carnet de notes 199

carnet de notes 199

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 23/06/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

barceloneta, barcelona, spain,

montreal, canada

carnet d' architecture

museum of european and mediterranean civilizations
mucem, marseille, france, project rudy ricciotti

biomuseo, panama city, project frank gehry

stealth pavilion 2013, fort ruigenhoek, holland
project paul segers for kaap's exhibition

carnet de installations

serpentine gallery pavilion, london, by sou fujimoto

carnet de design

from top left, clockwise
favela, cipria, corallo, grinza
beds by campana brothers for edra

molletta by baldessari & baldessari

babilonia bianco by maurizio peregalli per zeus

left, lowhigh tables by bethan laura wood
made by abet laminati

right, balao chair by sergio matos

left, banjooli chair by sebastian herkner for moroso

center, tea chair  by victor monserrate

right, quince rocking chair by doel fresse

from top left, clockwise

chair drapes by junpei tamaki, ph satoshi asakawa

miami outdoor by francesco lucchese for swan

martin armchair by roberto lazzeroni for casamilano

stumps stool by sharon sides

vases by studio salvadore for vessel gallery, london

carnet de photos

tim walker, dreamscapes, at bowes museum, england

flores del paraìso by nobuyoshi araki

carnet des galeries d'art

copertine by stefano arienti
at giorgio mastinu fine art, venice

carnet de livres

book collage by ordres milaszho
brazil pavilion, biennale d'arte, venice

 left and center, mario fortunato, l'italia degli altri; edward st. aubyn, i melrose, neri pozza editore,; right, maria chiara ghia, prescrivere liberare, officina edizioni,


carnet de lumières

right, la gibigiana by achille castiglioni
left, disegno by marco marzini

bugala and garmoshka teble lamps
by ronen bavly and omit amon of magenta studio

praga castle, republik of cekia
led panasonic,

carnet d' expos

left, spiral of the galaxy by marc quinn
at the cini foundation in venice

right, winged tapestry: moths at large
ph jim des rivières


martino gamper for nilufar, 100 chairs in 100 days
benaki museum, athens, greece

carnet d'art

eros by andrea branzi, galleria clio calvi rudy volpi, milano
ph anna serena vitale

rashad alakbarov, ornament
biennale di venzia, padiglione aazerbaijan

marina calamai, cassetto cocomero, at otto gallery, firenze

3d embroidered bugs and insects balls by claire moynihan

the last carnet

tokyo banana pies at tokyo narita airport


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