carnet de notes 208

carnet de notes 208

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 14/10/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

londra, london

carnet d'architecture

left, autostadt roof and service pavilion, wolfsburg, germany

by graft with wes-landschaftarchitektur and schlaich bergermann

right, sweeping shell for pier 6 of brooklyn bridge park

by big/bjarke ingels group,

tales pavilion by luca nichetto for tales

lido garden south gate, no. 6 fang yuan west rd, beijing, china

carnet d'hotels et restaurants

danieli wine suite, hotel danieli, venezia

not guilty restaurant by ippolito fleitz, zuerich, switzerland

carnet de fabrics

left, tessuti society limonta

righ, tessuto dedar

carnet de design

letto noctis

left, tazza da caffé by mattia bosco

right, rainbow pencils by duncan shotton made from recycled paper



right, bird attraction by nitsan hoorgin

left, ceste di feltro by calligaris

center and right, tovaglia e tenda di feltro, filzfelt collection

carnet de food design

top, from left: australia, brazil, france

center, from left: greece, india, south corea

low, from left: thailand, united states, vietnam

le miscele di lui l'espresso

carnet d'art

9,000 sand drawings commemorate the fallen on d-day

by moss and jamie wardley of sand in your eye

lonley houses by hagar vardimon-van heummen of happy red fish

traveling red sun to the darkest parts of the world

by lisa pacini and christine istad,

carnet de livres

from top left, clockwise

macondo by fausto giaccone


nur, la luce nascosta dell'afghanistan by monica bulaj,

fancesco formaggi, il casale; sayed kashnua, due in uno;

paolo piccirillo, la terra del sacerdote; eshkol nevo, neuland

carnet de lumières

willem heeffer up-cycles washing machines to create drum lamps

left, table lamp by andrey dokuchaev

right, lanx lamp by alessandro marelli

carnet d' expos

edward munch, moonlight by the sea, 1912, kunsthaus zuerich

left, sisters louise by pepa reverter, bosa ceramiche

plus design gallery, milano,

right, paniepesci, architettura votiva domestica: la seduta

immaginata per san filippo nell'ultima cena di leonardo

by alessandro zambelli, museo d'arte contemporanea di lissone

left, l'enigma escher, palazzo magnani, reggio emilia, italy

right, the stranger within by formafantasma, mak, vienna, austria,

left, south park country story by sakis lalas, umanitaria, milano

right, karabakh, l'armenia by graziella vigo, la casa dei tre oci, venezia,

made in slums, mathare/nairobi, curated by fulvio irace

triennale di milano, ph filippo romano e francesco giusti

carnet de body ornaments

laura santamaria, ur

dimora artica, milano,

the last carnet

casa seduta by franco raggi

decadent frame chair of memories yet to come by slokoski


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