carnet de notes 218

carnet de notes 218

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 23/12/2013
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de noel

buon natale, merry christmas, joyeux noel, feliz navidad, frohe weihnachten, gëzuar krishtlindjet, feliz natal, god jul, mutlu noellerc

carnet de voyages

the sphinks covered in snow in over 112 years, cairo, egypt

carnet d'architecture

airbnb builds 50 birdhouses modeled after home listings

charlotte perriand’s la maison au bord de l’eau is a louis vuitton tribute

carnet d'hotels et restaurants

zazà ramen noodle bar & restaurant, milano

starbucks channels old-world mysticism in new big easy store

new orleans french quarter

carnet de design

handpicked pin no. 9: the alternative christmas tree by michael johannson

the moving color of stone by raffaello galiotto with lithos design

www.lithosdesign. com

table tron by marc sadler for capo d'opera,

maya chair by arya alfieri

carnet d'art

nickolay lamm visualizes american cities with cellular signals

carnet de urban design

in baltimore, usa, paul bertholet created a crosswalk which looks like a giant zipper opening, and graham coreil-allen designed a crosswalk that is a big hopscotch,

carnet d'expos

wassily kandinsky, palazzo reale, milano, sponsor gobbetto

carnet de photos

irene kung, visions of switzerland and china, photographica, lugano, suisse,

carnet de tissus

by frette

by marina c

optical fabrics by hansje van halem

carnet de lumières

ljusarkitektur illuminates glowing solvesborg bridge in sweden

carnet de body ornaments

foliates’ by ross lovegrove: 3D printed 18ct gold rings for louisa guinness gallery at design miami/,

carnet de livres

from top, left

kanae minato, confessione; lisa ballantine, il colpevole; liad shoham, l'interrogatorio; jacob melander, nei tuoi occhi; francisco gonzàlez ledesma, storia di un dio da marciapiede; elizabeth haines, nell'angolo più buio; rosamund lupton, sorella; nele neuhaus, biancaneve deve morire; daniel silva, ritratto di una spia. giano editore

carnet de musées

‘porsgrunn maritime museum’, located 1000 kilometers southwest of oslo, norway, has opened its doors to the public two years after construction began

project cobe architects transform

carnet de vitrines de noel (in london)

from top left, clockwise: liberty, harvey-nichols, conran, prada

the last carnet

the monsters and aliens of america's best b-movies, mapped by state

this print of the altered states of america is the best way to teach geography to a sci-fi or fantasy fan

vision of a worm


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