggi

the last carnet
1957, the way we were: the house of the future
ano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èèè

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