carnet de notes 201

carnet de notes 201

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 08/07/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

komodo, l'isola del drago, indonesia

norvegia, norway,

carnet d'architecture

rancho tom fordf, santa fé, nuevo méxico, project tadao ando
ph guido mocafico,

ralph lauren tepee, rrl ranch, ridgeway, colorado

carnet de interiors

massimo iosa ghini, casa e studio, bologna, italy

carnet de showroom

frette new store, milano

carnet de installations

the reading nest by mark reigelman

carnet d'hotels et restaurants

l'angolo di san pietro, roma

downtown mexico hotel, città del messico, mexico city

breafast at la rinascente, milano

carnet de livres

from left

paolo piccirillo, la terra del sacerdote,

vite segrete dei grandi artisti,

armanda capeder, il fotografo del secondo piano,

carnet de design

alligator chair by campana brothers

left, dreamchair by tadao ando for carl hansen & son

right, invisible chair by takeshi miyakawa

left, triagonal chair by markus franke

right, chair by akio hayakawa

left, james shaw creates furniture using spray guns

right, basic products by tortus

left, abitacolo by rexite

right, vasca vessel by splinter works

left, vases by tom dixon

right, pointer here by maximovich design

carnet de photos

saudade by leandro guardado

valse turque by marie benattar

left, from faces by jan c. schlegel
at berheimer fine art photography, munich, until august 3

right, fetish by robert mapplethorpe
at galerie stefan roepke, cologne, until august 31

carnet de food

3d printed sugar cubes by sugar lab


carnet de lumières

left, latitude by flynn talbot

right, empty by jorg bone for oluce

carnet d' expos

paolo ventura mago, casa d'arte futurista depero, rovereto

aimer les differences by michelangelo pistoletto
at galleria balice hertling, paris

carnet de beauté

the little black bottle by lancome
the artists,from top left, clockwise
zhou yi, alena landovskaya, varham muratyan, shin mi-rae&my-ja

carnet de body ornaments

bracciale by ippocampo jewels

the last carnet

left, yarn bombing bus knitted craft by magda sayeg

right, pop family by antonio morello for della valentina office


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