carnet de notes 209

carnet de notes 209

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 21/10/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

sinai, egypt, ph by henry ralph carse

carnet d'architecture

a-art house by kazuyo sejima for the inujima art house project

left,  alibaba headquarters as workplace benchmark by hassel


right, a architecture, jean-claude carrière, théatre, montpellier, france

carnet d'hotels et restaurants

club med, guilin, chinadanieli wine suite, hotel danieli, venezia

quito restaurant dim sum bar by hou de sousa

carnet de installations

pinnacle by daniel libeskind in collaborazione con casalgrande padana

per bologna water design 2013

carnet de design

london textile furniture by meike harde

le fungottole, giocattoli vivawood, falegnameria del carcere di bollate

left, vaso foglia, de vecchi


right, designing modern women at moma, new york

left, tal gur chairs by gaga & design for bocca


right, raviolo chairs by ron arad for magis

carnet de urban design

haas&hahn campaign to paint an entire favela in rio de janeiro

fos by fos, madrid, spain

syrian students paint the longest staircase in their town

fo love and peace in the war zone

carnet d'art

left, chiharu shiota, the mattress factory, pittsburg, to mai 31, 2014


right, richard filipowski, beyond the bauhaus, at hostler burrows, new york

3d printed sculptural replica of van gogh's sunflowers

by rob and nick carter

danny rolph, mila sketchbook, 2011

carnet de mode

travel air jacket, termica e gonfiabile

carnet de lumières

wall lamp formala by cini & nils

nuvola di luce by studio thesia progetti for natevo

carnet d' expos

from left, carla accardi, gilberto zorio, corrado levi

un, due, tre… stella at mars, milano

left, matteo rubbi, let the stars sit wherever they will, studio guenzani


right, giovanni tamburelli, zoologia parallela at antonia jannone

from left, clockwise

gianluca corona, galleria salamon


robert capa at villa manin, passariano di codroipo (udine)

allora & calzadilla, palazzo cusani, milano, fondazione nicola trussardi

carnet de photos

from left, alessandro mendini, ph paolo pellegrin; michele de lucchi, ph daniele mattioli; gae aulenti, ph guido harari

60 grandi fotografi, 60 grandi architetti

showroom martini light, foro bonaparte, milano

timeless, takeshi shikama at rbcontemporary, milano

carnet de body ornaments

folium algorithmic jewelry by nervous system

the last carnet

scratch my vinyl create record portraits of famous artists

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