carnet de notes 168

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carnet de notes 168

portrait by alvise silenzi 

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 29/10/2012
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)

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carnet de voyages

prague, design and fashion week

the havelske market

icons of prague

carnet d’architecture

the dancing house, ginger & fred
project frank o. gehry

carnet d’hotels et restaurants

left, the soldato schweik restaurant

right, the gran café orient

fusion hotel prague

ristorante noodles, hotel yasmin



carnet de magasins



left, 66 gallery

center and right, kubista

carnet de design

from left
hanger; vases by rony plesl; cascade mirror by lucie koldovà & dan yeffet;
lot of mirrors by maxim velcovsky


from top left, clockwise
porcelain by julie siskovà & pavla vachnunovà,;
low table by martin velcovsky for corian du pont;
glass by skola odevniho v praze;
grillovaci servìs by blanca josefina jisovà

carnet de lumières

from top left, clockwise
table lamp and pendant lamp, trash made; lights at the clam-gallas palais

carnet d’art

left, installation by cestmir suska, skull by david cerni

right, veronika psotkovà, bikini klub

dox center for contemporary art

artbanka museum young art prague
right, work by ivan kafka


top and left, installation by david cerni

carnet de mode

from left
bata shoewear project;
karolina jurikovà, monika krobovà, tereza uljevicovà;
the groom by mirka horka

 carnet de body ornaments

left, martina strouhalovà

right, blueberries,

the last carnet


from top left clockwise
portacandela e spilla raspini; skull light by studio baag;
david lynch,; chair by pool; skull low table

from top left, clockwise
aitor throup shiva skull bag; cushion by cécile dachary;
tessuto dr d lino by jab; hat steve thornton for arthought; tappeto illulian

from vanity fair and io donna

lano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èhttp//hfrom vanity fair and io donna

carnet de notes 168 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 18.100 recipients/indirizzi
and posted to social networks:

facebook, twitter, delicious and viadeo

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