carnet de notes 177

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carnet de notes 177

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo 

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 14/01/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)

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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

milano, italy
i fotografi e milano, galleria belvedere
from top clockwise: ph cirenei, comunale, campigotto

lanterna urbana by texilight system

carnet d’architecture

observation tower by big

european nature reserve obervatory tower by terrain: loenhart&mayr

japanese architect shigeru ban designed a transitional cathedral
in earthquake-devastated christchurch
to be built from 600-millimeter (24-inch) diameter cardboard tubes,
coated with waterproof polyurethane and flame retardants

inspired by the famous farnsworth house by mies van der rohe, the project explores four
of the five points of modern architecture: open plan, pilotis, free facade and ribbon windows

loft bauhaus, brasilia, brazil, project ana paula barros


the proposal for marrakech’s main square by fala + felipe paixao

carnet d’hotels

l’and vineyards resort, montemor, protugal,
projects by promontorio architects with marcio kogan’s studiomk27


carnet de interiors

cioccolato pastry boutique, san pedro garza garcìa, leòn, méxico
project by savvy studio


carnet de food 

3d dinosaurs cookie cutters by suck uk

carnet de design

oscar niemeyer pieces from 70′ to 90′
at galerie downtown, paris

rocking chair sculpture calendar by katsumi tamura

left, birdhouse by cpopp workshop

right, carved eggshell by beth ann magnuson


left, birdhouse rooftile by klaas kuiken

right, caleido, appartamento lago casa mediterranea


carnet de livres 

from left: paolo poli e lele luzzati,;
daniel silva, il caso rembrandt,;
galleria carla sozzani, testi di giuliana scimé,;
sandra patrignani, addio a roma,

carnet de lumières

left, peg lamp and chair by tomas rojcik

right, gifu family of lamps by maria del pilar velasco and pau stephens,

peaucellier lamp by roland beaven

stream light collection by miguel flores soeiro

carnet d’art

viviana herrera

a real spiderweb collected and mounted by emil rocky fiore

carmen herrera, works on paper, lisson gallery, milano, until march 15

carnet dexpos

un jardin singulier. ceràmica de iznik. siglos XVI y XVII.
museo de ceràmica, barcelona, spaind

carnet de photos

denis brihat, la nature consacrée, ad-galerie, genolier,

tibet, ph frédéric lemalet

ph nick brandt, bernheimer fine art photography, munich

carnet de mode

from left, john varvatos, ermanno scervino,
bottega veneta, prada, iceberg (ph alessandro calascibetta)

the last carnet

the new “sirenetto”

left, portabottiglie di plastica

right, neo magnetic hammer by jung soo park

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snow sculpture in québec city,