carnet de notes 170

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carnet de notes 170

portrait by alvise silenzi

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 12/11/2012
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets
carnet de voyages

balloons over cappadocia, turkey
carnet d’architecture
left, katsumata center by james deans + ass. architects, geelong, australia
forming part of the kardinia international college, the ‘katsumata centre’ by australian practice james deans + associates architects
is a tribute to the founder of the school mr yoshimaro katsumata. the multipurpose building serves as a sports facility and performing
arts theater without compromising functionality and with the ability to adapt to future uses. a mechanized daylight control system
allows users to change the gym to a 1200-seat auditorium in less than 15 minutes, supported by extra classrooms, changing rooms,
right, m house by michael jantzen
conceptual designer, artist, architect, inventor and engineer michael jantzen has come up with radically different methods for us to interact with our built environment, that not only experiment with the organization of space and material but questions and reinvisions the very consciousness that dictate our interactions. the M-house, part of his m-vironments series, is a standalone or connectable living machine that can be built for just about any environment and climate. seven interlocked cubes are made of rectangular panels that are attached to a hinged retractable frame. interchangeable panels allow the resident to change parts of the house for either maintenance or adaptation to evolving needs

blossom-gate by prechteck, xiangyiang, china
vienna-based firm prechteck has finalized their concept for the ‘blossom-gate’ at the entrance to the flower park of xiangyiang, china.
the passageway reinterprets the typology of a threshold through which all people must pass, from that of a point of circulation to a
space of gathering. the sprouting structure, alluding to the local flora, consists in two stylistically arching bamboo space frames covered
in hundreds of single poles like brush strokes of calligraphy framing the landscape which proved to influence many ancient chinese
writers and artists

left, a gathering space by gareth hoskins
un progetto per la biennale di architettura del 2008
ora collocata a fianco dell’azienda fusina, bassano del grappa, italy
right, mumac, museo della storia della macchina per il caffé
progetto valerio cometti

rooftop sauna in geneva, by bureau a+ jérémie gindre
just in time for the winter months, swiss practice bureau a and swiss artist jérémie gindre have conceived and installed a sauna
amidst the rooftops of geneva, switzerland

carnet de restaurants

left, ma cocotte by philippe starck in saint-ouen, paris
paris’ saint-ouen flea market is the site of the newly opened ‘ma cocotte’ canteen, designed by phlippe starck.
the 250-seat cafeteria-style restaurant is housed within an industrial loft. the ground floor functions as a large dining room
with views into the open kitchen
right, hillside, dumbo, brooklyn, new york
ostriche e frutti di mare, panini fatti in casa, zuppe

carnet de magasins
pomellato 67, new temporary space, milano, via sant’andrea, until march 2013

carnet de interiors

museo-dimora storica di carmelo bene, progetto luca fiocca

carnet de design
left, made in design, mattiazzi osso chairs

right, zero chairs, design tecno mussi

plus design gallery, milano, ph carlo beccalli

lock table, the frame is build up from layers of flexible bamboo
design j. p. meulendijks

copenhagen ceramics
from left, anne tophoj, marianne nielsen

cantine vases, vasi monofiore by véronique maire

carnet de food design

left. round fritter and smoked fish by noma, copenhagen

geometric food art by sakir gokcebag

claudia liotta sweet designer

carnet de lumières
from left

doll by ionna vautrin for foscarini,
cactus by slamp

scooby-doo by giorgio bonaguro for la lampe,

carnet de magazines
left, bologna for connoisseurs

carnet de mode
left, crochet necklace by okapiknits

right, the 104 year old architect oscar niemeyer has collaborated
with converse
to produce a limited edition collection of shoes for fall,

carnet d’art
inflate sculpture by victorine mueller

carnet d’expos
genealogie, il palladianesimo in africa attraverso le foto di max belcher
palladio museum

gianluca corona, evoluzione, nature morte contemporanee
galleria salamon, milano, until december 18
carnet de photos
rebecca norris webb, my dakota, ars libri, boston, usa

 carnet de tissus et tapis
arazzi arakne by svetlana kuliskova
at operae 2012, mostra mercato del design autoprodotto, torino, italy

the last carnet
shaped by time by wouter widdershoven of studio toer
shaped-by-time is a clock that shapes itself by the passage of time. it looks for the most efficient way to move itself through the matter. by the slow repetitive movement it will create an organic shape. time is slightly visible when the clock starts running. after a few days it excavates itself out of the matter and time will appear. from then on it slowly shapes its ideal pattern. when you want to forget time, shake it a bit and it will start all over again with finding its way
lano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èhttp//

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